[manga] Kuchizuke wa Niji no Ue de ~ 02

August 23, 2012 // kuchizuke wa niji

Type: Manga
Chapter: 02
Series: Kuchizuke wa Niji no Ue de ~ Kissing on Top of a Rainbow
Author/Circle: Kakine
Rating: PG
Language: English
Download: mega, ge.tt
Note: On an unrelated note–Honto Yajuu will start back with a new chapter in the next issue of GUSH to be released September 7…and we’ve decided to go ahead and pick it up in the magazine :) So in addition to the back-chapter translations, expect some new material from Aki and Tomoharu soon, with regular updates every month (or rather–whenever a new chapter is released)~!


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  12. Aaaaw, I love this story so much! Somehow it feels different from most of the stuff out there. I know it sounds overly sentimental, but it touches my heart and I can’t really explain why. Thanks for bringing it to us! :)

    Oh, and I think I found two little mistakes: On page 14 it says “He didn’t even laugh at me for still believe…” when it should be “believing“, I guess? And on page 30 it’s “…kiss me and not thing anything…” instead of “think“. Just thought I’d let you know because it caught my eye.

    And is the HY-story in the next GUSH the one directly following after the tankoubon or do you have to buy some already released magazines too? I would have had no problem with waiting for the next tank release and then getting many chapters in one rush, but I guess this isn’t bad either! :D
    I’m glad you do so much for your (and Yamamoto’s) fans! *hugs*

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    Ack, sorry, I didn’t see the “will start back” part – that means it will indeed be the chapter that follows right after the last tankoubon one, right? (This is one of the times when I’m not entirely sure I understand an English expression, so please excuse me if I got it wrong. u__u)

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