Frequently Asked Questions

We’re a group of hard-working, BL-loving fangirls whose goal in life is to unite other fans with the material they love without worrying about that pesky little language barrier. We’re small, we’re friends, we’re only working on the occasional project that catches our eye, but we’ve got good intentions and hope we’ve brought a decent product to the table!

Who We Are


Full-time scanner, part-time translator, all-time closet-pervert: Amyused does most of the manga and magazine scanning and serves at the pleasure of whomever gives her stuff to scan, switching off translating chapters of Sekaiichi Hatsukoi and Love Stage, mostly. If that pesky thing called work were out of the way, she’d love to dedicate all her time to translating, fangirling, cosplaying, and karaoke. She’s currently in the middle of switching jobs, moving from the boonies of Japan into Tokyo, finding an apartment, and generally getting her life in order for the next year. Scanlations are the products of her procrastination. [tumblr, LJ]


Twenty-mumble living in The Big Mikan (aka Tokyo) who wastes all her free time hunched over a computer doing any or all of the following: scanning, cleaning, editing, translating, uploading, downloading, judging people for having crappy taste in pairings, educating the masses on the finer workings of the Holy Nippongo, making lavenderlilly stay up past her bedtime, and blog-stalking attractive Japanese stage actors. She really ought to get a life. [tumblr, LJ]

Just the Facts, Ma’am

1) Regarding translating our works into another language – We don’t mind this at all, but given that we did take the time to scan and translate these files, we would appreciate some sort of credit–whether it’s leaving our credits page in or linking back to this blog with an explanation :) If you have further questions about translating into another language, please feel free to contact us at the email linked on our sidebar!

2) Regarding uploading our works onto reader sites – We also do not mind this, and for the time being, are not instituting any sort of waiting period like other groups occasionally do. You can read most of our series on sites like mangafox (which have forums set up for discussion if you’re missing a place to interact with other fans), and if anyone wants to upload the files to other reader sites, they’re welcome to. We won’t host these ourselves just because we’d rather not jump into that legal quagmire just at the moment.

3) Regarding our release schedule – We’re all busy girls with school and work, scattered across the globe, but we all definitely love the stuff we do for fandom and want to share as quickly as possible! We can’t make any guarantees, but until there’s nothing left to scanlate, we’ll probably be releasing at least once every 2 or so weeks, if not sooner (discounting those rushed holiday times like around the new year). We want to share with you as much as you want to read, trust us, so please no bugging too hard about the next release ;) And for the quickest notifications of our updating, please track our RSS feed (on the sidebar) with your RSS reader of choice (I use InoReader :D)! Regarding release schedules for specific series:

  • Honto Yajuu – released in Gush on the 7th of every month; expect scanlation within 2 weeks
  • Konya mo Nemurenai – released in Rutile at the end of odd months (end of January, end of March, etc.); expect scanlation within 2 weeks

All other active projects not listed above will be scanlated when a new tankoubon is released. Rather than keeping up with publications in magazines for those projects, we’ll instead be waiting for chapters to be compiled into new manga volumes before we focus on scanlating these series. ABSOLUTELY DO NOT ASK US WHEN WE’LL UPLOAD SOMETHING. We’ll get to it when we get to it, and having to answer questions about when something is being released makes us go even slower since it’s a distraction, and an annoying one at that. You’re getting stuff for free, so please don’t poke the people who are giving it to you :/ If you’re terribly worried about how slow something is being released, feel free to ask another group to help out/take it on, or just start brushing up on Japanese :D

4) Regarding the Yoshino Chiaki no Baai novels – We won’t be doing any of the Chiaki novels, as none of our translators want to help disseminate the extremely problematic material in them, wherein Hatori’s violent rape of Chiaki (out of the blue, while he is sick, against his protests and begging to stop until he faints) is used as the foundation of their relationship, never resolved, and descends into emotional blackmail that is portrayed in a positive light. We don’t feel that this is the sort of material that should be supported by fandom, and we therefore won’t take part in helping to disseminate it to a larger audience.

For any other questions, as always feel free to email us or leave a comment–we’ll get back to you as soon as possible!