[manga] O-mairi Desu Yo ~ 10a

August 13, 2015 // o-mairi desu yo

Type: Manga
Chapter: 10a
Series: O-mairi Desu Yo ~ A Blessing On Your House!
Author/Circle: Yamamoto Kotetsuko
Rating: PG
Language: English
Download: Mirror 1, Mirror 2
Notes: Apologies for the slow release rate! I’m working on writing a novel and am in the final stages, so scanlating has been put on the back-burner while I finish up my draft ^^ But we have a LOT of really big releases coming in the next couple of days, so definitely look forward to it! Our translations will also be coming out again after I finish my novel draft (in the next couple of weeks), so please look forward to it! We’ve got new doujinshi from your favorites out at Comiket (Bubunhanten’s second half of Pinky Promise, and new Wrong Direction!), as well as an original never-before-scanlated prototype Haikyuu!! chapter. Think you’ve read all of the Haikyuu!! manga there is, including the “Chapter 0”? Think again :D

We’ve also heard that a lot of you are not receiving update notices. We’re sorry about that and are working on it. About half of you have been moved to a new mailing list module, so if your e-mail address starts with letters A-M or a number, please let us know if you receive your update properly!


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  2. Good luck with your novel! What’s it about?
    Thanks again for all your efforts in translating and scanlating as always.

    • I haven’t released the summary yet, because the cover is being made right now and I want to release the summary when the cover is ready, but it will be a high fantasy (so, swords and sorcery, that kind of setting :D) M/M romance-mystery-adventure (with some, um, adult scenes XD). It’s my favorite genre, and there are lots of great authors who’ve written lovely stories that inspired me, so I made my new year’s resolution for 2015 to write my first book :D

      I’ll probably release it as a free download, so anyone interested can read it ^^ I’m hoping if people read the first one for free, they’ll like my style enough to support me when I write more :D

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    Also good luck with your novel ^^

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    Why doesn't she continue the HY tho… :(

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  18. I write professionally myself – m/m mostly. I’d love to read your novel. The sword and sorcery premise is right up my alley. I love books in that genre. Anything of a paranormal nature including werewolves and vampires, though at the moment I’m enjoying a very down to earth, reality based m/m novel that’s keeping me glued to my Kindle, lol.

    Thank you so much for the O-mairi update. Love this manga!

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  27. Was emails A-M and numbers just moved to the new mailing server? My email starts with an “S” and I haven’t received any updates in my emails for months now =/… thank goodness I still have you guys on my rss feed!

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    • Wow. You’re one seriously whiny guy. You’ve commented so often now, and everything you ever talk about is super lovers. You do realize, that in all the time you’ve been leaving these comments, if you had started to study Japanese yourself, you would probably be at a level where you could buy and read the damn thing yourself with the help of an online dictionary.

      Is there no limits to your selfishness? September Scanlations isn’t here to cater to your needs.

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  38. Hello! I was just archiving my files and found I had missed this release last year, but now I’m having trouble getting the download links to work. Do you have a new download link? Thanks!

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