[doujinshi] Haikyuu!! ~ Pinky Promise with My Boyfriend the King (part 2 of 2)

September 29, 2015 // haikyuu!!, kageyama/hinata

Type: Doujinshi
Pinky Promise with My Boyfriend the King (part 2 of 2)
Series: Haikyuu!!
Author: Bubunhanten
Pairing: Kageyama Tobio/Hinata Shouyou
Rating: PG
Language: English
Summary: Kageyama can’t stand the thought of anyone taking Hinata from him, so he seals their relationship by demanding Hinata start dating him. Hinata agrees, if only because explaining that Kageyama has just imprinted on him would be too difficult. As time passes, though, Hinata realizes they’ll need to set some ground rules.
Notes: Apologies for the wait! We’ve been absolutely swamped, and this is terribly long, so we hope it was worth the wait. Thanks for your patience, and enjoy!!

Mirrors: Mirror 1, Mirror 2

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Also, exciting news! Bubunhanten, it seems, will be publishing her first official manga in the next issue of Rutile (which we use to scanlate Konya mo Nemurenai) out in November. We’re 95% sure it’s her, since the author is listed as the same name that Bubunhanten goes by in more official capacities, and we’ll definitely be checking it out. If it looks interesting, we’ll definitely pick it up, so look forward to that in November!


  1. omg thank you so much, itadakimassu
    and an official manga? i don’t think she’ll be in the yaoi business, she strikes me more in the shounen-ai department, anyways i really can’t wait to see it

    • Yaoi? Do you mean BL? She’s already in the ‘yaoi’ business lol. That just means fictional M/M relationships based on already existing content (so like, fanfiction). Now she’ll be an official BL author, but there’s no telling how explicit her works will get.

      Rutile isn’t a very explicit BL magazine, though, and seems like a very good fit for her.

      (all manga with guy/guy relationships is BL, no matter the rating; ‘yaoi’ isn’t used in Japan really, and when it was, it only referred to fanmade doujinshi ^^ There’s no way of guessing whether or not something will become explicit in the future, so having a term based solely on the porn content is kind of silly and useless XD; ‘Sekaiichi Hatsukoi’ would’ve been ‘shounen ai’ based on Chapter 1 when it started running, after all XD;; )

      • sorry, that’s what i meant hahaha she’s more the type of soft fluff, heartwarming stories with no hardcore or explicit content…. we foreigners don’t have that much of knowledge concerning the history of terms in japan so thank you for clarifing things ^^

  2. Thanks so much for the Haikyuu!! fix! Man, it made me cry. So damn good. I really appreciate all of the work it took to clean and translate, especially on such a long piece. Arigatou! And I’m thrilled the mangaka will get an official release soon . . . her storytelling is great, she really deserves a wider audience.

    I’m re-watching the first season of the Haikyuu!! anime (for the second time) and am so looking forward to season 2!

  3. Can anyone make a mega link? I can’t seem to download from either of the links above and I’m dying to read this :(

  4. ^^^ not to be a stickler or annoying but Yas please those of us would greatly appreciate it! :) thank you so much for the translation btw! Bless you guys at september!

  5. Thank you very, very much!!
    And, omg! A official bubunhanten will be heaven. ><

  6. yessssssssss omg! awesomeee! thank you so much!! and I just saw on your tumblr…… the sex preview…… oh god… OH GOD. IT LOOKS SO HOT. please, Bubunhanten, please give us teh pr0n.

  7. DONEって感じ。
    This was so good. Bunbunhanten sure does know how to hit the feel button.
    Thanks thanks thanks so much for scanlating! I’m almost done rewatching the first season, but I’m ready for season 2 of Haikyuu! =]

  8. OMG so cool! *O*

    Thank so much for sharing the dj and for the great news!

  9. Thank you for the release. I adored the second part to bits. Bubunhanten is the kagehina goddess to me. I’m glad she’s going to be published, even though this means no more kagehina djs from her. I wish her all the best in the future. Again, thanks September scans for the hard work, keep it up.

    • “even though this means no more kagehina djs from her”

      ???? Where did you get that idea? Many mangaka are perfectly capable of juggling official publications with their doujinshi work (see: Yamada Papiko/Oshinobee), and while some do drop off to focus more on their professional work, I see no indication whatsoever that Bubunhanten is going to do this. She hasn’t even mentioned that she’s going to be doing professional manga (which is why we can’t be 100% sure it’s her until we see the art) and is about to release a 44-page new KageHina piece this weekend.

      There’s no reason to expect her to just drop her KageHina pieces because she’s going to be publishing 20 pages of manga every 2 months. She’s a machine who churns out hugely lengthy doujinshi; I think she won’t be suffering much to do both XD;

  10. Thank you very much! (^.^)//

  11. Thank you very much!! I’m looking forward to reading her first original manga, I’ve been waiting for this!

  12. Thanks!! I’ve been waiting for this for so long but it’s finally here >u>)b

  13. Thanks a lot for this :D
    and wow if that’s the case and the story is good then I’m really looking forward to her first Manga publication :)

  14. my heart.
    This is so cute! Thank you for the hard work. I love you guys!
    OMG! really?! will you scan and translate her official manga if it’s already out?
    I really like her art and her writing style

  15. Thank you for your hard work ^^

  16. thank u so much for this!! i just found out about this doujinshi today and im so glad it is already translated. seriously thank u!! <3 <3

  17. Thank you very much for this release~! So excited about S2~!

  18. Thank you very much. This one is really wonderful.

  19. Thank you so much.

  20. Thank you for sharing this cute&sweet doujinshi!
    One of my favs!!

  21. Thanks!
    I am anticipating season 2 as well!

  22. Thank you <3
    And thank you too, Shay Sky ^^

  23. Love Haikyuu!! So looking forward to season 2 and thank you so much for Part 2 of Pinky Promise!

  24. Thank you so much for the dj and for the good news!!!

  25. sankyu f d 2nd parts♥

  26. Thank you!

    Here’s Oboom mirror:


  27. *gross elated sobbing* this is the BEST.

  28. Thank you!

  29. Tthank you so much

  30. Thanks for sharing!!!


  31. Thank you so much! :D

  32. I just…. love you, guys… I have no more word to discribe my happiness to read your translations. And I’ll be waiting for your new Bubunhanten’s translations.

    P.S. Just to mention it 100000 times… you do make a great job!

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