[original novel] Argentine Winter

April 24, 2016 // miscellaneous

If you missed it on tumblr, I’ve finally finished Argentine Winter, the sequel to my original novel Fellfire Summer (available for free here), and I thought I’d share it here, since many of you kindly checked out the first book. Please excuse the brief update for personal reasons!


In accordance with King Vizick’s decree, the Holds are slowly being brought back to earth, though the task is an arduous one met with resistance from all sides. But while talks proceed well with Vasque to the east, tensions are mounting with L’ruz to the west, and when a Crownswatch Fell Mage stationed along the river border between nations suddenly goes missing, Lir of Bantam is charged with tracking her down—a task he can’t hope to complete alone.

Finnian of Layton, though, has absolutely no Fell gifts to speak of, making him hardly Lir’s first choice in companion to head a search party, for if they run into any trouble, he’ll quite literally be nothing more than dead weight dragging Lir down. The two must set aside their mutual distaste for one another and work together to rescue Finnian’s wayward twin Fiona—but in the course of their hunt, they uncover a decidedly more sinister plot brewing well across the border, deep in the heart of Ruzian territory.

Length: 114,000 words
Content: Contains male/male sexual content, so please be aware.

Download at Shoptember.

This book is the sequel to the original fantasy/(gay) romance adventure novel Fellfire Summer (free), available to readers for $2. If you would like to donate more to the author, simply input how many US Dollars ($) you would like to pay, or else leave the price at “$2”, add the item to your cart, and proceed to checkout.

This book is a digital book, and your download will be available as soon as you checkout. There is no download limit, no expiration period, and no DRM. Available formats are:

  • EPUB – viewable in iBooks (on iOS and Mac systems), any Android eReader app, as well as browser-based eBook extensions such as EPUBReader for Firefox and Readium for Chrome.
  • MOBI – viewable in any Kindle app (for iOS or Android) as well as Amazon eReaders such as the Fire.
  • PDF – good for any digital viewing

Please feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns you may have. Follow the author for more updates on upcoming novels at @blayredelecour

Please consider leaving a review on this page after you’ve finished to share your thoughts!

Releases for September Scans have been slow as I worked to finish this, so we should be back to our usual release rate by the end of May. Thanks for your patience!


  1. Congratulations :D

  2. Noooooooo!!!!! Not again!!!!! I recently lost so much time reading and loving the first book and novellas!!!!!! …So I am too too too excited to read this installation about Lir!
    Thank you so very much, congrats, and please keep writing amazing things for the world to experience!

  3. Pre-ordered on Amazon, so received it a few days ago. Unfortunately, no time to read yet due to a family crisis, but looking forward to reading.

  4. Look amazing, so pretty cover! Congratulations for the new book! Unfortunately I can’t buy anything atm but in the first moment I can I’ll buy it.

  5. I’m so excited!!! I just bought it from shoptember and can’t wait to start! :)

  6. Congratulations!! :D

  7. any other method of payment? i think my country banned paypal >.<

    • Hmm I’m not sure how else you could possibly pay :/ maybe try buying it from Amazon? Just search for the book there and you can purchase it through them ^^

      • unfortunately Amazon only offer kindle…

        • They do only offer mobi downloads yes, but you can read it on a smartphone using the Kindle app (free) or on a computer using the Kindle all (free). It’s available on all platforms and OSs :) you don’t need a Kindle device to read.

          • finally manage to bought it :D

            turns out, i need to instruct the bank to activate my card to be able to use PayPal services.

            looking forward to read it this weekend :)

  8. Finally had a chance to buy this, more than worth the price ^^
    I look forward to reading it after I reread the others~

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