Can you hear me now? Subscription issues resolved…?

September 1, 2015 // miscellaneous

Hey guys,

Thanks for being so patient while we work on our subscription issues. We’ve upgraded to a new plugin that will hopefully better deal with the huge volume of subscribers we have. You should receive this message within 6-12 hours of our posting (though probably sooner), but if you’re still having issues, please let us know your e-mail address so we can check it against our list of bouncing e-mail addresses. Thanks!

If you aren’t subscribed, or want to add a new address, just fill out this form:

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The September Team


  1. <3 yeah! I started to get emails like last week… <3 yay thank you so much!!!

  2. what’s the best way to give you our email address to show if it’s bouncing? not sure how long ago this news was posted, but i haven’t received it, as of yet.

    • Does your e-mail address start with “sbragg”? If so, you’re shown on the list, but the newsletter is sent out alphabetically, I believe, and it’s only about halfway done (still another 4 hours to completion, because our host allows about 500 e-mails an hour and we have almost 300 subscribers @___@). You probably just haven’t had your sent yet. I’d wait until tomorrow to see ^^

  3. It works great for me so far :D

  4. I get your mail today ^_^ I haven’t received it from a long time…

  5. I received your mail now! It’s good to have you back! :)

  6. I got your mail today too. 😊

  7. I got it earlier this morning ^^

  8. Yeah! I got the mails too!

  9. Yayy! <3
    Saw this in my email…T^T it's been so long… lol… so happy~ yay, yay!

  10. I forgot how good it felt to get SS emails. Thank you for the hard work!

  11. I know I’m late to this but I was on vacation and had no internet access but I received a few mails! yay!
    Not sure if those were all though, I got this one and the release of the latest Back Stage translation, didn’t get a mail for the Haikyuu one-shot I just saw here but I’ll try to wait a little more before I enter my mail again :)
    thanks for your efforts!

    • That’s strange; our new mailing list plugin comes with stats so we can see which users have received the e-mail properly, and you’re marked as not only having received the e-mail for the haikyuu prototype manga but having opened it too o_O Re-entering your e-mail likely won’t solve the issue, because it doesn’t seem to be on our end.

      Have you checked your inbox thoroughly for it? Maybe you accidentally opened it and deleted it without realizing what it was? Opened date is listed as “September 10, 2015, 5:13 pm” (I’m not sure if that’s our local time or yours or what though).

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