[manga] Honto Yajuu ~ 19 (formerly labeled 20)

June 8, 2016 // honto yajuu

Type: Manga
Series: Honto Yajuu ~ Like the Beast
Author/Circle: Yamamoto Kotetsuko
Rating: NC-17
Language: English
Download: Mirror 1, Mirror 2
Notes: “Wait!” I hear you cry. “Chapter 20?? But the last chapter was 18b… What happened to chapter 19?” Well…we’d like to know that as well o_O The last installment of HY was in December 2015 (the January 2016 Gush issue) and was clearly labeled “Chapter 18, second half” on the cover of the chapter…and then after a short hiatus, she’s back again this issue with CHAPTER 20. What happened to 19? Is it lost to the ages? Will she realize shortly that oops she skipped a whole chapter? WHO KNOWS. For now, idk. Use your imaginations to decide what zany shenanigans Aki and Ueda got up to in the lost Chapter 19.

The next issue of Gush (which just came out) will go back to Omairi, so look forward to that~


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  4. Thank you very much. :) Looking forward to Omairi then!

  5. Oh. So that’s why. TwT I see. I see. But… going back to Omairi.. yeah, I know it should be that way, I know… Buuuuuut!! I miss these two so much~!!! I could cry when I see the new update. I want more of them if possible~ ..of course it can’t be. Hahaa~ Thank you so much for your hard work! Really. Thank you!! ♡

  6. Maybe they numbered the last chapter wrongly.. Maybe it should be chapter 19 instead of 18b..
    Well anyway, thank you so much for this speedy update. I love this series & I’m grateful you pick it up!
    I hope this bakapuru’s story will continue on and on and on. I just don’t care how boring or cliche the story will be, I just love them!

  7. Thanks for all your work and the new chapter, it’s the birthday update I was hoping for :)

  8. lol… well maybe it was just a labeling mistake anyway x’D we’ll see ^^
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    This is one manga that I really hope continue on forever until they are old ^^

  12. Maybe the missing chapter 19 will be a tankobon exclusive (grin).

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  13. Thank you so much for the release!!! I love both this series, so I can’t wait to see what’s next !

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    Thank you so much for all the hard work.

  18. Well, the chapter 19 issue is weird, hope the story line did not suffer..
    And of course, thank you very much for all the hard work and for sharing it ~)

  19. That was literally my reaction when I saw the number 20! Haha
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  22. Thank you so much for bringing this to us! This has got to be one of my all-time fav mangas, so I am grateful beyond words that you are bringing this to us! yay!
    thanks for the head’s up on the chapter numbering.

  23. Thank you very much! I hope one day we’ll get the missing chapter, but anyway, this chapter was great. I loved it when Tomoharu was sure he was dreaming ahah. And Tako-san truly is a resourceful man!

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  28. perhaps… it’s all part of a larger plot…….. haha! thanks for the new chap =)

  29. The forever lost chapter 19 haha. This chapter was so cuteee!! Kitty!Aki is adorable! He’s so manly too. Mannn.
    Glad the join the group fiasco is sorted. Would’ve been a good plot if Tomo did join the Yakuza too tho, huehuehue.
    Thank you very much!!

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  46. at the first second I burst into tear seeing new chapter of HY. but right then I froze, like “what, 20th?”
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