[summary] Love Stage ~ ch. 28

August 1, 2015 // love stage!!

Type: Manga
Series: Love Stage
Author/Circle: Eiki Eiki and Zaou Taishi
Rating: PG
Language: English
Summary: Izumi and Ryouma settle into their new “jobs”, but Ryouma has a big question to pop…!
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In keeping with our policy of not scanlating licensed material, we’ll be doing detailed summaries of future LS!! manga chapters instead of scanlations. There’s no reason you guys should have to wait 2-3 years to see what happens next just because a company licensed the manga, and without ongoing updates like this, your interest in the series is likely to wane, meaning you won’t be interested in picking up those volumes! So we’re doing this as a service to keep interest alive while balancing our desire to encourage people who can buy the manga to do so. We’ll be giving super detailed summaries, complete with lots of images (all the best ones, so you’re not missing any big gems ;)), so if for whatever reason you won’t be able to purchase this when it’s officially available in English, you’ll still be just as informed as everyone else!

Note that next issue, along with a new chapter, will be included an original drama CD featuring Izumi, Ryouma, and Kisaragi. If the content is NEW, we’ll translate it; if it’s manga material, we won’t. We’ll only be sharing it if we are translating it.





  1. Thank you. The shady stalker dude is seriously pretty creepy. I hope it gets resolved without incident…

  2. Two stalker plots at the same time; interesting. Thank you. You do a great service for us fans and it is appreciated.

  3. Thanksss a lot for the new chapter summary as usual!!^_^

  4. thank you so much for the summary, and I was wondering what happened to Rei’s blackmailer and now we have a stalker, I am sure Ryouma will the hero !! I love these two sooooo much

  5. Thank you for going to the trouble of providing summaries. I very much appreciate not having to wait several years to get the gist of what is happening.

  6. Thank you very much! I didn’t really liked the previous chapter, but this was funny. I know they do clichés all the time and for the most part they are in for the parody element. I hope it’ll move into that direction, too. It would be so lame if it was a serious plot twist.

  7. Love it! As always, thank you so much for continuing to update us on this lovely story. ♥ Much love.

  8. ahhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!! this plot development is not good for my heart… I LOVE THESE TWO SO MUCH. I’m so excited for them! omg, please, English releases, come faster to me!!!!!

    thank you for the summary!

  9. Thank you! x3

  10. Thank you for the summaries! (Also, I should mention, all your links that say bl-now Act 28 go to the Act 27 summary right now)

  11. Thank you!!
    Just received the second volume! eheheh

  12. That was great! Thanks so much!

  13. all the links take u to chapter 27 not 28

  14. Ryouma the genius actor!
    Thank you for sharing this summary.

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