[doujinshi] Free! ~ Just Between You and Me

May 19, 2015 // free!, rin/haruka

Type: Doujinshi
Just Between You and Me
Series: Free!
Author: pleocene
Pairing: Nanase Haruka/Matsuoka Rin
Rating: PG
Language: English
Summary: (Spans just after episode 1 of Free! ES, stretching to the end of the series after Haru moves to Tokyo) Haru and Rin’s relationship is a strange one, and they learn to finally put words to the things they feel for each other instead of just dancing around one another.

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  1. Came here for love stage, seeing that you guys do rinharu doujinshis is a nice surprise! It’s my fave Free pairing :D

  2. Ah, what a cute story! Thank you.

  3. Thanks much.

  4. Thank you so much.

  5. That was so sweet and sexy . . . I just can’t get enough of those two. Thanks so much!

    • Thanks so much for the mediafire mirror!

      And of course, muchas gracias to the wonderful scanlators for their hard work and talent!

  6. Thank you so much!
    Just what I needed, it’s so beautiful. You always bring us the best, thanks, really!
    I just love the way this story progressed, I love them being in love ugh.

  7. Thank you for the doujinshi!! <
    Here is a sendspace link: https://www.sendspace.com/file/8bvwil

  8. Thank you <3

  9. Thank you!

    Here’s Zippy mirror:


  10. Omg RinHaru doujinshi~ Thank you so much :D

  11. OMG I LOVE THIS. this might be my favorite harurin love confession that I’ve seen. just….. haru’s expressions…… so cute ;____; thanks for the diabetes <3

  12. OMG! I love this *-*
    Thank you so much! <3

  13. my goodness, this was gorgeous! thank you so much for the translations!

  14. Thank you so much! This dj is so fluffy and pretty ^v^

  15. Thank you!

  16. Thank you!!

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