[translation] Sekai-ichi Hatsukoi ~ Yokozawa Takafumi no Baai 6, Ch. 11 part 12 [END]

November 12, 2015 // sekai-ichi hatsukoi, trifecta

Type: Novel Translation
Title: Yokozawa Takafumi no Baai 6
Series: Sekai-ichi Hatsukoi
Author/Circle: Nakamura Shungiku, Fujisaki Miyako
Rating: NC-17
Language: English
Forum Discussion: HERE
Notes: You can also view the book in-progress on Pressbooks for what’s likely a more pleasant reading experience! Apologies for taking so long with this, but it’s complete now! I’ll be posting the compiled files as well as the omake extra soon :3 With this finished, we’ll be focusing our translations on Back Stage!! next.
This time: Yokozawa and Kirishima pick up where they left off last time…and Yokozawa learns his fate at work

Chapter 11 (cont.)

“…Hey, so were you at least a little jealous?”

“…Who knows.” He didn’t want to admit it just now.

“C’mon, don’t gimme that. You were feeling torn, so you ran off without hearing the whole story, right?”

“It’s none of your damn business.”

“What’re you talking about? It’s only my business! Now stop being so damn shy—throw me a bone and be honest once in a while.” Kirishima began to rib him teasingly with an elbow, and Yokozawa’s voice snapped with irritation.

“Enough, already! Fine! I was so jealous of Oosaki-sensei and Yasuda-san I could’ve exploded!”

Kirishima blinked slowly in response to his outburst. “…Why on earth would you bring up Yasuda now of all times…?”

“Ah.” Crap, it’d just slipped out. Yokozawa’s face grew even hotter than it’d already been at his slip of the tongue, and he was certain he was blushing red as a tomato for all to see.

Kirishima’s shocked expression slowly took on a leer, though. “I see…so you were jealous of Yasuda as well, huh?”


“Does your jealousy have anything to do with why you were talking to him, perhaps?”

“………” Yokozawa bit back any reply; he knew if he opened his mouth now, Kirishima would just tease him further.

“Mmhmm…I get it. He was teasing you because he could tell how jealous you were, then.”

“I didn’t say a word!” Yokozawa felt a shudder ripple down his spine at Kirishima’s words, as if he’d been reading his very thoughts. He really wished Kirishima’s instinct would stop being so damn on-point at times like this…

“You’re a cinch to read, even when you keep your lips shut. Especially like now, when you’re determined not to spill anything.”


“So stop trying to hide things from me.”

“Shut up. Well? You got a problem if that’s what really happened, then?” There was no point in trying to hide how embarrassed he was about the whole situation any longer, it seemed, so he tried to change the subject.

“Nope. I’m nothing but thrilled, really. It means you love me enough to be jealous, after all.”

“……!” Yokozawa swallowed thickly at Kirishima’s mortifying grandiose proclamation. How could he just come out and say things like that without a hint of shame?

“All right, now all that’s left is to get revenge for the other day!”

“Huh…?” Yokozawa gaped in confusion at the clenched-fist proclamation.

“You told me not to do anything by halves, right? So just lie back and leave everything to me. I’ll be sure to thoroughly satisfy you.” Kirishima returned simply, snatching away the mug in Yokozawa’s hand and setting it aside.

“Stop drawing your own conclusions! And don’t go getting horny in the middle of the damn afternoon!” He felt a flare of irritation at having his words from before turned back on him in this manner. He really wished Kirishima would stop interpreting everything as he pleased.

“We’re just gonna finish what we started the other day, that’s all. No need to overthink it.”

Yokozawa huffed at the gentle, teaching tone in Kirishima’s voice, as if speaking to a child. “You’re ridiculous, getting all serious and solemn when you don’t plan on even giving me a choice in the matter.”

“Hmm, you’ve got a point. I could give you the option of whether or not to take a shower before we start?”

“Where the hell do you get off playing all high and mighty…”

“Because you’re defenseless when you’re pushed around like this, of course.”

“…!” The unyielding smile on Kirishima’s face shut him right up. It rankled, having to accept such a thing, but Kirishima spoke true—he really couldn’t fight back.

“So as I said—just sit back and let me have my way with you.”

“Wah!” A hand abruptly slipped around his hips, and Yokozawa found himself pulled back, embraced from behind by Kirishima, who held him chest-to-back. “Oi, didn’t you say I could take a shower first?” He knew there was no escaping now, but he at least wanted a bit of time to mentally prepare himself. Plus, he was soaked in a sheen of sweat from the chores he’d just finished.

“Your time for such decisions has long since expired.”

“That’s the same as not letting me decide at all!”

“C’mon, don’t be so stiff—have a thought for me and how I can’t bear to wait for you.”

“……” Kirishima pressed a soft kiss to his nape, and Yokozawa inhaled sharply. He hated how eagerly he responded to the sensation of Kirishima’s lips brushing his skin on each word, and the warm breath of air on each exhalation. “…What are you doing?”

Kirishima’s fingers had slipped down to Yokozawa’s stomach, kneading the skin there. “Nothing, just…feels really good to just touch you…” He slipped a finger into Yokozawa’s navel, and the suggestive nature of the touch set Yokozawa’s entire body throbbing with anticipation.

“Stop groping me…”

“You don’t like to be groped?”

“It tickles…”

“You know, they do say that your ticklish spots tend to be erogenous zones as well… Ah, I get it—you mean you’d prefer to be touched that way, huh?”

“Hey—cut it—”

Kirishima pinched a nipple, and Yokozawa’s voice broke, prompting him to tend to both nipples at the same time, massaging the surrounding flesh as well. He was ruthless in his attentions, and Yokozawa quickly found himself overly sensitized.

“You sure you don’t mean keep going instead of cut it out? That mouth of yours really needs to learn to speak true…”

“Th—Kirishima-san, that hur…” Kirishima squeezed the pert little peaks between his fingers, wringing still greater responses from Yokozawa, then softened his attentions before quickly strengthening them again. This back-and-forth soon had Yokozawa huffing with effort.

The subtle shift from ticklish to sexually stimulating was entirely the fault of the man playing with him just now. There was even the rare occasion when his clothing would brush against his skin, and he couldn’t help remembering Kirishima touch…the sensation of his tongue…

“You know you like it when it hurts… Or perhaps I should ask your other mouth how it likes this…?”

“You sound like some fucking old perf…”

“Well, the ‘old’ part I’m afraid I can’t argue with…”

“Stop changing the subject…!”

“Then just shut up and feel,” Kirishima whispered, taking care to ensure his breath ghosted over the shell of Yokozawa’s ear. The husky tone in his voice went straight to Yokozawa’s hips, arousing his senses like some magical spell. “How far did we get last time…?”

“I know…at least that we…didn’t do this—ah!” Kirishima’s fingers were heavenly; no matter where they touched, they always managed to draw a voice steeped in pleasure from Yokozawa’s throat. And yet—he still hadn’t touched the one place Yokozawa ached for him to. He longed for stimulation, and a throbbing vibrated through his core. “Dam…mit… Don’t—just touch there…”

“So you’d like me to hurry up and touch you someplace else?”


Kirishima’s fingers slipped under the hem of his pants, gently pulling Yokozawa’s cock free where it lay in his palm, hard and aching. He hadn’t yet laid a finger on it, but it still throbbed with need, and Kirishima blessedly took the insistent shaft in his large hands.

“It does indeed look like it wants to be touched—you’re hard as a rock…”

“Don’t…need narration…”

Kirishima swiped a finger over the tip with his right hand while massaging Yokozawa’s plump sac with his left, and his cock gleefully responded to the yearned for pleasure. He was so hard it hurt now, his cock begging for release. Kirishima’s ministrations were skillful indeed, though, and his touch felt more amazing than words could quite describe.


“Look, you’re leaking…So slick and wet now…!”

“I—said…!” But Kirishima gave a great tug, and with each up and down stroke, Yokozawa’s breathing grew more labored, no longer able to keep his hips from snapping up with sharp thrusts to meet his grip.

Kirishima knew each and every one of his weak points—he knew how he liked to be touched, how he would respond to that touch. He probably knew Yokozawa’s body better than Yokozawa did himself.

“Haa…ahn…!” Using the liquid oozing from the tip to slick his way, Kirishima redoubled his efforts, leaving Yokozawa helpless to do more than breathe even harder in the face of such an onslaught.

“Face this way.”

“Eh—hmn?!” Kirishima grabbed him by the back of the head, twisting him around to glance behind, and pressed a kiss to his lips. Yokozawa’s eyes flared wide at the audacity as Kirishima thrust a tongue between his lips, strengthening his grip on Yokozawa’s cock along with his violent kiss.

“Nnn—nnm…!!” His back arched, and he reached his first peak of the day as ribbons of milky white fluid spurted over Kirishima’s palm.

“Looks like it’d been a while for you…”

“Just—shut the hell up!” he snapped, despite knowing full well that his demand would only rile Kirishima up further.

They eventually found their way into the bedroom, and when Kirishima realized he’d just changed the sheets, he remarked merrily, “Someone was prepared!” which rankled, but Yokozawa was still riding too high to really care that much.

“Yeah, it’s definitely more fun being able to see your face…”

“…Maybe for you.” He had no idea the expressions he was making in the midst of everything—but he was quite sure he would’ve been mortified if he could see it. Kirishima eased him onto the bed and began to hike up his shirt.

“You’re red here—looks a bit swollen. You can see yourself, can’t you? They seem to want to be touched even more…”

“You don’t have to tell me!” The redness and swelling was, after all, Kirishima’s fault entirely. “Ah—…!”

Kirishima pressed his lips to red nipples he’d teased into hardness and suckled, and Yokozawa responded to the sensation of his tongue—completely different from his fingers. When he grazed his teeth over the sensitive skin, the feeling walked a fine line between pleasure and pain.

“….Hn, ah…!”

As he suckled on Yokozawa’s nipples, Kirishima tugged down his jeans as well, grabbing the exposed shaft once more and giving a meaningful tug. His exquisite skill in seemingly every aspect of the bedroom robbed Yokozawa of all reason.

It was entirely Kirishima’s fault, too, that his body had started to accept being taken during sex as if it was natural. He often considered turning the tables, but seeing the way Kirishima gleefully pressed him down left him bereft, willing to simply let the man have his way.

“Hnn…?!” Something chilly dripped onto him, and a bony finger pressed inside him.

“I keep telling you not to squeeze so tight.”

“Sh—ut…up…” If he could help it, he would have. Kirishima thrust his slickened fingers in and out in broad strokes, and given how thick those fingers were, two inside him was already quite a tight fit.


“Does it hurt?”

“‘m trying…to bear it here, so just shut up…”

“Fine fine, you really know how to kill the mood…” he muttered a bit petulantly, and when Yokozawa fixed a glare on him, he finally buttoned up.

Truthfully, he really couldn’t stand the sensation of having his insides stirred up like this. To keep from noticing the way those fingers squirmed like a living thing within him, he focused on gripping the sheets instead.


“Don’t ask me that.” He couldn’t tell, after all, what it was like down there. The one who asked the question would be the best person to answer.

“Well don’t complain if it hurts, then.” Kirishima at last withdrew his fingers, after having thoroughly and stubbornly prepared him, and spread his legs wide with enough force to draw protests from Yokozawa’s body.

“Owowowow, stop stop! No further!!” He slapped his hands on the mattress, announcing he’d given in.

“I told you not to complain.

“You’re killing my joints here…!”

“Your body’s as stiff as ever I see.”

“I’m not gonna just magically get more limber!”

“You’d be surprised what a little daily stretching could do.”

“And why the hell should I have to do that?”

“For me?”

“……” Yokozawa gaped at Kirishima’s brazen remark. There was no way in hell he’d ever be able to bring himself to stretch daily just for sex.

“…Crap, you’re out of condoms. Oh well.”

“Ngh—” Something hot and thick slowly began to slide inside Yokozawa, inching deeper and deeper. Recognizing that this was Kirishima’s cock touching him directly, brushing skin-to-skin inside him, wiped his mind blank. “Hng…ngh…”

He’d once thought it impossible that something of that size could possibly fit inside him, so it was almost frightening how normal an activity this had now become.

“You’re tight…”

“I said—Shut. Up.”

Kirishima gently drew his hips back, stopping just as he was about to fall out entirely. Then, at the same pace, he slid back into the eagerly twitching warmth of Yokozawa, who tightened around him firmly to keep him from escaping.

Kirishima continued this gentle pattern of thrusting and retreating, and each slide of his hips threw up a squelching, suggestive sound. It seemed ludicrous, the fact that it was them making those sounds.

“Yokozawa…relax a little. I can’t get to your good spot like this.”

“Don’t…ask the impossible…”

“You sure are a handful sometimes. Fine then—focus on this.”

He extended a large hand, gripping Yokozawa’s cock tight and giving an amused tug, which drew a keening yelp from Yokozawa. “Ah—ah!!” Seizing his chance in the blink when Yokozawa’s tension finally released, Kirishima gave a strong yank on Yokozawa’s hips, drawing him close and drilling deep. “—nnah…?!”

Kirishima shoved a pillow beneath the raised hips, stabilizing his position, then leaned into Yokozawa using his hips. His joints protested being so forcible stretched, but he was well beyond the point of being able to form words by now.


Kirishima’s breathing was labored as well by now, and his shoulders shrugged with the effort. The bed creaked with spastic movements, and the freshly changed sheets were now an utter mess. They would definitely have to be washed again, and Yokozawa vowed silently to make Kirishima help this time.

“Ha—ahn…ah!” Yokozawa’s body shook, carried away by the shuddering force of their activities. Mercilessly driven onward, all thought soon fled him. The pleasure was terrifying; it sapped all pride, all reason, everything from him, leaving nothing behind but basic instinct and lust.


“…—!” With a shudder, Kirishima pumped his seed deep into Yokozawa, and after slowly drawing out, he flopped forward onto Yokozawa.

“Oi—you’re heavy, get off me!”

“We can stay like this for just a little bit, can’t we…?”

“…Fine, but just a little bit.”

He was well and truly whipped by Kirishima; perhaps this was what they meant when they spoke of the dangers of love.

Slipping his arms around the man before him, he slowly closed his eyes.

Yokozawa hadn’t been able to shake off his nervousness for a while now. When he’d arrived at the office that morning, he’d been met with a message from his boss’s secretary, requesting his presence. They’d told him that it would be some time yet before he received formal notification of his transfer, but it was possible plans had been accelerated.

He adjusted his tie and headed for his boss’s office.

“Good morning.”

“Oh, morning! Sorry to call you in first thing in the morning.”

“I see you’re in early yourself today, Sir.” He usually came into the office a bit later.

“Yeah; accidentally scheduled a meeting early, so here I am. Well, to get straight to the point—it’s not happening.”

“…Not happening?”

“I mentioned we might ask you to transfer to the Literature department, right? But now we’ve decided it’ll be better to keep you on with Comics.”

“Seriously?” was his eager response at the unexpected announcement.

“Yup; looks like you’re stuck here for the foreseeable future. That might change, but we’d like you to keep up the good work in the Comics department for now. Sorry to get you all flustered for nothing.”

“Oh—no, not at all.” He’d steeled himself for the worst—the actual outcome was almost disappointing. Naturally he was thrilled, though; he’d be able to keep working with comics, a job he enjoyed and wanted to continue, so of course he was happy—and relieved.

“And—this isn’t something we’ll have you do instead, mind you, but: we’ve decided to hold these publication-wide fairs regularly in the future, so next up will be one in the spring. I’d like you to be in charge of it.”

“Eh?! We’re doing that again in the spring…?”

“Yup. Looks like the President was pretty impressed by your work this time around, so he’s looking forward to what you’ve got prepared next time.”

“Sir—it’s almost time for your meeting.”

“Oh—is it? Sorry; I’d better be on my way.” His boss clapped Yokozawa on the shoulder and then exited the room with his secretary.

Yokozawa stood there in a daze for several long moments before muttering, “…Seriously…?” The issue that had been festering in his mind had fizzled away, and he felt lighter. But while his job might be safe for now, he’d lost all sight of an end to these harried, hurried days.

Still, he would now be able to continue working with Kirishima—that much was clear.

Even if he’d transferred to Literature, he might have been allowed to continue his work in the same capacity, but if he could flex his muscles in a field he enjoyed, then that was all for the better.

“Ah.” He bumped into Kirishima as he stepped back out into the hallway. Not having expected to run into him at a time like this, he faltered a bit.

“Oh, perfect timing. I was just about to head over to see you. …What’s wrong? Your face looks weird.”

He’d hesitated a moment, wondering if it was appropriate to discuss the issue right now, but he didn’t want to catch any grief later for not telling Kirishima first, so he got right to the point: “I’m not being transferred.”


“Yeah. They said they want to keep me where I am for the time being. Instead, I’m going to continue being in charge of these publication-wide fairs it seems, so I don’t expect my busy schedule to change much for the foreseeable future.” Regardless, he couldn’t deny he was relieved.

“I see—that’s great.”

“Yeah, I guess.”

“C’mon, you’re thrilled you get to keep working with me.”

“Something about the way you say that really pisses me off…” It wasn’t that he wasn’t happy, but it did irritate to have Kirishima himself boast about it. Perhaps there was no helping the urge to snap at him for getting full of himself.

“Just accept it already.”

“Whatever—what did you want?”

“Oh yeah. I came to discuss movie promotion plans. Wanna hit the lounge?”

“Sure.” He drew even with Kirishima, and they headed for the elevator hall, quietly musing how happy he was that this sort of everyday would be continuing for some time yet.



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