Nagisa birthday goods and HaruRin cover retweet contest

May 26, 2015 // free!, rin/haruka

Mini-Shoptember update to let anyone interested know that KyoAni is celebrating the Free! boys’ birthdays with special goods, which you can purchase through Shoptember. Haru’s is past already, but Nagisa’s goods are available until the end of the month, as follows:

A decorative hanging plate (BUY HERE)

A slim tapestry to hang on the wall (BUY HERE)

A cellphone charm (BUY HERE)

I ship worldwide, so to see your shipping options at checkout, just fill in your address to see multiple shipping options to decide which is best for you. Let me know if you have any questions :D The goods will be released in time for Nagisa’s birthday, which is August 1.

And for the HaruRin/RinHaru fans among us, Animage is having a contest to choose the best cover of the past year, and this gorgeous pic of Haru and Rin (part of a larger pic of the main 5) is hanging on to first place at present!

Please help keep it there and send it over the top by retweeting the tweet (only once allowed) and encouraging your friends who love them (or who just appreciate the pic aesthetically even, because it’s gorgeous!) to retweet it as well. The cover that wins will get “something nice”, Animage has said, but we don’t know what. Let’s find out!



    “Pre-orders open on May 31 and will ship in July. The birthday website also reveals there will be campaigns for Sosuke, Makoto, Momotaro, Rei, Aiichiro, and Rin.”

    Do you think y’all will be getting the ones for Makoto or Rin when they come out?

    • Yup, we’re planning on doing everyone, provided there’s demand ^^ We’ll post about the others’ as they’re announced!

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