Since it seems a lot of people keep forgetting, here’s another PSA:

We don’t reupload files that have been deleted.

We get TOS’d on one or more of our hosting servers at least once every few months. We don’t have the time or energy to go back and fix all of the files that get deleted. We can either scanlate for you or upload old files for you, but we cannot do both. We are three people, and only one of us handles any of the web hosting stuff—me.

Readers are encouraged to download files as SOON as possible, without delay, because they may get TOS’d or the bandwidth may run out, or any number of things, and then you’re stuck. We’re especially not concerned with ensuring that links to files months and years old still work. If you come across a link that doesn’t work, it’s your responsibility to find a way to get it through some other method.

We have forums, we have comments that you can look through and find mirrors for. Please stop asking us to reupload something: you will be ignored. Unless it’s something we just put up and there’s a borked link, you’re not getting a response from us, because we’re likely busy doing something else.

We just don’t have the time or energy to ensure that our links are happy and active years after they’re put up. We count on YOU GUYS to help each other out, or to snag links as soon as they’re up. Otherwise, go find a reader site to view back chapters :/

Hey guys,

We’re having some issues with our e-mail notifications not being sent, as you’ve probably noticed, so until it gets resolved, I advise everyone to take advantage of one of these alternatives:

  1. Check our website daily or every couple of days. We update at least once every few days, if not more frequently, so if you want to stay on top of things, just add us to your daily checklist :P
  2. Use an IFTTT recipe. IFTTT is a website that lets you set up conditionals based on a set of parameters. For example, using this recipe, you can tell IFTTT to “Send me an e-mail every time September Scan’s RSS feed is updated”. Since the RSS feed is updated every time we make a post, you’ll get an e-mail notification :) Many thanks to autumnstarshine for setting up one for our RSS feed!
  3. Plug our RSS feed into your RSS reader of choice. If you read a lot of blog feeds, just add our feed to your checklist :)

Sorry for the issues!

Hey guys,

This is the second month in a row where just three weeks into the month, we’ve gotten notice that our 200 GB of bandwidth has been exceeded. That’s a lot of downloads, considering that we don’t even host all of our files there.

If you’re sharing our links outside of this website? PLEASE STOP. We pay for that bandwidth–it’s not free! Please upload to a free filehost of your own and share to your heart’s content!

If you’re able to access mega or one of the other places we upload, please use those filehosts instead of Jumpeshare, since we’re obviously getting a lot of downloaders hammering our Jumpshare links ^^;

Just a PSA!

Hi guys,

Due to the very uncool actions of a few individuals, someone (or a few someones) have taken it upon themselves to notify EVERY author whose doujinshi work we’ve ever done, encouraging them to contact us and get their doujinshi removed. This naturally makes doujinka unhappy, as it would make any artist unhappy seeing their work shared without their permission, but scanlators have always operated on the down-low to tread the fine line between helping those who have no way to access or understand these great pieces enjoy them and support the doujinka and mangaka without ruffling any feathers. Whoever’s targeting us (and rest assured, it’s just us :P Some people have some very unhealthy grudges!) has taken it upon themselves to notify these authors, and so on being notified, we’re taking down their pieces from our server. This is not only fair to them and a reasonable response to a request by the content holder but something we’re pretty much obligated to do.

As such, we’re taking our reader site offline for a bit. Not sure how long, but for the foreseeable future. Given that these malicious individuals also TOS’d many of our Mega links as well, this means there are no longer any ways to view or download our pieces.

Since we can’t freely provide links to these pieces any more, we’re allowing people to upload what they like to other reader sites or tumblr or such that we previously asked people to refrain from. Our logic was that since we were able to host those with little fear of repercussion (unlike with manga), we wanted to do our best to keep any money being made from them on major reader sites. Since that’s no longer an option, we’ll probably be forced to let this work be shared on reader sites, otherwise there’s no way we’ll be able to keep sharing.

For pieces marked [REMOVED AT AUTHOR’S REQUEST], please use your own discretion. We can’t stop you from uploading anywhere, but the author has already been notified and requested that their work be removed, so we’ve done our best to comply. For works simply marked [FROZEN], the same rules apply as with our manga.

We won’t be reuploading, so if you’ve downloaded these pieces before, count yourself lucky! Some people just can’t understand how fandom works and operates, and that’s unfortunate that they’d rather score brownie points with a country that sees them as little more than tattletales rather than help in other ways, like aiding fellow fans in purchasing doujinshi and understanding the doujinshi they buy.

Thanks for your support! We’ll continue our scanlating efforts, but it’s unclear how doujinshi posts will go from now on. We’ll definitely still be delivering the same quality as before, but it’ll just be all that much harder bringing you guys the lovely pieces we pick up ^^;

If you know someone who’s been party to tattling on our scanlations to the authors, give ’em an earful for causing unnecessary grief all around :P

Hey guys,

Just a signal boost here and a request for help!

Yaoi-Sei is a rather infamous group that likes to go around stealing other groups’ work, claiming it as their own without credit, and reposting against groups’ explicit requests not to. They are most definitely one of the main reasons we’ve cracked down on our sharing, yet they’ve gone out of their way to still download pieces from our servers to share against our wishes.

You can see that they’re reviled by the scanlation community simply from a quick google search:

We’ve contacted them in the past with explicit, well-worded requests for them to take down our projects, explaining our reasoning, but were ignored and ridiculed, much like every other group that has asked to have their work removed.

Their site is at and, and their links are publicly hosted on sites like and mega. If you can, please pass the word along and do whatever you can to report the links. If anyone has any info on their IP address as well, I’d love to be able to block them from our servers.

We’ll be adding watermarks in the future to specifically call out this weed in our lovely quiet garden so that anyone who downloads from them knows they’re very much not approved of.

If we can get this asshole to stop ignoring our requests, we’ll be glad to go back to our old way of sharing–and if they continue this, we may have to take even further action, such as not sharing our scans publicly at all. Their actions are reprehensible and are a black mark on the whole community, not just annoying to us. Please do what you can to help!


If you haven’t been checking up on Shoptember, you ought to! Shoptember is where we dump the doujinshi and manga we buy but don’t scanlate, as well as DVDs, CDs, and fun goodies we come across. Everything’s generally priced super cheap, because we’re more interested in getting rid of the excess than making any sort of profit; the average doujinshi will go for 300-500 yen at least, but we generally charge about half that. Most stuff is like new, and anything that’s been bent for scanlation is clearly indicated.

We usually update with some new stuff at least once a week, and we ship anywhere in the world. If you check your cart, you should be able to choose your shipping method to see what’s cheapest/fastest for your location, and we take Paypal!

So look around and rest assured that any purchases are only going to fund us buying even more stuff! If you have any questions, drop them here or through the contact form!

Also, if you’ve purchased from us before, we’d really appreciate you helping others out by LEAVING FEEDBACK so that others can purchase with confidence :D Thanks guys for all your continuing support! You make the effort worthwhile, and we’re thrilled to be able to share series we love with you all ;~;


Apologies if you’ve already seen this on tumblr or Facebook, but we worked super hard on these pieces and want to pimp them as much as possible! We’re happy to field any questions about the content, if you’re unclear on anything, so please don’t hesitate to ask :D Without further ado:

Toss out those snow shoes (or get ready to put them on, if you’re Down Under!) and break out your wallet…or Paypal account! Because it’s time for our Otome’s Way Spring BLowout!

We’re bringing you THREE new pieces from our talented authors, and you definitely won’t want to miss these!

Uragoi (Buried Love) – This first piece from Yuzuyu-sensei (responsible for our cute freebie webcomic So What if I Misunderstood?!) combines her cute art style with a dark tale of high school love. Will popular kid Tomoka draw hikikomori Ringo, who rarely attends school from fear of bullying, out of his shell? What about class president Madoka who has also taken an interest in Ringo, although his may not be entirely innocent? Yuzuyu-sensei’s new work Uragoi: Buried Love combines her adorable art style with themes of geekiness, bullying, dark secrets, love confessions, and betrayals. Please be sure to check out the warnings!

Price: $8 monolingual (Eng/Jpn), $12 bilingual set (this one’s a little more expensive than usual because it’s all in gorgeous full color! Go check out the preview pages!)
Formats: PDF, CBZ
Rating: R18

Hazy Serpent – This new piece (a double anthology including the title story as well as the WW2 piece When You Smell the Olive Trees) from Amamiya-sensei revolves around a pair of ninjas! Aoi and Youjirou are always assigned together, never to stray from their combined missions. But with Aoi’s frequent and secretive disappearances, Youjirou can’t help but fear for their current relationship…

Price: $5 monolingual (Eng/Jpn), $7 bilingual set
Formats: PDF, CBZ
Rating: R18

Don’t Call Me a Demon – You’ve been waiting a while for this, and here it is! This first volume of the novel has been available for free to read so far—but now we’ve compiled it into an easy-to-read format and included a purchase-only new short chapter for you to dive into! Don’t miss this purchase, as you’ll need this first volume to prepare for Volume 2! If you love adorable, sexy vampires and gruff but honorable detectives along with a steamy mystery, you won’t want to miss this!

Price: $5 (English only)
Formats: PDF, EPUB
Rating: R18

Whew! That’s a lot of guy-on-guy lovin’! We’re happy to field any questions here or via our contact form, so please don’t hesitate to let us know if you’ve got anything to say! Happy reading!

I’ve just moved apartments, so I’ve been really busy getting everything packed and moved–but I’m settled in (mostly) now and will be getting releases back out in a timely manner!

Next up, though: Yokozawa Takafumi no Baai VOLUME 5 goes on sale tomorrow, and our shipment is coming in the same day! So over the next couple of weeks, we’ll be cranking out new translations for the next chapter in the story of Yokozawa and Kirishima! Look forward to it!!

Screen Shot 2014-01-08 at 10.31.59 AM

The time has come, the walrus said, to talk of other things; of shoes and ships and sealing wax, of cabbages and BRAND NEW BL-RELATED SITES!

So after much painstaking effort, a great portion of which I will likely live to regret, I’ve decided to give this a go and make a BL summary site! Here, in time, I hope to compile a TON of BL manga summaries, cobbled in large part from magazines currently in circulation!

BLなう, the go-to site for image-accompanied summaries of ongoing BL series!

From the About section of the site:

Popular a genre as BL may be, sheer lack of time or profitability means a TON of great series go untranslated—legally/officially or otherwise. Further, licensing of a previously unofficially scanlated series means that fans may be months if not years behind the current storyline by the time official translations come out, and no matter how much you may want to support your favorite artist, you’re often left feeling like you’re missing out by no longer having access to almost real-time unofficial translations. […]

This website compiles summaries of currently-running series from prominent BL magazines—like Chara, Drap, Be-Boy, Gush, Ciel, etc.—into easily digestible chunks, complete with a few snapshot scans, to help you keep up-to-date on series you love and learn about new series you’ve never heard of simply because they never get scanlated or licensed for one reason or another. It can be quite a risk purchasing a series you’ve never read without knowing the content or even if you’ll like the author’s style. For that reason, we feel that the summaries we offer can be a great way to get a feel for an author’s style before making a purchase. Reading a great ongoing series from a prominent publisher, but finished the current translations and need to see what’s going on in the storyline that hasn’t made it to print yet? Never be behind again using these summaries, and engage with others in the comments section to discuss the current storyline!

At present, we’ve got most of the most recent issue of Ciel, a couple of back chapters of No.6 from Aria, and a few stories from the November 2013 issue of Ciel, with more on the way, so check it out and see what you think!

We’re planning on being multilingual (French, Spanish, and German to start off), but our content at the moment is English-only while we wait for some kinks with our language plugin to be worked out. If you’re interested in helping out in that corner, please hold off until we make an announcement asking for such support ^^

If you’ve got BL magazines and want to summarize in English, though, we’d LOVE your support! Please review the style of summary used on the site already, and then use the contact form to get in touch regarding potential pieces you’d like to contribute! We’re hoping this can be a collaborative site with multiple users contributing their work, so we’re eager to work with you if you’ve got the Japanese skills to summarize the pieces you read in magazines!

Comments are most definitely welcome—each of the summaries has a comments section, too, so head on over to BLなう to get started!

So, despite scanlators’ best efforts, sheer lack of time and the fact that this isn’t a paying gig means a TON of great series go unscanlated. Further, licensing of a series means that fans may be months if not years behind the current storyline by the time official translations come out. And this is bad enough for English speakers–but it’s even WORSE in countries with relatively small BL/manga publishing industries. So what can you do?

We’re kind of testing the waters right now to see if there would be any interest in a website that compiles summaries (think of our NO.6 summaries) of currently-running series from prominent BL magazines–like Chara, Drap, Be-Boy, Gush, Ciel, etc.–into easily digestible chunks, perhaps with a few medium-quality scans (again, think of our NO.6 summaries), to help you keep up-to-date on series you love and learn about new series you’ve never heard of simply because they never get scanlated for one reason or another.

This would be a pretty big undertaking (and fairly expensive too, as it would require purchasing these magazines every month/few months, and they’re not inexpensive) and could cut into September’s scanlating (not terribly, but still). It’d be relatively above-the-table since summaries aren’t infringing any copyrights (and if we were asked to stop for some reason, it wouldn’t be a terribly big deal to lose a couple of titles from the hundreds out there waiting to be reviewed–certainly no greater loss than losing scanlations).

There are tons of series out there that no one’s scanlating for one reason or another, and I know I personally wish there were a site like that so I could keep up with series I’m only vaguely interested in–as well as learn about new ones without having to buy the whole magazine.

If it proved successful, we could also consider using it to post general BL news as well.

Would you be interested in a BL news/magazine summary site?

View Results

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But many people would probably prefer to read summaries/scanlations in their native language if they could–which is why, if people were willing to help out, we’d be open to making the site (and the content) multilingual. We’d need to know how much interest there would be, though–so please answer the following poll! (and if you have non-English-speaking friends, please help them fill out the poll as well, since the information is really valuable). We could feasibly have the site available in really ANY language, provided there was content for it–so don’t assume your language is too obscure :D

Would you prefer articles in your native language?

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But non-English content requires translators (or people willing to get the magazines themselves and post summaries in their own language). At the very least, we’d need a couple of translators per language helping translate any English summaries into their native language. This is all really easily organized using a plugin called “WordPress Multilingual” (WPML), so that wouldn’t be an issue. We just need the manpower!

Can you help translate articles if the site is multilingual? (please provide language details in comments)

View Results

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Please let us know your thoughts! And leave any comments/questions/concerns you might have!

Konya mo Nemurenai 15 will be out this evening :D