Join Us!

Want to help us bring quality series to the masses? We’re happy to entertain offers for new members of the team! Our needs at present are as follows:

–Must reside in Japan or have access to BL manga magazines and doujinshi within two weeks of release.
–Preferably have previous scanning experience
–OK to only be able to scan certain series (only have access to Ciel, or not be able to scan porny scenes for certain reasons)

–Previous experience a must
–Must satisfactorily clean at least THREE of our test scans of all writing (dialogue/thoughts and SFX)
–Photoshop CS5 highly recommended, or similar software with content aware tools. If you are only comfortable using the Clone tool or have limited knowledge of effectively using Content Aware Fill, we’ll have to be pickier in considering your application.
–Scans should be cropped appropriately, left in their original DPI, grayscaled, and saved as PNG (NOT leveled; leveling on a separate layer for your own ease while cleaning is perfectly fine, so long as the level layer is removed before forwarding to the typesetter)
–Potential applicants can try their hand with our test here; please e-mail cleaned PSD or JPG/PNG files here.

Don’t need

HOWEVER if you have experience in Japanese–>English translating (preferably JLPT 1級/N1 with experience translating manga/novels for translators, experience writing fanfiction/original fiction a BIG plus) AND can do minor typesetting (can apply your translated text to bubbles/boxes in photoshop, that can then be cleaned up by a proper typesetter) we can talk! All of our translators must be able to typeset, because we don’t really have time to copy-paste everything, so we bundle this job!