[manga] Hatsukoi – First Love ~ 01

August 2, 2016 // hatsukoi

Type: Manga
Chapter: 1
Series: Hatsukoi ~ First Love
Author/Circle: Kazuki Rai
Rating: PG
Language: English
Download: Mirror 1, Mirror 2
Summary: Hirono Yuusa always believed he was special and destined for greatness–until tragedy struck in his final year of middle school. Now, jaded and disillusioned, he’s completely given up on ever trying to be anything more than ordinary. But when he starts to notice classmate Himekawa Ichigo struggling to do his best against all odds, he can’t help but want to cheer him on.
Notes: If you loved Bubunhanten’s first foray into original work, then you’ll be thrilled to see she’s starting a new SERIES, and we’ll be scanlating it! Your fav KageHina doujinka is stepping out into the world of original work on a broader scale this time. Enjoy! This is published in Rutile, which means updates will come EVERY TWO MONTHS. Please be patient until the next installment!


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  7. Thank you very much for this! I love Bubunhanten’s works so much! I’m looking forward to her first series! ♥

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  24. Oh my, that was such a lovely thing to read. The main characters look rather like KageHina, but I’m not complaining. Even their personality are quite like Kageyama and Hinata! And the cliff-hanger keeps me hanging on the edge of my seat. I can’t wait to read the continuation. Thank you so much for working on this lovely series. I’m looking forward for the next instalment!

  25. That was adorable! Thank you very much! It really reminds KageHina a lot :3 How the hell I’m supposed to wait for next two months? :(

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  27. Oh so they gave kageyama and hinata their own bl manga huh? Thanks for uploading!

  28. i knew the art looks familiar!!!! even the main charas looks like KageHina!! although the plot is pretty classic i still looking forward to next chap.

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