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August 29, 2015 // miscellaneous

Fellfire Summer Cover
If you’ve been following me (fencer) on social media, you may know that I’ve been working on writing my own novel for the bulk of 2015. I’ve finally finished, and I thought I’d share it here, since I have a feeling it may appeal to many of our readers. Please excuse the brief update for personal reasons!

When Commadont Alaric Monteval is asked to emigrate from his homeland of Vasque to neighboring Orexa on a long-term diplomatic mission, he thinks the move tantamount to retirement from his soldiering days and resigns himself to a quiet—and assuredly boring—life among the clouds atop the airborne country’s luxurious Holds.

However, he quickly finds himself wishing that the most intimidating hurdles he might be faced with were the opulent Oresian galas and the fickle moods of his new Holdmaster, Everet of Eizenthley, as he’s drawn into helping investigate an assassination attempt prefacing a coup d’etat.

Now the newly minted ambassador and his host must work together—a difficult task at times—to unravel the murderers’ plot before their world comes quite literally crashing down on their heads.

Length: 108,000 words
Content: Contains male/male sexual content, so please be aware.

Download at Shoptember.

This is an original high fantasy/(gay) romance adventure novel, meaning you’ll get sword fights and magic and men falling for men, and what could be better than that? It’s available to readers free of charge. If you would like to donate anything to the author, simply input how many US Dollars ($) you would like to pay, or else leave the price at “$0”, add the item to your cart, and proceed to checkout.

This book is a digital book, and your download will be available as soon as you checkout. There is no download limit, no expiration period, and no DRM. Available formats are:

  • EPUB – viewable in iBooks (on iOS and Mac systems), any Android eReader app, as well as browser-based eBook extensions such as EPUBReader for Firefox and Readium for Chrome.
  • MOBI – viewable in any Kindle app (for iOS or Android) as well as Amazon eReaders such as the Fire.

If you would prefer a different format, please contact us and we’ll provide alternate formats as well, to the best of our ability. You may also contact us with any questions or concerns you may have.

Please consider leaving a review on the product page after you’ve finished to share your thoughts! This book is free to share, but if you’d like to encourage friends to read it, please direct them to this page so that they can download a copy themselves, as a way to help us keep track of how many people are enjoying the book. Thanks!


  1. Really excited to read this! :D

  2. Thank you very much. I’ve downloaded it and I’ll look forward to giving it a read sometime soon. :)

  3. Thank you! :) Look forward to reading it and offering a review!

  4. I’m so looking forward to read your book! I’ve got to finish some work before that but… as soon as I can I’ll do it. So thank you. And I’ll post a review too.

  5. I am looking forward to read it! Thank you for sharing your world!

  6. I’m so gonna read the shit out of this!! It sounds really interesting! Thanks for sharing this with us! I will have to donate when I get paid haha :3

  7. Already this sounds so good~~ Can’t wait to read it!! 😆😆

  8. xD! I already think it’s bomb!! I can’t wait! Thanks!

  9. Thank you very much. Ended up purchasing for same price as Amazon, but didn’t know it was there. Looking forward to reading.

  10. Congratulations! This is awesome, I already downloaded it and will be reading it slowly later on ^^ Thank you so much for sharing this!

  11. CONGRATULATIONS!!! :) Thank you so much for sharing – I already bought a copy~ love your work so I’m really excited to read it!

  12. It seems interesting. I just bought it on Amazon, because I prefer using my kindle. I have some books before, but I will read it as soon as possible, then I will write a review. In meantime thank you for your work. ^__^

  13. Thank you for sharing!
    Can’t wait to re3ad it :))

  14. Looking forward to reading, thanks for sharing (and happy to donate). ^_^

  15. Thank you and I’m so looking forward to reading this~!

  16. Will definitely be taking a look. I don’t of you’ve heard of the RaytheReign website, but that’s another site full of original adventure/action/fantasy yahoo stories (all written by one person) so I love seeing more and more stories like these popping up that are actually well written.

    • I’m not familiar with that website, but I have read many wonderfully written books in this genre, and I had to force myself not to read any of it while I was writing because I didn’t want my piece to become unduly influenced (well, anymore than it already is lol).

      There are some really talented people writing for this genre!

      • Wow, thank you phone for all those typos…
        *know if

        Oh yeah that’s definitely understandable. I guess I need to look harder because I tend to only stumble upon the ones that feel like they were written by middle schoolers…

        • I’m happy to recommend lots of great authors/novels for the genre if you’re wary of reading crap that sounds like it was written by middle-schoolers. I definitely know that feeling @___@ Most of it’s from Amazon, though, so it’ll be pay-to-read, but they’re WELL worth the purchase by far!

  17. Well, after following your journey on tumblr… I simply had to download it and see what’s up. XD Congrats on finishing such a masterpiece!!! I look forward to it… *adds to reading list* ^^

  18. it sounds really interesting! I’ll check it out :D

  19. Thank you for sharing! Looking forward to reading it ^w^

  20. WOA! Congratulations!

  21. thank you for your info! i can’t wait to read it!

  22. Thank you so much.

  23. Congratulations!!!! Great cover too! And thank you for giving it us for free!

    I’d also recommend you to look over RaytheReign site but indeed I did the same when started writing seriously – I started avoiding reading similar genres I write. I can only say your cover is as beautiful and clean as hers and she has amazing covers.

    • Thanks for the compliment on the cover! It’s something I’m particularly pleased with; I had it originally designed by a 3D jewelry artist since I wanted something unique, professional, and wholly relevant to the book, and not some boring stock image. I’m SUPER impressed with the job he did and will probably commission him for future covers *____*

  24. Congratulation!! :D

  25. Congratulations on this! Purchased to read.

    I’m also interested in your recs for this genre as pee your discussion with a other commenter here!

  26. Congratulations!! :D

  27. Congratulations !!! I look forward to reading this.

  28. I have now finished the book and I left a review on Shoptember – I’m not sure it has any weight if I leave one on Amazon without buying the book through Amazon. I first downloaded it for free, but after having read it I wanted to pay for it, and get a hard copy if I could, but it seems I should have been reading your tumblr before making the donation.. I also wanted you to benefit from the purchase, so I don’t know how I feel about buying a hard copy if you get nothing for it. So, all in all, I went back to Shoptember and bought the book again, and I left you $20, as I saw that the price on Amazon was a pittance, and I felt that the book was worth more.

    Thank you for the list of recommendations in this genre, I saved it as a bookmark for later – I may yet make use of it.

    In light of this book, I have so much to say, and I wondered how can I reach you? The ask boz in tumblr isn’t for fan letters as you said it, and I’d especially really like to talk about specific parts of the book as a fawn about it – so I suppose it’s a fan letter – and I don’t want to spoil the book for others. Do you have an email address for fan letters?

    Thank you very much!

    • For the record: I’ve left reviews for books I haven’t bought through Amazon on Amazon’s site, and people still rated the review and found it helpful, so if you feel like leaving a comment on Amazon as well, I think it would be beneficial :) (no one ever wants to be the first reviewer lol, and I think people are more inclined to check out a book if they see someone was dedicated enough after reading it to leave their thoughts).

      That being said, thanks so much for leaving a review! And for the donation too! ebooks tend to be priced pretty cheaply to begin with (even my absolute favorite authors, who I think deserve WAY more for the quality of their pieces, sell their ebooks for at most $5-6), and I wanted the entry point for this book to be as low as possible so that people might be interested enough to pay a little something next time :)

      The ask box on tumblr has a limited character count, so yeah, it’s not ideal for any gushing, and spoilers are best kept to private as well, but you can e-mail me at utinam[at]gmail[dot]com if you want to talk about anything :D

      Thank you!

    ……sadly I stopped receiving Septscans emails… i don’t know why but.. it is what it is.. ;(((

    ANYWAYS, OMG! CONGRATS! I am a HUGE reader of MM romance so omg! I am so looking forward to reading this and leaving a review and I shall link it to this page so hard! <3 I will also pimp it to my friends that are huge readers to and to the MM romance group i'm a part of…
    do you have a goodreads? :DD

    • We think we’ve resolved the e-mail issue, so hopefully you start seeing updates again soon! If not, please check the most recent post to see if there’s something else we can do.

      Fellfire Summer is already on goodreads, right here :) I’m enrolled there as the author as well ^^

  30. I am always a sucker for novels, even more so if it’s BL!! Thank you so much for all your hard work!!

  31. Thanks for the recs!

  32. Cool! Cool! Cool! Thank you! :)

  33. Thank You I’ll review in a few days after I read the book. Also EPUB format is what’s used for Nook e-readers.

  34. Congratulations on a wonderful book! I just finished this (at 4am here haha), and really really enjoyed it!
    It took me a little while to get into (the chapters were very long, which was a bit of a struggle for my usual poor post-work attention span), but once I got into it I couldn’t put it down!
    Very impressed – and can’t wait to see what’s next :D

    • Thanks for slogging through it! I’m glad you enjoyed it and were able to get engrossed!! I’m already hard at work on the sequel so I hope it’s as fun as this one was :3

  35. I finished the book!! I couldn’t put it down and read it on my phone constantly – on my commute to work, lunch hour…etc. Loved Alaric and Everet’s hilarous banter but also enjoyed reading about the world they lived in.

    And also what’s funny – I don’t read books often and definitley haven’t read book I’ve liked this much in a long time.

    Just want to say thank you and I appreciate your gift for writing. I look foward to the next book!

    • I’m glad you read it even though you don’t usually read books, and more so that you enjoyed it! Their banter was definitely my favorite part to write, so yay XD I can’t wait to share the next one with everyone!

  36. I really liked this! I read this in the span of two days without sleeping much. I really love the world you created, the mystery and the slow build up of the relationship! I’ll definitely review it on my blog- not ´that I have many followers, but I still feel like I owe you that for the hours of good entertainment! Can’t wait for the next one!

  37. An M/M novel with a legit plot? Now that’s something worth reading! Thanks for sharing!

  38. Hi! It’s been awhile since I visited this site and it was really nice to get an amazing surprise, your novel. Congratulation on your novel being published! I’ve downloaded it and will read it after this. Thank you so much for sharing this for free, really appreciate it so much! Wish you good luck with the sales of your novel and the sequel :)

  39. Finally had the chance to read the book. Thank you very much, I had fun reading this (or maybe swallowing it whole, I read it within a 16-hour span that included job interview and much needed sleep xD)! Wishing you the best for your future ventures as an author!

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