[summary] Sekai-ichi Hatsukoi ~ Onodera Ritsu no Baai ch. 21

September 22, 2015 // nostalgia, sekai-ichi hatsukoi

Type: Summary
Onodera Ritsu no Baai ch. 21
Series: Sekai-ichi Hatsukoi
Author/Circle: Nakamura Shungiku
Rating: PG
Language: English

The Emerald gang get free tickets to a hot springs, but Ritsu isn’t so sure he wants to spend so much time with co-workers. And why doesn’t Mino want to go…?


  1. Thank you, in the first place, for translation, as I was hearing, September will not translating Onodera no Baai… It was in March, and after that Nakamura became sadist, making us to wait more than HALF A YEAR… Ok. I understand, she was making many series and third sezon of JR anime… But when, like it is with me, you’re reading this one “Case” only, it become true pain in the…
    When reading, I have quite a couple things coming to me. For example:

    1. If Minos place is vacant, I’m curious, if someone will come just… instead?
    2. Maybe After “Onodera no Baai”, to full empty place, Nakamura-sensei should do “Mino no Baai”?
    3. Is Mino an esper? Or they are just so obvious… I think second one. xD
    4. Mino! Don’t take kid on this trip – walls are THIN and childs psyche’s fragile.
    5. Ouchi! “I don’t want to see you all day along”… That probably hurt… As it shows later, it did. ;)
    6. I’m curious… Maybe, by some creepy fate they’ll meet Takanos mother there? It will be nice, if Ritsu will be made to show some compassion…
    7. And they’re ending up in the double bed again. Really, can’t they read a signs from “upstairs”?

    If Nakamura-san will made us to wait next more-than-half-a-year, I’ll be even more pissed, than it made me this time… =/=

    • Oh, I think he’s been made to feel plenty of compassion, already. I think it’s like one of the moderators said, it’s being used as a way to make him feel more comfortable with Takano. Thanks.

  2. Thank you so much!

  3. Thank you~ ^^

  4. it says at the end:

    [8 days until the Emerald Editing Division’s hot springs trip]

    instead of the usual “X days until Ritsu blah blah blah”

    Does this mean that he’ll probably tell Takano about his feelings at the hot spring trip?

    • I don’t think so, unfortunately :/ It’s probably just Nakamura wanting to up the suspense? We were over 2 months away last time I checked, after all, and Nakamura’s NEVER skipped ahead that far o_O

      Spending some alone-time with Takano in a place where he might have some really emotional memories/might seem much more vulnerable would be a good way to get Ritsu more comfortable with him, but I don’t see that as being enough of an emotional trigger to get him to confess. We’ll see, though!

  5. Thanks so much for this summary. Really enjoyed it!

  6. Thank you very much for the summary! A quick cultural question, though: is a hotel really cheaper for two than a taxi? I mean, we don’t know how far they went with the train (and there aren’t night buses in Tokyo…?!), but this seems a little odd to me. I’ve read about the cheap business hotels in Japan – that some are just capsules and don’t allow women to stay – but I’d imagine they don’t come with double beds.

    • We do know how far they went on the train, actually :) Because we know exactly where they live and what lines they took.

      They work at Marukawa Shoten, whose real-world analogue is Kadokawa Shoten, near Iidabashi Station on the Oedo Line (shots of the station in the manga are exact replicas of Iidabashi Station IRL). Takano and Ritsu live just by Sengoku Station on the Mita Line (we learned this in the anime, S2E1, where we see a shot of them exiting the station as they head to their apartments, and the name of the station is displayed prominently). These are both lines that I’ve ridden before, quite frequently, because I live on the Oedo Line and used to work in a building on the Mita Line. Yes: I have taken Takano and Ritsu’s commute very often before :)

      So that means I can say, with 500% certainty, that the likelihood of Takano and Ritsu FALLING ASLEEP on the way back to their apartments? Is zero. Zilch. Zip. Nakamura must’ve been smoking something REALLY GOOD when she concocted this plot, lmao. Takano and Ritsu leave the office by way of Iidabashi Station–and then they go ONE STOP (in Tokyo, this is perhaps a 2 minute ride) to Kasuga Station, where they must change trains to get on the Mita Line. From there, it is another ONE STOP (again, about 2 minutes) to Sengoku Station, their home station.

      Their commute from station to station, counting the time it takes to change over, is maybe…7 minutes? And only 4 of those minutes are sitting down long enough to fall asleep (really, only 2 minutes).

      This chapter suggests that they never changed over, so I guess they went to the end of the OEDO line and not the end of the MITA line, which would put them in Hikarigaoka, the end of the Oedo line in the direction they were traveling. Google Maps tells me that, by car, this would be a trip of 15.4 km — at 770 yen a kilometer for a taxi in Tokyo, this would be (at best) a trip of 12,000 yen (~$100).

      Business/Love hotels are usually pretty cheap, depending on how long you stay, and the price would be well below the price of a taxi. 3000-5000 yen abouts, I’d think.

      Yes, I’m far too detail-oriented about this kind of stuff XD;

      tl;dr – it’s utterly ridiculous to think that they could have their conversation AND fall asleep in less than 2 minutes, but assuming they somehow did, a hotel stop would be far cheaper than a taxi back to their place, even if they split the fare.

      • That’s very interesting! :D Thanks for the run-down. Though, I wonder if the station that they get off on to go home is different in the anime/manga. I mean, I wonder if it was that well considered in the anime, when they showed the sign. Because in that case, it would be possible to fall asleep. o.O Ah well, but it can be as you say – Nakamura was really high when she wrote this plot. I mean, a hotel with only a single double bed available, again? I wonder what’s the likelihood of that…

        • To my knowledge, it is. There are other landmarks that are serviced only by Sengoku Station (the library Ritsu goes to is shown clearly in the manga, and there is an identical one near Sengoku Station).

          Maybe they were caught up in talking and didn’t get off when they should and just never thought about it and fell asleep…? Seems really improbable, but…

          • Thank you very much for the detailed explanation! I felt that something was off about this situation, but I guess if they ended up at the other side of a capital, it would be that expensive. We have night buses here, though. ^_^

          • Ohh, that’s interesting. Thanks for sharing! :) Though that does make this whole falling asleep thing decidedly dubious.

  7. OMG

  8. Thank you so much for the translate. You guys are so amazing!!! I love yokozawa no baai translation!!! It is well worded and lots of feels ^.^

  9. *grabs multiple paper bags, breathing into all of them at once*

    Oh no, O-mairi update then my beloved Sekai-ichi~ …literal tears of joy!

  10. Thank you very much for this summary. :) It was nice to get to know Mino a little bit as well.

  11. Thanks so much! You guys are amazing! That being said, I’m not entirely confident these two will ever get their shit together.

  12. Thank you! :D

  13. Thank you!

  14. Hello :) and thx for your hard work. May I just ask you one thing? How often is the real Emerald magazine published? Because I really do not understand this hiatus. Why dont we have a new chapter every month? I am new to this manga btw but I loved it! (Ritsu doesnt deserve Masamune, he should have at least said he loves him by now!!!! BAD RITSU)

    • Emerald is only released every 4 months, but there are long chapters in each issue. The reason for the length of time is because Nakamura is a very very busy mangaka; she must not only write nearly 200 pages of manga every 4 months, she must also oversee her drama CDs and animes.

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