[manga] High Speed! ~ 01

August 14, 2015 // high speed!

Type: Manga
Series: High Speed!
Author/Circle: Teshirogi Shiori, Ooji Kouji
Rating: PG
Language: English
Download: Mirror 1, Mirror 2
Summary: Nanase Haruka is a sixth-grade elementary school student who loves connecting with the water and feeling the water as he swims, and he attends a local swim club together with his childhood best friend Tachibana Makoto and Hazuki Nagisa, one year younger than the both of them. Then, one winter’s day as graduation draws near, Matsuoka Rin transfers into Haruka and the others’ school from another swim club. Through swimming, Haruka strengthens his bonds with Makoto and Nagisa, as well as with Rin–at which point Rin, with his passion for the medley relay, suggests they form a team together and enter a tournament… || This is the novel that the anime Free! is based on in manga form at last!
Notes: This manga has been released all at once as a tankoubon, so no waiting for monthly installments! We’ll be churning this out as quickly as possible ^^ Mirrors are much appreciated, thank you!!

We’re also still working on the e-mail issue, so thank you for your patience!


  1. Thank You Kindly for this! I actually never expected you guys to release the manga lol…

    • Well, we said from the moment it was announced that we’d scanlate it XD and we’ve been selling the manga and talking it up on social media too :D;;;

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