[manga] Toritan ~ 01

April 2, 2017 // toritan

Type: Manga
Series: Toritan ~ Bye-Bye, Birdie
Author/Circle: Yamamoto Kotetsuko
Rating: PG
Language: English
Download: Mirror 1, Mirror 2
Notes: New series! Now that Konya mo Nemurenai and Kimi to Kore Kara are finished in Rutile, it’s left Yamamoto-sensei free to start a new series in the magazine! As a reminder, this is an EVERY-OTHER-MONTH update, with updates coming in the odd-numbered months (yes, it’s April now, but this came out in late March XD), so please don’t bug is for new chapters too often :P
Summary: Inusaki Nozomi has a secret power, but it’s not a very useful one. In fact, it’s downright annoying: he can talk to birds. In between doing odd jobs for those around him, he has to listen to the constant chatter of the gossiping sparrows outside of his window or the endless bickering of the pigeons in the park. He’s just about at his wits’ end with this unlucky power, when he encounters a crow–who for some reason knows his name.