[manga] Honto Yajuu ~ 18b

December 12, 2015 // honto yajuu

Type: Manga
Series: Honto Yajuu ~ Like the Beast
Author/Circle: Yamamoto Kotetsuko
Rating: NC-17
Language: English
Download: Mirror 1, Mirror 2
Notes: I AM SO FRICKING STOKED FOR THIS NEW STORY ARC. HOLY MOLY. PLEASE SHARE YOUR THOUGHTS IN THE COMMENTS. OMGGGGGGG. But alas, there’s no new chapter next month! Look for the next installment early February 2016!


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  2. thank you!! :)

  3. Today’s chapter was really great! I love Aki’s endless energy ww
    His father gave us a good twist, but I hope Tomoharu doesn’t agree in the end. I love their policeman-yakuza dynamic as it is, and I think it would be an hindrance to their relationship if Tomoharu had to sacrifice a part of his life.
    (Also, I don’t know if the empty bubble at page 31 is on purpose?)

  4. uhh i don’t know how to feel about this. i always thought HY as a refreshing cute comedy without something serious but it has gone this far so finally a sign of a big turn?? or will it end (everything has an end, right?) just as how it always be? i’m ready for both options so whatever sensei wishes how it’s going to be…

  5. Thank you so much for the new chapter ^^

  6. Thank you so much for always sharing your hard work!
    I totally agree with Aki’s dad but I also don’t Tomoharu to change. Aki fell in love because Tomoharu is a super kind policeman, right!? @_@
    Ugh I really can’t wait until february~~~

  7. omgomgomgomgomg AHHHHH thank you for this release omgomgomg the story is gonna omg I don’t even know ahhhhhh!!!

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  9. Thank you so much! Love Honto Yajuu!

  10. yay! (^o^)丿(o^^o)♪
    sankyu f d release

  11. they are so cute together :)

  12. how are u guys seeing this! where is it?????? i wanna read this tooooooooo!! am i supposed to download this or something!

  13. @shazia from mirror 2 link you should see the download button in he top right

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  15. After reading the main comment and some other comments, I am actually quite scared to read it. Yet so excited… Gotta read it NOW!

  16. oh youve got me pmped for this! tganks 😉

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  18. very interesting arc coming up indeed! there is probably going to be some awkward chapter or two where Aki is mad at Tomoharu for wanting to give up part of his identity/life (if it gets to that point), but in the end he’ll definitely stay a police officer! as cool as yakuza!Tomoharu would be, it goes against his character. thanks for the chapter!

  19. My heart hurt so much :((((((((((((((
    So cute so twist :((((((((((((((((((((((
    Right in the kokoro

  20. Thanks a lot for this great chapter!! ^^
    By the way, at the bottom of the page 31 there’s an empty bubble.

  21. Thanks! Looking forward to the next part of this new arc.

  22. i don’t think Tomoharu will change, he’s wiser than giving up part of himself and it’s the part that Aki loves the most… on another note it’s really surprising that yamamoto-sensei changed the pace(if i may say) of HY from its sweet fluffy atmosphere to a more serious one

  23. If I had to guess, I’d say Tomoharu will be working with them, not for them, and will continue to be a good cop as he gets to play bodyguard for his honey! Or something along those lines….

  24. Thank you very much.

    I thought it was a bit of a dirty trick of Aki’s dad to kick Tomoharu when he was down. Of course in the moment he might be filled with the desire to just protect Aki, and not really think about what he’s really getting into. I don’t doubt that Aki’s dad is correct, Tomoharu would make a good addition to his group, but it’s not what Tomoharu wants to do.

    Of course a victim of a crime cannot have a neutral attitude about what happened, that’s why you need a third person to do the judging. Otherwise there is no justice and only vengeance.

    Furthermore, I don’t think Tomoharu could necessarily provide Aki with any more protection than he already has available. I hope he isn’t deceived by the attraction of front row tickets to vengeance over justice.

  25. thank you for the release. your hard work is much appreciated. until we meet again best wishes & regards.

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  28. About to pass out from the enthusiasm in the post, let alone another Honto Yajuu update.

    <3 As always, thanks for your hard work! <3

    • hWow.
      Aki’s dad hit the right point there. I was thinking there wouldn’t be anything that would change either Aki or Udeas minds, but this would do it.

  29. Screaming cuz i just got the email. Will dl and read and come back with thoughts
    *fangirl flail*

  30. SUCH A GREAT CHAPTER!!!! When I saw your spoilers about it on tumblr I was expecting a nasty cliffhanger before Tomoharu and Aki reunited, so I’m super stoked that they ended the chap on a happy note!! I loved everything about this, one of her best yet! I hope this isn’t a sign that the series is winding down tho ughhhh nooo!!!

  31. <3 Thank you so much! ^_^

  32. That is definitely not something to read on a crowded bus *staunches nosebleed*
    Pretty sure Aki is going to hear about his dad talking to Ueda and is gonna get pissed lol
    Tomoharu likes helping people too much, he would not be able to handle the extortion side of the business, even if he stays by Aki as a bodyguard.
    I do think this might prompt him working out a sale of semi yakuzaness like we saw in the arc when Aki and the puppy were taken in place of that cop.

  33. OMG I don’t know how I feel about tomoharu joining the group!! I secretly really want him to..but also don’t want him to give up on his principles :O
    I forget what aki’s group actually does…but if they turn legit and have only legal activities i would totally want tomoharu to joinnnnn

  34. First thing first, THANK YOU SO INCREDIBLY MUCH FOR THE HARD WORK THIS CHAPTER SS!! February seems so far away though. xD But, I’ll wait patiently anyhow. ^3^

    I thought that because of what’s going on we wouldn’t get any smut, but how could I have doubted Yamamoto-sensei for even a second. Silly silly me, Yamamoto-sensei never fail to deliver when it come to smut with these two. I love it~

    Anyway, as much as I like the idea of Tomoharu joining the group, I hope he doesn’t. That would break the Yakuza-Police-Love Story dynamic that pulls us all into this story in the first place. Instead, I hope that maybe he’ll maybe decided to climb up the corporate ladder. If his position is just a little higher, then him visiting Aki wouldn’t have been as suspicious as if he’s just a regular police man. You know like the novel S by Saki Aida. xDDD. Lol, well one can wish. If not, Aki can always… quit the group. Maybe I’ll like that better.

  35. Oh good gracious, Aki. I really like Ueda’s emotional struggle, but I honestly think Aki would never let him join the group.
    Thanks so much!

  36. Could somebody provide mirror download link please? ;-;

  37. OMG! I fucking LOVE where this is possibly headed…. ohhh!!

  38. ~Dance of happiness~. Thank you so much for sharing another chapter :D

  39. Thank you so much for the new chapter!!

  40. thanks a billion!! I can see Tomoharu toying with the idea of joining them, but ultimately staying as a cop. It’s too hardcoded into his DNA. I do love the opportunities this presents for relationship growth. mmmmmm

  41. THANK YOU!!!

  42. Thanks so much for the new chapter! I love this manga!

  43. Thanks so much for the release!! It’s getting a little serious, huh? Deviating from the fluffy not-actually-dramatic drama that we’re used to.

    I agree with the sentiment i’ve seen here of hoping Tomoharu doesn’t become a yakuza member… I think he’ll strongly consider it for a bit but Aki will say/do something that reminds him of who he is and that he is a cop at his core and will do what he can to protect Aki AS an officer. It’s so much of who he is, it would be a shame to see him lose that.

  44. What a tense chapter! As much Tomoharu would make a badass yakuza, he won’t do it.. that’s just not him and Aki fell in love with him as a cop and it won’t make Aki happy either. I adore this couple! THANK YOU!

  45. Thank you very much for the new chapter!
    At first I thought the story will go in the very serious way ie Tomoharu makes big dicision of his life but ending this chapter this way feel much better for me. I wonder what this will lead in the future though.

  46. Cannot download from both mirror link (T.T)
    and I reaally want to read it…..
    can’t it be redirected to other link?

    • Both work fine for me. What sort of download difficulty are you experiencing? We don’t upload alternates; that’s for commenters to do.

  47. Love it! Thank you!!!!

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  50. Sorry for the wrong grammar. I was spacing out, too hahahaha

    Looking forward to the next chapter :>

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  52. I’m inclined to think that Tomoharu will try to go work for the Gotouda group — he’s really giving this serious consideration — while Aki will have objections. Neither one of them wants the other in danger if it can be avoided and they’re going to try and protect each other when and where they can.

  53. Thanks! :) I was anxiously waiting for this >v< This arc was awesome…let's see what's Ueda gonna do. What choice is he going to take…hummmmm I can't wait to February!!!! AHHHH! XD jajajaja I'm going crazy here…I'll try to wait patiently here for the next installment ^w^

    Thanks again for your hard work. Ya ne~!

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  55. Thank you! Lovely! x3

  56. Thank you!

    The file in Pydio is 0 kb size.

    Here’s Mega and Oboom mirrors:


  57. I m in love with aki, i want moreeee

  58. is there gonna be new chapter of this manga? or is it completed already? thank you very much for your team hard work translating this manga

  59. Hi there! i was wondering if we (mainly me) could get an update on the release situation. I don’t want to sound like I’m rushing you guys on the translation end, but I would like to know if it’s a problem on the magazine end or something…..anyways thanks for everything up until now! Any information would be greatly appreciated, even if it’s just saying it won’t be released for another 2 months. Please and Thank You!!!! God (or whoever) bless you kind souls for your translating/editing/typesetting/etc

    • Please read the FAQ about our policy on people asking when an update is coming. Also, we’ve already answered this question in the Kimi to Kore Kara chapter post. We’ve always been very clear (and very curt) about our feelings on people bugging us about updates–precisely because we always go out of our way to keep everyone clearly informed. It’s just very annoying to keep getting questions like this when we just answered them on our front page…

  60. I apologize, I honestly have no idea how I missed that, considering I also read that series….I wasn’t trying to suggest that you hurry up and release it faster; I know it takes a lot to translate and release manga, and for free no less. I should’ve phrased it differently. I thought maybe it was an issue with the magazine, or that you guys were just on hiatus so I would know not to check on/expect anything from the series for a while. (It would be kind of a “closure” for my hype, if that makes sense…) Sorry for bugging you…..please keep doing a great job!

  61. Im so sorry, but i’d lost this part’s zip. Can someone reupload… please!!! :(

  62. Thank you for the scan but the links are not working

  63. may I ask you for reuploading this chapter in new link? Thank you for your hard working and give this great manga to us.

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