[manga] O-mairi Desu Yo ~ 10b

September 20, 2015 // o-mairi desu yo

Type: Manga
Chapter: 10b
Series: O-mairi Desu Yo ~ A Blessing On Your House!
Author/Circle: Yamamoto Kotetsuko
Rating: NC-17
Language: English
Download: Mirror 1, Mirror 2
Notes: Yamamoto-sensei will take a break for next month’s issue of Gush and then be back the first week of November with new Honto Yajuu! Please remember that HY and Omairi run in the same magazine. That means when one is running, the other is on a break. I can’t tell you how many times we get people asking us why we haven’t updated HY when there’s clearly Omairi being released, and it gets very annoying, even though we say it over and over again. Likewise, we cannot scanlate what doesn’t exist, so we really don’t appreciate the people yelling at us for ‘getting their hopes up’ about a series that hasn’t been updated (our new series from Ciel, Black Wolf and Silver Fox). We don’t appreciate people telling us off for not updating something that hasn’t had a new chapter in a couple of issues :| We can’t predict this. We can’t magically pick series we know will have regular updates. So please stop sending us irrational hatemail for it :| It really doesn’t make us want to release something even if we did have more material.

Same goes for other series we’re doing: we’re SWAMPED with work, both IRL and for this group. Unless you’re offering to help us (and as always, we only need experienced, reliable cleaners), please sit back and be patient as we try with our teeny tiny staff to get you stuff for free. If you’re dissatisfied with our release rates…go learn Japanese yourself and buy these pieces :P

Most of your readers are really great people, but in the past couple of weeks we’ve gotten some really rude, demanding, entitled e-mails, so we’re just reminding everyone: we’re doing this for free, taking time out of our lives to share stuff we love with everyone else. We’ll get around to all of the things we have on our plates just as soon as we can. Until then, please be patient.


  1. Thank you <3

  2. wow.. I never thought there will be people who’ll be so dick about stuff they get for free, where you work hard for our sake.. Can’t you just do something about it? Ban their IP or something?

  3. I’m glad you know the majority of us are grateful for all the chapters you work so hard to bring us. As for the rest, well, some people are never satisfied and to top it off have absolutely no sense at all. Sorry you have to deal with those.

    Thank you so much for the new chapter of O-mairi!

  4. Thank you for your hard work and generosity!

    Sorry to hear you’ve been dealing with so many temper tantrums.
    I’ll never understand the mind-set that goes with a sense of entitlement.

  5. Thank you!

  6. Thanks for the release! Really appreciate the effort you guys go to, sorry to hear some people are so rude!

  7. Please keep up the great job!! I am willing to wait for good quality scanlations! XDDD

  8. Thank you very much for the new release. Understand about being swamped; working at least six days a week through the end of next month. That means almost no time to do anything at home, so I definitely understand.

    As far as the selfish/demanding/entitled emails, I know it is very difficult, but ignoring may be the best you can do; I have found that even acknowledging this behavior can make it even more prevalent. The only other way I know of is to go underground, so to speak, and leave those folks behind. That may not stop all of it, but would greatly cut down on it.

  9. There are people giving you guys shit? Wow, ungrateful little assholes. I’m really sorry to hear about the hatemail. :( Take all the time you need you guys – I’m sure most of us (hopefully) understand that ya’ll have lives to live. (Also, thank you for all your hard work despite it.)

  10. Thanks so much ^^

    It sucks that there are always people who feel like they are entitled to more with things like this, yet if it was the other way around they’d do nothing but bitch and whine about how butthurt you made them feel -__-

  11. Thank you so much for this new chapter and all your hard work.
    This aside, ignore those emails completely…. most of us really appreciarte all your effort in bringing us so many good series! ^^

  12. Thanks a lot!

  13. Thank you so much for this release! And ohmg I’m so sorry you had to deal with those unappreciative people :/ I mean I’m probably also one of those who get impatient about no updates BUT to blame the scanlation team and sending hatemail is just too much. I hope people would just read the notes and be informed so as to not hurt others. Anyway thank you again! Looking forward to your future releases!

  14. What a lovely surprise to see first thing in my day =] And they’ve gone a step further in their relationship. =0 Thanks as always!!!

    Sucks you guys still get those kinds of emails. In this day and age of the internet doing a lil research, searching google, and reading the scanlators sites get you your answers.

  15. thank you for the release. your hard work is much appreciated. until we meet again best wishes & regards.

  16. Thank you very much for the continued hard work and please pay no heed to the ‘entitled’ asshaults!

  17. thank you for all your amazing work, it is very much appreciated by the majority of us who are really grateful that you take time out of your busy lives to give us these wonderful works for free. thank you!
    please ignore the ignorant jerks who can’t appreciate what they’ve been given

  18. Thank you very much. :)

    Sorry to hear about the unreasonable visitors. :/

  19. I could never understand how people could feel the right to be demanding about things they don’t contribute to, either monetarily or just by helping out. The fact that you have to waste your breathe acknowledging these people is frustrating. I hope those who take the time to show appreciation for your hard work greatly outweighs those who show extremely misplaced entitlement.

    Thank you so much for the release and for all the releases you have given to this community.

  20. Thanks a lot!

  21. It makes me sad to hear that you’re getting emails about that sort of thing :( Since I don’t have services I can offer all I can do is say thank you very much for all the work you guys too. September Scanlations always produces high quality work, you’re seriously one of my favourite groups. I have so much respect and appreciation for you all, RL can get really hectic and you are all doing this for free. Thanks once again for the work and this wonderful chapter!

  22. Thank you very much for your work! (And seriously, who even thinks about sending such mails??? ლ(ಠ_ಠ ლ))

  23. Shame to see how people always keep asking!! It’s quite a logical way of publishing, so it’s very easy to figure out :U Especially if they send hatemail they might want to calm tf down and sit in a corner whislt thinking of their life mistakes.
    Thank you very much for this translation once again! You are one of the best scanlation groups around IMO.
    Also i hope sensei can enjoy her one month break <3 she deserves it so much and she always provides us with such quality yaoi, i know no other author as flawless as her ;w;

  24. thanks a lot :D

  25. Thank you so much for all the hard work you do to bring us these! I am so sorry to hear about the idiots who are sending you hate mail.

  26. Thank you so much.

  27. Thank you so much
    and wow I don’t know people can be such an ass for questioning you that silly Question -_-
    Just my opinion, If they want a super fast release why can they do it themselves, and just try to stand in your position for a while.
    but whatever I and many others will waits patiently for you next release~~Thank you once again

  28. Thank you sooo much for all your hard work and tolerance for those stupid readers sending hate mail.

  29. OMG! I am so sorry to hear about those assholes! Please remember you have a lot of us who appreciate your hard work, support you and being patient when you`re busy.
    Thank you so much for the release! ^_^

  30. Thank you very much for the release!~
    I’m very sorry for those really rude comments that you have been getting. I hope you understand that a lot of us understand that you’re working on series that are currently being updated and so that are not released yet. I think you guys are awesome with releasing new things. Really fast and excellent qualities. I hope you guys aren’t down because of those comments and hopefully the comments above me cheers you up too! We really appreciate your hard work!!

  31. sankyu f ur hard works ♡
    dont be hurt by those ungrateful villain..
    be strong n take time,we appreciate ur efforts,gambate \^o^/

  32. Thank you!!!!
    I was hoping this chapter <3
    I love you!!!!

  33. E:
    That’s my toothy grin.
    Because I love you.
    And I’m relieved you’re not taking about me because I’ve never emailed you lol

    Honestly, though, your team has done the absolute best scanlation work I’ve ever read. We’re that I were a skilled, reliable cleaner just so I could help you out.

  34. Awkward moment when you misspelled your own name.
    BTW the email notifications are great :D

  35. Thanks for The release! And sorry for having to deal with rude people :-(

  36. thank you for the new update, and the emails notices about the new release is great tooo
    thank you for all your work,
    and those guys who email you should know by now that is just plain rude and not acceptable!

    you guys are awesome and do an awesome job!!!

  37. Thank you guys!!! <3

  38. I don’t get it why people so demanding and being rude while they only download them for free =__=) not appreciate your hardwork… they should be waiting patiently ;__;)
    Thank you for your hardwork!!

  39. Thank you so much for sharing this chapter. And I’m sorry for these jerks people that isn’t grateful.

  40. Thank you for your hard work!!!!!!! This chapter is lovable ♡♡♡♡
    omg they should be patient, but i think @WhatsYourName said is true.

  41. Thank you so much for the new chapter and for all the hard work!!

  42. Thanks for the new release and your hard work !^^

  43. Thank you for the release despite your busy rl :D (those ungrateful lots should be ashamed for being selfish).

  44. Thank you so much for all your hard work!

    I only started reading this series a week back and I keep on re-reading it. The line-art is so subtle and the characters quietly endearing. Except for the times Yuuji gets over-excited. And the times Kenji summons oni. And the times Yocchan tells Kenji how much he loves him. heheheeee


  45. I felt so sad when i read i dont remember if i asked about honto yajuu since im a new reader i was scared the author wasn’t gonna write it anymore im happy she will start now i love both stories yay and i hope people understand is a lot of work to do this translations they shouldn’t bother you guys i wish i could help but im not good for it so thank you so much for everything :) have a great day

  46. Thanks so much for the new chapter!

  47. Thank you very much! Your hard work and dedication for providing quality scanlations for fans is much appreciated!

  48. Thank you for the release!
    Thank you for all of your work!

  49. Thank you for sharing this update!
    I hope Saburo gets some >.<
    Also shame on you! for the rude and demanding people. Can't they just shut up and wait for your update. It's FREE for god's sake.
    Is it not possible to ban them from this community?

  50. OMG, are people like that really exist??! I mean how much of obnoxious idiot one must be to send you hateful mails like that and even DEMAND something from you… You do all of us a huge favour , translations and scanlations, taking time from your real life, you share all this stuff with us for FREE for God’s sake.. Really, people could be such idiots, it’s a shame…

    Thank you very much for all your hard work, there are lots of fellow yaoi fans who I am sure are grateful to you like I am! Thanks a lot for what are you doing, please don’t pay that haters any mind, they can just go and jump from the roof :P

  51. this scanalation staff replied email by provanities, even an email which asking “why they not update?” with a very merry polite manner. sometimes, you have curiosity and eager to know.

    are they really likes to distort fact?

    There IS always no smoke without fire.

    When your curiosity has been killed by someone using provanities. Anyway, thank you for your hardwork for the long time i’ve been spending read using your translation, but i’m disappointed with your manner.

    Even a sorry can’t reach this scanalation group.

  52. like my username said “itsokay” IT IS OKAY for you to delete hate comments or comments with criticism with your behaviour, it does mean avoiding a fact that your behaviour is not as good as your translation and tried to burry it.

  53. to username itsokay. my 1st time here. i just cant help it to say something about ur comment. eventho u r the reader u dont hv the right to ask something even it is just ‘when is the next update’. this group is a free group doing their job very well to update each series on time. so why not u just buy the series ur self n learn japanese if u want a fast update. be grateful n learn to be patient for f*sake.

  54. THANK YOU SO MUCH for all your hard work and I’m very grateful for everything you are doing for us. Your release always make my day brighter!

  55. Thanks for the update and release. Those waiting for freebies shouldn’t demand, and be just grateful. Simple basic manners, really.
    RL can be a b**th. Take all the time all you need to settle things !!

  56. Thanks a lot for this new chapter!!! <3 I was craving for it! XD

  57. Ooh good gracious could they be any cuter! Thanks so much for all you do and don’t let the spoiled whiners let their bloodlust get to you. You guys are too generous to have to deal with that junk.

  58. Thank you so much >o<)/" there are still people who are just grateful you're sharing your scans

  59. To the haters and impatient people: please stop being rude. You can’t expect things to go your way. Many fans in the yaoi/shounen-ai community who take time (some of these people have jobs and school) to bring their love for the boy x boy love to the fujoshi community who can’t get this material easily. Is this how you thank them?!? You’re also not helping scanlation groups’ motivation with the negative comments. You think after reading crappy, negative emails like this every day you’d want to work on the scans??? IMPOSSIBLE. You ruin the mood and what motivation they had lost thanks to your impatience and rudeness. If you’re smart, LEAVE YOUR COMPLAINTS out of the emails!?!? How about a f**kin’ hello how are you???? Get the books/magazines if you want them so badly impatient jerks >:(




    And yes, I meant to have the Caps lock on! ^_^

    LOVE! LOVE!!

    – Ko

  61. Thank you!

  62. Sorry to hear you guys get such unreasonable comments when you sacrifice your time to bring us so many quality scanlations. Just know that most of us are sincerely grateful for your work, and thank you for every new chapter you release!

  63. Thanks for all the goodies =) Don’t let the complaining kids bother you, I remember when I first started to read scanlations I thought all they had to do was pop some English in the bubbles and that was it.

  64. Sorry to hear about that but your last remarks also sound just a teeny little bit ableist and classist. Plus you’re asking for reliable, experienced cleaners, so many of the people who are complaining about it might be people who already recognize that you wouldn’t offer them a position, anyway. In essence, it’s like blaming someone for not meeting the standards YOU set. There are ways to take out your frustration while avoiding these very obvious pitfalls.

    • Thank you September Scanslation team for giving us the best scanslation! I cannot express my gratitude enough for your time and effort. Thank you for pampering us with the best scanslation each time!

      I just want to say, @Kom-Hitro, that it is not at all “ableist” and “classist” for the team to ask for an experienced cleaner. Why do you think recruitment have levels and tests? because to find the right personnel is hard, and although certain degrees of “newbie mistake” are tolerated, maybe the team is unable to train a real newbie from scratch, as they have stated that they have a lot on their plate?

      IMO, telling them “Ableist” and “classist” (I dont get what the heck do you mean) is the same as those rude, entitled emails. I know nothing about photoshop, but I know translating is damn hard work (I work as a translator). For me, the team has already giving us other fans so much help (by translating and sharing), why can’t they demand something in return? And it’s not like the request is selfish (asking for money, etc), they just need experienced staff that meet up their standard. I think it is properly justified for them to demand a standard that meet theirs. After all, wouldn’t you be the one to complain if there is any drop in quality?

      And scanslating is hard work, and need full commitment. if the said volunteer really want to join, he/she would be the one working towards the Strawberry’s standard, not the Strawberry team lowering their standard to meet the newbie’s. By applying for the position, they have agreed to work best towards the standard. and it is fully up to the team to set such standard. (You don’t get a just get a job and then ask the manager to follow your standard, right?)

      Nobody is perfect, and as fellow fans, I wish we can all just be thankful and enjoy the quality scanslations provided by the Strawberry Team. Thank you again for providing us for such good quality Yaoi enjoyment!

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