[manga] Warui Koibito Ja Dame? ~ 04.5 [EXTRA]


Type: Manga
Series: Warui Koibito Ja Dame? [EXTRA]
Author/Circle: Sakuraga Mei
Rating: PG
Language: English
Download: mega
Notes: This is a short extra included in the Sakuraga Mei title Warui Koibito Ja Dame? We’ve scanlated it here before moving on with the final installment of Mujihi na Anata because an important character first introduced here shows up again in the final chapter, and if you don’t know who they are already, it really cuts the enjoyment. Since there wasn’t a really decent scanlation of this around that we could see, we took the liberty! Please note that while this is compiled in Warui Koibito Ja Dame?, Nanao and Kuon receive most of the focus. Enjoy~ and the final Mujihi na Anata chapter will be up next!


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