[manga] Kuchizuke wa Niji no Ue de ~ 01

August 18, 2012 // kuchizuke wa niji

Type: Manga
Chapter: 01
Series: Kuchizuke wa Niji no Ue de ~ Kissing on Top of a Rainbow
Author/Circle: Kakine
Rating: PG
Language: English
Download: mega, ge.tt
Note: Another new project! While not a full volume, it does span a few chapters, but similarly to with Boku no Ano Ko, we won’t be scanlating the other unrelated one-shots in the volume, so enjoy this one while you can ^^

Summary: Momozu is a frumpy, indoorsy ‘hare-otoko‘, and sunny weather seems to follow him around, while Toyotama is a cheerful, athletic ‘ame-otoko‘ who’s constantly dogged by stormy weather. When the two meet and Toyotama convinces Momozu they should join a mountain-climbing club together, it’s a total case of opposites attracting!


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