[translation] Sekai-ichi Hatsukoi ~ Yokozawa Takafumi no Baai 6 [COMPLETE]

November 13, 2015 // sekai-ichi hatsukoi, trifecta

Type: Novel Translation
Title: Yokozawa Takafumi no Baai 6
Series: Sekai-ichi Hatsukoi
Author/Circle: Nakamura Shungiku, Fujisaki Miyako
Rating: NC-17
Language: English
Notes: Here we have the compiled ebooks (EPUB, MOBI, PDF) of Volume 6 of Yokozawa Takafumi no Baai as well as the comic omake. Thanks for your patience! No more books right now, but we’ll keep you updated if one comes around!
Download: [COMIC] Mirror 1, Mirror 2 | [EBOOKS] Mirror 1, Mirror 2

Alternate mirrors are, as always, appreciated! ^^~

Next up: A brand spankin’ new chapter of Honto Yajuu this weekend 8D

Also a reminder: the Haikyuu!! live action stage play starts tomorrow, so if anyone is interested in merchandise, please get your orders in ASAP!


  1. Thank you, thank you for working on this and bringing us more lovely Yokozawa no baai XDD
    So excited to read the whole thing together XDD

  2. I’m so happy and sad at the same time. This is like an early Christmas present. But I didn’t mind waiting for updates at all. At least it’s looking forward to something. Now no new trifecta for good knows how long …

  3. Thank you again for all your hard (and wonderful!) work.

  4. Thank you so much for your hard work!! <3
    I really hope there will be another book about these two. Reading this book is such a joy for me :D

  5. Your hard work is so very much appreciated! I’ve gotten hours of joy from all the stories you’ve taken the time to bring to us, and the Yokozawa Takafumi no Baai novels are my special favorites. Thank you for sharing!

  6. ahhh!!! omg… this has been an amazing journey. thank you so much for your translations! <3

  7. Thank you very much. The comic bit was hilarious. :D

  8. yeeeey , I’ve waited so long for the moment, thank you so much for your hard work

  9. Thank you!

    Your hard work and generosity are much appreciated!

  10. Thank you so much.

  11. Thank you so much for all the hard word you did to bring us this! These two are my favourite couple in this series. It’s always exciting to see anything new about them!

    yay, Honto Yajuu! This is probably my favourite manga, at least in the top 3. Thank you so much for bringing it to us!

  12. Thank you for all of your work! You made my day! :D

  13. Thank you so much! i can’t wait to read. I like to wait until you have the whole volume before reading it so i can do it in one go ^_^
    You’re awesome! I always enjoy your Yokozawa translations.

  14. ~(≧◇≦)/゙゙゙゙ Woooooooo thanks so much!

  15. Thank you very much for all of your hard work! ^^
    I am so happy to read your work!

  16. Thanks so much for all your work on this, and putting it in such nice formats to read.

  17. Thank you so, so, so, so, SO much for all of your hard work! :D

    Lol! The comic is so cute! :D

  18. Thanks a lot!

  19. Love you guys for your speedy work ! Now I can read it on the go. You guys certainly cater to my guilty pleasures, thank you heaps!!

  20. Thank you for compiling & sharing this volume.

  21. awesome, thanks alot!!! And I can’t wait for Hontou Yajuu *____*

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  24. thank you soooooooooooooooo much for all the hard work

  25. Thank you so much for your hard work. I love the series so much.

  26. Thank you for all your hard work and the joy you bring us with each release!

  27. Thank you~ ^^

  28. I desperately hope the next book will be a Kirishima no baai b/c as of now Yokozawa has too many books I want something from Kirishima POV >_<

    • As far as I’m aware each of the stories has very few, if ANY, cases from the other’s point of view. Case in point: Onodera Ritsu no Baai has very few from Takano Masamune’s point of view.

  29. Thank you for your hard work in bringing joys to all of us.For more than 3 years I depend on you.Thank youu very very much♡♡♡♡

  30. Thank you for all

  31. Thank you very much!!

  32. just like to say a big thank you for translating these books! really appreciate it! best translations i’ve seen by far – appreciate how you take the trouble to write it in a meaningful way instead of just translating word for word directly. thank you thank you thank you. this was like christmas and birthdays come early at once!

  33. thank you finishing the whole book + comic :)

    I hope to read a lot about the Haikyuu live from you ;)

  34. Thank you for the hard work. Love all your translation and i always check your page everyday to see if there is any update cause i love all your work
    Thank you so much :3

  35. THANK YOU!!!X3X3X3

  36. Thank you very much!!

  37. Lololol Omg that comic though xD Kirishima is a brat, like, hands down, no other word for him

    Thanks so much :D you gais r the beeeeeest

  38. Thank you so much!!!!! :)

  39. thank you for your hard work to translating this novel — more cookies and kudos for you

    so sad this is latest chapter ( is it ???) :(
    though i still want to know more about them ..

    I wish Nakamura Sensei… will make the manga base on this couples

    time for me to re-read again and again..
    Kiriyoko become my fave couples on SIH universe …

  40. Yay <3
    Thank you, I like those two so much <3

  41. Thank you so much for all of your hard work! These novels are wonderful, and without you so many of us wouldn’t be able to read them. So, thank you!!!

  42. lovely! Thank you so much for the hard work!

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    H A P P Y N E W Y E A R <3
    I wish you all an great year to come.

  45. Thank you so much for the hardwork in translating this novel. really appreciate them. have a joyful new year.

  46. Once again, I am so very thankful that you guys are still scanlating trifecta novels. I never had any interest in reading bl novels until I came across this gem, and the amount of times I gush over these two and hiyo are ridiculous. Thanks for all the hard work and for sharing the love!!! I absolutely adore this ♥

  47. Arigato gozaimasu!! Eben though I am not really a fan of TRIFECTA but still you are translating this novel just for the sake of others. We are really grateful to people like you. If no one will translate this, then we won’t discover the beauty of this story! Arigato once again!

  48. aren’t there more of this novel ??
    I miss them so much

  49. Can’t download :( all links are dead/broken

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