[manga] Sasaki and Miyano ~ 04

February 5, 2017 // sasaki and miyano

Type: Manga
Series: Sasaki and Miyano
Author/Circle: Harusono Shou
Rating: PG
Language: English
Download: Mirror 1, Mirror 2


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    is this really not BL? bc ykno they’re so cute together ;u;

    • Whether or not it’s BL has nothing to do with whether or not they’ll get together :) Yuri!!! on Ice isn’t BL and Victor and Yuuri are now engaged, so XD

      I won’t spoil anything, but this series keeps getting better with each chapter, and it’s very exciting that non-BL series that explore gay relationships are finally starting to appear. BL is a pretty problematic genre–labels like some and use that force characters into set roles in the relationship, tons of rape and sexual assault often treated comedically. And also, what’s fun about KNOWING the characters will get together immediately because of the genre?? You can’t have any build up or surprise XD

      So the lack of a BL label here means nothing, just like it meant nothing for No. 6 and Yuri!!! on Ice. Instead, just enjoy the evolving relationship and the inherent mystery :3

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  10. I just love the fluff. It’s just nice to read something slice of life and sweetly romantic without all the (sometimes random) porn involved, not that there’s anything wrong with that. Thank you for your continued dedication to release high-quality translations, editing and scans to the public. I know you’re super busy with your job, so thank you!

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  13. This chapter is so, so special. I won’t spoil anythin’, just read it till the very last page and you’ll understand.
    …Guess I’ll open a Pocari to celebrate OMG I’ve been waitin’ for this day to come huhuhu

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