[manga] Sekai-ichi Hatsukoi ~ Yokozawa Takafumi no Baai Omnibus Extra Comics 1 & 2

September 11, 2016 // sekai-ichi hatsukoi, trifecta

Type: Manga
Title: Yokozawa Takafumi no Baai
Series: Sekai-ichi Hatsukoi
Author/Circle: Nakamura Shungiku, Fujisaki Miyako
Rating: PG
Language: English
Notes: If you’ve been following my posts on tumblr, you know that several of Nakamura’s novels have recently been re-released as omnibus compilations, where 2 books each are compiled as a single big volume with a little bit of extra material. This means the 6 Yokozawa novels are being re-released as 3 larger omnibus novels. The content is largely the same, but some new manga shorts and novel shorts have been added. This download is the manga shorts from the FIRST TWO OMNIBUS VOLUMES. The third will be out October 1 (and will be the very first Kirishima Zen no Baai!!), so we’ll upload that when it comes out. OF FURTHER NOTE: there have been some changes to the order of the manga shorts. Because these new shorts were inserted between previous ones, the numbering has been affected. The first short here is added after the shorts for Volumes 1 and 2 of the original novels, and so is now labeled “3”. The original 3 is now 4, original 4 is now 5, and the extra for omnibus volume 2 that comes after those is now 6. This will probably make for some confusing numbering on manga reader sites, if you choose to upload it, though I don’t believe the numbering matters very much. This is just a PSA if you’re confused why the manga extra that came with volume 3 is labeled “3” when the extra included here is ALSO labeled “3”. You can see a comparison of the original novel extra’s opening page (with numbering) and the new revised one (with revised numbering) here.
Download: Mirror 1, Mirror 2

Alternate mirrors are, as always, appreciated! ^^~

The new novel extras will be uploaded soon, so look forward to those!


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    They’re so cute :’)

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    Thank you, they are my favourite couple! :-)

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  12. OK I’m sorry but I’m a little confused does this mean we’re getting new material from them or is it the same?

    And the kirishima zen no baai it’s a new novel of them? Or is it the same but with his point of view?

    I love them so much and you guys just made my day.

  13. that’s exciting!! ahhh… come to us in English sooooon plzzzzz~~ I really wanna buy the whole series up!!! thank you so much for the scanlations!

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  24. Thank you for the update. I just got into this couple’s story and is very excited to find out a new release. Though I gotta say I’m a bit sad that it is only recaps from the original story. Hopefully, a boost in sales will come a chance for a follow up regarding this pair. Maybe Movie 2 or something like that.

    Just purchased all three volumes from CDJAPAN! Hopefully, I can see more from this couple animated! Thank you translators for sharing their cute story. I definitely can’t wait to see more from the couple.

    And one more question, I was wondering why suddenly the author is not releasing new materials? Is volume 6 (novel) the last volume? Is there a continuation to the story other than short stories? and short manga updates?


    • Well, she’s still releasing manga for the two manga couples; novels are usually just a secondary thing. Fujisaki might be busy with other series and may not be available for working on Nakamura’s side novels, too.

      But Trifecta got SIX volumes; that’s more than the other ‘main’ couple of Domestica, and they’ve technically got more material than even Erotica, so they’ve only got less material than the star couple of the series, PLUS they’re the only couple who got a movie made about their story. I don’t think she’s dropped them :)

      • Wasn’t expecting a response to my ramblings :D lol
        I gotta be patient. *selfishly forgetting this couple is not the main couple of the series.*
        Thank you for the clarification.

  25. I’m so happy! Thank you for all the work~~ I´m looking foward to read more of Yokozawa and Kirishima <3

  26. Thanks so much, looking forward to the novel extras too. I do hope that the re-release of the novels sells well, maybe if they do we’ll get a new one?

    Anyway, the fact that we’ll be getting a Kirishima no Baai is very exciting, I’m very curious to see things from his point of view. ;)

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  28. Thank you so much for these! I’ve been rereading the novels lately and I certainly haven’t expected these! So cute!

  29. this is not only my fav couple from SiH but one of my ALL TIME fav couples <3 so thank you thank you thank youuuuuuuu sooooooo much for this & for still being onboard the trifecta love train :)

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  33. My favorite couple. Thank you so much for sharing!

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