[manga] Sekai-ichi Hatsukoi ~ Volume 7 Extra Booklet


Type: Manga
Volume 7 Extra Booklet
Series: Sekai-ichi Hatsukoi
Author/Circle: Nakamura Shungiku
Rating: NC-17 (because Erotica can’t stop living up to their name >_>)
Language: English




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  14. Thank you for today’s release. Appreciate the note about the apparent missing but deliberately omitted items — fully understand your decision.

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  20. Thanks for your great work, as usual!
    Your can freely choose to scanlate or not scanlate whatever you like and i respect that, but as i’m not a member of mangafox forums i take this opportunity to express what i feel about your little vendetta against the hattori x chiaki couple: it’s a bit ridiculous (and immature).
    I find this pair quite uninteresting compared to the others so i don’t really care that much, and i don’t like the “you-raped-me-i-fell-in-love-with-you” cliche in yoi mangas_ but even if it’s not usually used by Nakamura sensei it’s quite a lieu commun in this genre. So why explose each and every time someone express a liking to this pairing in particular? Peace… And now you censor part of the material? Whatever!

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  22. Bella,

    Please feel free to continue supporting violent rape in manga :) We won’t. End of story.

    Nothing is being censored. If you want to read their story: please feel free to pay for it yourself :)

    This pairing is part of the problem–just as you are, by telling the mangaka, “ooh yes I like this! More of this!” when you support her decision to use violent rape as a means to bring two characters together into a seemingly loving, healthy relationship. When rape is presented as a way to bring two characters together in this manner, it hurts everyone–fiction can and does have real-world implications, and the BL fandom is FAR younger on average than the 18-years-old you have to be to purchase this mature material in Japan.

    We’re proud to ‘censor’ material, as you seem to think. And if you don’t like our practices, please feel free to not patronize us anymore :) And don’t let the doorknob hit you on the way out~

  23. wow…love the extra stories!!!!

  24. lol at the Erotica comment. XD Thanks for the up, guys~! <333

  25. amari9,

    Seriously the WHOLE rest of the panels were all perfectly nice and PG, and then Kisa and Yukina had to go and do what they do best :| tsk tsk tsk

  26. Peace again: nobody is talking about not patronizing you, it’s just about expressing one’s opinion. (That’s what i’m talking about when i say your reactions are a little immature). And i intend to buy the mangas i like when they’re published in my country, so no problem in that aspect.

  27. Bella,

    Your insistence that it’s ‘no big deal’ if people support this kind of problematic material is immature, sorry to say–standing up and saying, “No, this isn’t right, and we won’t support it,” is what you’re supposed to do when you see something wrong happening around you.

  28. Thank you very, very much!!
    This shorts were so adorable! I specially loved the Erotica ones~
    Keep up the great work! ♥♥♥

  29. First of all, thank you for this release!

    Secondly, prior to reading your FAQ, I did not know that Chiaki had been raped by Hatori, since it wasn’t mentioned in the manga and was not shown in the anime either, and I sort of used to enjoy this couple.
    I’ve only read a summary which did not portray the rape incident in a proper manner, so I cannot fully comprehend their story, but a rape is a very serious and traumatic experience with tremendous impact and effects on one’s psyche, I do not understand why it’s been used as love material and a basis for a relationship not just here, but in yaoi in general. There is just no way a victim can knowingly fall in love with their rapist, no matter who that is[extreme situations not included], especially since in actuality male rape can be even ten times as violent and gruesome as female rape is. In any case, it is not a thing one can make light of and draw it in a manga just because it’s harmless fantasy.

    Although it’s always nice to be able to read a manga in it’s entirety, I wouldn’t like to continue reading a story like this and I sincerely agree with your position. Btw, does that also mean that if a continuation of their story is included in the future chapters, you won’t be translating it?

    Thanks for the release and all your hard work once again!

  30. Nana,

    Hatori’s and Chiaki’s story is all only told in novel form (there are a couple of short extras, but they have no particular place in canon and tell no real story any more than the above panels do), and we aren’t translating it. Even if more were to come out (it’s been stalled for almost as long as Kisa’s story has, and there are no chapters uncompiled into books, so if she wanted to have their story be over, she easily could; she has no real reason to continue it), we wouldn’t translate it not just because of the content, but also because we haven’t been working on it at all thus far.

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  35. Hi~ Another Sekaiichi Hatsukoi!!XD
    Thanks so much! But, reading about your note there, same with some people here, I didn’t know there was such a material in the HatorixYoshino couple in the novels, (much as I could read Japanese text, I couldn’t understand them.:P).. So when their story was included in the anime, I was quite happy with it, their relationship seems to be okay in the anime tho’.. So I’m just curious, when in their relationship did this rape scene happen? I’d appreciate it if you could answer, thanks.:)

  36. Shuurin,

    If you’ve seen the anime–you probably remember Hatori randomly kissing Chiaki on the couch in their first episode?

    Hatori actually rapes him in the novels, doesn’t just kiss him. It’s never explained, Hatori never apologizes, and they move on and get together like nothing ever happened :/ It’s utterly baffling in addition to being horrendous :/

  37. thank you very much! ^^

  38. I lolled so hard when I read Junjou Mistake. I was “wtf are you doing in here? o_O” xD
    Anyways, thanks for the release, it’s nice to take a breather and just enjoy an extra ever once in awhile~ ^^

    I do have a few questions concerning Chiaki and Hatori though? I’m not gonna try to pressure you guys into scanlating them but I’m confused.
    1) I know that Hatori raped Chiaki in the novels but did he in the manga? And if he did in the manga, was it as “violent”?
    2) are you guys not going to release anything HatoriXChiaki or was this just a one time thing?
    3) was this first time you guys “censored” material or have HatoriXChiaki slots been ignored since before this?

    Yea, that’s really all I wanted to ask in the moment, I’m just confused. :P

  39. Thank you very much! ^3^

  40. maru,

    Junjou Mistake was just like “lol hey guyz what’s goin’ on here oh a party? let’s join’

    1) Hatori and Chiaki have no manga story; they have a couple of little random shorts at the end of the novels, but they’re just random little stories of no relevance to canon. If you want to count those as their manga, though, then since they follow the novel canon–yes, Hatori rapes him there too :P Nakamura also illustrated the rape in the novel (one of the more horrific things she’s ever drawn — you can’t even kid yourself that that look of pain is actually pleasure since Chiaki’s all the while begging Hatori to stop because it hurts…).

    2) We released the comic extras included with the novels as part of our very first posts here; they were scanlated before we really understood what the couple was about, but there they are. We don’t intend to do anything else with them, though.

    3) There are several ‘Hatori Yoshiyuki no Baai’ comics out there (I think they came with some of the DVDs?). Other groups have scanlated them, though, so I’m sure someone will scanlate these comics eventually. They’re all just random ones unrelated to any particular point in canon, though. You miss absolutely nothing from the canon by missing them–the novels are where all the relevant canon is (and the first volume of that has been translated IIRC and you can probably google around and find it if you really want to read it).

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  42. Hehe, I have been wating for this one XDD Thank you so much ^^
    Btw, I like Yukina x Kisa story most =))

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  44. You’ve made my day yet again!! ^__^
    I’m even more happy since I just saw your reply above about Trifecta in less than 3 weeks!! They’re my 2nd favourite couple after Nostalgia <3
    I understand about the whole Chiaki x Hatori thing, I feel bad that you guys have to defend your decision all the time about it. Yeah we all have different opinions on things like this, (I personally would like to read it just so I can see what it's like for myself, but i'm not willing to buy nor do I expect anyone to scanlate it against their will), so I totally respect your decision. After all you're doing us a huge favour by bringing us the rest of the lovely couples from SekaKoi :]

  45. Mochi__x,

    If you want to frame your own opinion, the rape scene itself has been translated for a long time, and the first volume of the novel was recently translated in its entirety by a random person. It’s easily located via google I’m sure.

    But just to be clear, it’s not the ‘rape is love’ trope or forced seduction or anything trope-y like that that you see in BL all the time; it’s really graphic, horrific, violent and painful and traumatic rape :|

  46. fencer_x,

    I had to check the episode again..and, now it does look awkward to me. Plus the weird background music with it. So, he does it every time huh?O-O
    Tori’s a sick psycho, then? I’m kinda disappointed to know about this.:/
    Well, Chiaki’s a psycho too.:P
    And this is probably the reason why they are not illustrated in the manga.
    Thanks so much for humoring me.:]

  47. Thank you for the scanlation! And I have to say, I really do appreciate your firm stand re: Hatori/Chiaki. And I also appreciate you guys talking about it – the way you always describe it sounds horrible, and it’s not something people should support, imho. Of course, to each their own, but I think it’s cool that you are so vocally opposed to that sort of thing.

  48. Shuurin,

    I actually would’ve liked to have seen them as a manga-only couple like Nostalgia and Erotica (well, ‘liked’ — even without the rape, I find them boring as hell, and this coming from someone who LOVES friends-become-more-than-friends stories) because then Nakamura would’ve had full control over them and I can’t imagine she would’ve gone in this direction.

    I’m fairly sure Fujisaki took some liberties with their story (specifically the rape) that Nakamura didn’t really want, but she still signed off on it, illustrated it, and has done her level best to act like it never happened (maybe it was Chiaki’s fever dream?? :P), so it’s safe to say she had quite a hand in it nonetheless :/

  49. Thank you so much!~

  50. Sophie,

    Well part of the reason we’re so vocal is that it’s not really a ‘to each their own’ thing, because the prevalence of rape in popular BL that is romanticized (see also: Koi Suru Boukun) perpetuates harmful ideas that sexual assault is A-OK as long as he loves you~ that are being read by fans too immature to really appreciate the seriousness of what they’re enjoying (the Twilight novels in English are nice mirrors of how fiction can imbue readers with harmful ideas of what is and isn’t romantic).

    Sure, it’s all opinion–but opinions can hurt people, so it’s not always right to just let those choices stand unopposed :/ We of course won’t go on ~witch hunts~ to find people who support the pairing and find it cute and romantic, but we’re going to be vocal in reminding new readers unfamiliar with the subject matter just what’s wrong with it.

  51. fencer_x,

    Same here, i love those kind of friends become lovers stories, I liked them in the anime, since it’s got love triangle too. But after reading the comments here, all this talk of rape gives me a sick feeling in the stomach. I always loved Nakamura-sensei’s work. Junjou Romantica being my only real collection of English released manga; I was about to buy SekaKoi too when BLU Manga decided to shut down. :/
    I am still curious tho’ so maybe I’ll Google it some other time. Again, thanks..:]

  52. Yeah, you’re absolutely right. The younger readers often aren’t aware at all that it’s problematic – at the bookstore I work at we often have schoolgirls as trainees who like manga, and I (who feel ancient compared to them) am often surprised that the rape= love trope doesn’t register to them as such, or worse, that it doesn’t even register to them as rape.

    I’m also really frustrated by the publishers who choose to translate such manga. At this point, there are plenty of manga where the rape trope doesn’t come up, but so few of them are released, at least in my country. Meh.

    And yeah, by to each their own I meant pretty much that one shouldn’t go and single out those people, but one should always try and educate them as much as possible.

    On a less serious note, damn, Yukina’s sparkle made my day all better :D

  53. fencer_x,

    Oh, and since you mentioned it, I love Koi Suru Boukun! So, I’m sort of a sexual-assault-in-manga supporter too then? haha.XD I admit, they started off by seme taking advantage of the homophobic uke and it didn’t even register as rape to me. But they’ve now come to the consensual part so I think it’s ok?^^’ And let’s not forget Okane ga Nai. That was definitely rape too right? But I like the series too..:P

  54. Thanks so much for the new release ^^ I respect and support your decision ^^

  55. fencer_x, Thank you for taking a stand on this. I wish mangakas would retire this musty, nasty old “rape = love” trope and treat it as the FELONY CRIME it is.

    I salute your integrity.

  56. fencer_x,

    So chiaki and hatori don’t really have anything to do with the Sekaiichi Hatsukoi manga series except for the fact that Hatori is an editor at emerald and chiaki works for emerald? And the “manga bits” about them up until now are actually illustrated only in their respective novels but those who have scanlated them simply put them in the Sekaiichi Hatsukoi manga (ex: mangafox has Sekaiichi Hatsukoi uploaded on it and there are several chiaki and hatori “chapters” included)? X_x

    dang, this is confusing xD

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  59. Thank you very much for the release ! ^o^

  60. Maybe I’m wrong but the responsable of all that rape things it’s Fujisaki Miyako, Shungiku Nakamura’s only doing the drawing. So we can easily say that’s not really the work of our beloved mangaka. ^^ Yoshino Chiaki no baai is « fine » but it’s not the same if we compared it to Masamune/Onodera or Kou/Shota.

    We can say too that since it’s not the same, there’s no point in including them in the canon. I think that’s may be a way for Shungiku Nakamura to disapprove all that raping stuff.

    (Sorry for my poor english T.T)

    Thanks for your work ! :D
    (And I totally approve your choice. ;) )

  61. thank you for the new release

  62. Thank you sooo much for this lovely goodies of Seka-Koi!!!!^_^

  63. Every Sekai-Ichi Hatsukoi release you guys do makes my day, thank you yet again! <3 <3 <3

  64. Thank you for translating this!!

  65. Hi guys!
    Thank you so much for the extras!

  66. fencer_x,
    I was going to mention Twilight to exemplify how much power authors have in influencing their readers but you beat me to it. ^^
    It’s all to easy to scoff things off as “it’s just fiction or entertainment” but people are influenced more than we believe. Although authors are free to write what they will, I think they have a social responsibility to not portray harmful views of love and perpetuate rape myths. No means No and if it hurts, it hurts. People, female or male, do not come love their rapists.
    Under no circumstances, no matter how clueless the unrequited love is, no matter how much you love him/her, is it never OK to rape someone. That is not love. If you love that person, you do not force them to satisfy your own desires. You do not force him/her to love you.

    Ultimately, you guys are bringing us scanlations at the expense of your own time. Whatever you guys want to do, readers like me are not in a position to criticize your decisions.

    Thank you for your hard work ^^

  67. Always so cute! Thanks a bunch!

  68. Thank you very much for all the hard work!

  69. OMG! Even Mistake couple?? *downloads as fast as can* Thank you very much!!!!!<3

  70. fencer_x,
    Ah yes so it is! Funnily enough I did try searching for it awhile ago when I first started reading Sekaiichi Hatsukoi, but had no luck at the time. I’ve found the whole thing now.

    I completely understand your groups opposition to this. Very violent and senseless act, it makes me wonder why it even had to be included. I’m so glad there’s none of that with the other couples!! I also agree with what you said about them being the most boring pair, even when I watch the anime I skip their episodes completely >_< I hope there'll be no more manga chapters of them to be honest. I adore the other 3 couples so more of them would be better in my opinion XD

    Anyway enough of that nasty issue, and thank you once again for bringing us gems like this new release! You guys rock <3

  71. thanks so much for all your hard work

  72. Thanks so much for this release!
    And I understand your decision. I don’t support this couple, I found it was quite boring at a time but still read about it. When I got to know what happened, I stopped caring at all.
    Have a good weekend!

  73. Lili,

    FYI, Nakamura told her what to write, and Fujisaki wrote it. She’s definitely responsible for what Fujisaki puts out there, because this is her story.

    It’s included in the canon–just as a novel. If you want to discount that as canon, you’ll have to discount the Yokozawa no Baai novels as well, for they’re also written by Fujisaki and only illustrated by Nakamura. But no one would do that because there’s no problematic material in them and pretty much everyone loves Yokozawa and Kirishima. Oh let’s only discount novels as canon when it has ~icky stuff~ we don’t like :P

  74. Shuurin,

    Wait, if you were in ANY way under the impression that that first KSB scene (and pretty much all the scenes after it) were NOT rape? You really need to reassess your impressions :| THAT WAS RAPE. Lots of people like KSB, but most anyone will admit that drugging someone so they can’t resist even though they continue to verbally resist is RAPE. Wow. The fact that it is consensual now in NO WAY means that was not rape I hope you understand!!

  75. B-but then I’ll be unable too look at Yuu, my God.

    Okay :(

  76. Kasumi,

    You never would’ve been able to see him in the first place? lol — he’s not in any of these panels, and he hardly shows up in any of the other shorts people have scanlated in the first place.

    This isn’t a new policy for us; it’s a reminder of our long-standing one.

  77. Thank you !! :)

  78. THanks for your hard work & dedication for your release & I do enjoy waiting and reading all of your scanlated and translated works…


  80. I respect your decision, and thank you for this extra :D

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  82. Thank you oh gorgeous people! You made my day! ;D

  83. Thanks.

  84. Thank you for your hard work!
    About the notes part. I really had no idea about it. O.o
    I read a few other replied comments from you as well. It’s a shame that you won’t scanlate the couple (as they were one of my fav), but hey, it’s entirely your choice and you guys are awesome for scanlating Sekai Ichi~ As long as Canon’s story is not effected from it, I’m good. X3
    But honestly haha raping in sekai ichi world…. wasn’t this suppose to be a flowery type of story… World’s First Love… well I never want MY first love to be initiated with a rape =w=
    I totally understand how you can’t get that, how can raped and rapist ever fall in love in the end. There are mangas like that (You mentioned Koi Suru Boukun) And I totally can see where you’re coming from…it’s not really possible… but meh, that’s manga for ya. Makes absolute no sense. These storywriters just want some hot scenes in there.
    Anyways keep firm about this, I support you guys all the way!

  85. Princess Fangirl August 11, 2012 at 2:29 pm


    I’m in the same boat– had no idea they were mostly from the novels or about the rape. It explains why the feel of their sketchy appearances in the manga was so off compared to the anime. I’ll just pretend the rape never happened and that their anime story is canon so I can keep enjoying the tv series, at least.

    Like many others I remain grateful for the excellent quality scanlations and support the non-glorification of rspe.

  86. Princess Fangirl,

    Unfortunately, if you want to convince yourself the rape didn’t happen in the anime, you’ll have to discount there being ANY of the canon sex in the SH manga in the anime as well and everyone’s just celibate :| You can’t really pick and choose which sex to keep and which not to (unless you want to be a hypocrite I guess) just because one sex scene is really distasteful.

    It’s important to own up to what you enjoy and understand why others have such issues with it.

  87. Misaki,

    Just a note, you should never say things like, “That’s manga for you!” because such lackadaisical attitudes and accepting whatever will be will be are what help perpetuate these horrible scenarios :/ BL manga is NOT all about ‘rape is love’, and we shouldn’t accept it as such just because we think it’ll never change.

  88. I love that you guys have something to release every week! Thanks so much for the hard work!

  89. Princess Fangirl August 11, 2012 at 2:50 pm

    Re: KSB, I started reading it in the middle and was impressed that, contrary to a lot of BL manga, the rapist was being forced to confront the consequences of his actions on the dynamics of their future relationship. It was enough so that when I went back and read the beginning (while wincing), I could at least view the assault as a base point from which the attacker was going to have to recover.

    I find the whole ‘no! Stop! It hurts!’ thing to be confusing and dismaying… Is it purely a literary trope in manga? Because from the little exposure I’ve had to other forms of Japanese popular media it seems to be almost de rigeur to represent any sort of deflowering, male or female. Is it so stylized that the reader is meant to assume, ‘haha, give it two seconds and they’ll enjoy it?’. I find that attitude stomach-turning in RL, but I’m trying to just sort of ‘allow for it’ when it appears in its milder forms in manga. (I.e., consensual until the moment of pain, and seemingly ore or less fine with it a few minutes later, even though some gasping nos and stops were ignored.). I would never forgive or look the other way on this in RL or even English-based fiction; am I being too forgiving of it in manga?

    To be clear, I’m taking about the violent rape you describe between Chiaki and Tori, or even that opening chapter of KSB. Those are clearly wrong, wrong, wrong on all levels.

  90. owo Thanks for the release! And oh! I didn’t know that there WAS actually rape content in Yoshino Chiaki no Baai! Awww. I havent had the chance to read the novels since only volume 1 has been translated and im not yet finished on reading it. I think i stopped on the controversial scene where Hatori kisses Chiaki. I thought whenever they do it. Hatori has Chiaki’s approval. So they’re relationship is something like in Koisuru Boukun? HMM. But i liked Koisuru Boukun though. HOHO. So fencer-san i assume you don’t like that huh? Oh and one thing! Are they raws? If they are i wish they are in Furigana so that i can understand them a li’l bit. :DD But still, thanks for providing us this extra! <3333

  91. Princess Fangirl,

    KSB would’ve remained quite unique in that respect–had it ended there, or had they at least treated it more seriously, but not only is the rapist granted his friendship back relatively easily, he then has the gall to emotionally blackmail his victim into continuing to submit to sexual assault. That’s about the only way you could get more stomach-churningly reviling than it already was at that point.

    You’re possibly (?) being more forgiving of manga because you assume that it’s fiction, and so you can accept it as a fantasy world. Not accusing you of doing it deliberately, as for the most part it’s ingrained–this is fiction, it isn’t real, it has no real-world repercussions. But books have long had real-world implications, informing our thoughts and feelings, and unless you go into a story knowing and understanding the wrongness of what you’re reading, you run the risk of romanticizing problematic relationships.

    Nakamura’s pairs are particularly troublesome in that respect because sexual assault is treated so lightly that it’s difficult for readers to react to it appropriately and treat it as the horrific act it really is. Usagi forcefully jerking Misaki off within 30 seconds of meeting him, Takano cornering Ritsu time after time and forcing handjobs and blowjobs from him–but when the victim reacts to them with nothing more than a stern talking to or, “Well don’t do that again!”, it’s difficult to recognize the gravity of what’s just happened, and so we’re more unconsciously forgiving of it in the future.

    The ‘rape is love’ tropes and forced seduction compounded with tsundere characters who, if they were not coerced into sex, would probably never enjoy a relationship with this person they supposedly care for, combines together to make rape and sexual assault in manga (especially when it’s not portrayed as a violent crime in the story itself) more ‘palatable’. And that’s not a good thing.

  92. JaJaChanDesu,

    Yes; Koisuru Bou-kun is possibly even worse, as on top of raping someone who is physically incapacitated but verbally protesting loudly–and in addition, the rapist KNOWS his victim hates it ahead of time–the rapist then goes on to emotionally blackmail his victim into continuing to be raped.

    Any fucked up stockholm syndrome feelings of compassion that show up later do absolutely NOTHING to excuse the horrific nature of their relationship, and I hope you recognize it for what it is :| I love Takanaga’s art and she’s written some of my absolutely favorite series, but KSB is such a huge black mark on the BL manga scene, and I seriously question the judgment of anyone who thinks there’s much redeemable about it beyond the art.

  93. thanks for the new releases!~ You’re hard work and amazing quality is always greatly appreciated!

    just thought I’d throw my thoughts in here…

    Regarding the reply to Princess Fangirl, it seems Nakamura-sensei does have a habit of creating situations I’m not too big on, in a sense of being realistic (Usagi pinning down Misaki right after they met, Takano forcing Ritsu down over and over, etc). I agree with the group’s stance to not support the rape(and blackmailing, and everything else) between Hatori and Chiaki.
    Nakamura didn’t right the novels herself, right? However, knowing she agreed to support the scenario and ultimately draw it, it makes me disappointed. I’m not really liking how Nakamura presents sexual assault in a “light way”, as mentioned earlier. But I still love the couples so much.~

    I agree with the above, regarding Koisuru Bokuun. I disliked how there was rape, and to make it worse, sexual assault with someone who’s physically handicapped…I didn’t like how the relationship was able to develop throughout the whole series with the rape, blackmailing, etc staining the story. I just hope these sort of things can become less common in Bl in the future…

    I loved reading the most recent Sekaiichi Hatsukoi chapter and the extras!~ Thank you so much! I needed to fuel up on some Yukina/Kisa. :)
    Also, I love how Mistake was just thrown in the extras, too. XD

    Thanks again for all of your hard work!

  94. Word on everything you said regarding KSB. It was one of the first BL manga I read when I was starting to read manga, and I am still shocked by the scene. I remember when I was reading it, and the main character was saying something along the lines, “Don’t do it, if you do it, I’ll hate you”, and I thought, oh, hey, great, the other guy is now going to stop, how cool is that to call attention to such a thing (what can I say, I was still hopeful and naive and stuff) – and then he goes and rapes him and I was seriously upset. How anyone can not read that scene as rape seriously boggles my mind.
    Strangely enough I tend to find Nakamura’s scenes worse on rereading – especially Usagi/Misaki didn’t seem quite as bad the first time around, but now they seriously lessen my enjoyment of the series. (That, and the fact that I find Misaki more and more annoying as time goes on.) I am so glad there are enough manga out there that don’t have scenes like that.
    And well, judging from some of the comments here it’s obvious how necessary it is that you keep saying something. So again, thank you for that.

  95. 623sachiradio,

    For Nakamura’s involvement in the novels: she generally gives Fujisaki an outline, things she wants to happen in each chapter, probably an overall character design and personality profile too, and of course Fujisaki does the writing.

    She herself admitted in the afterword of Volume 1 of Chiaki’s case, though, that literally all she said to Fujisaki for the couch scene was, “Sex scene goes here.” Putting in a sex scene that early, when Chiaki had no idea Hatori was in love with him or anything like that? Really, the only way you COULD put in a sex scene there was to have it be rape :| So Nakamura really screwed herself over there if she didn’t want them starting out that way. Oops :|

  96. After reading the note and the comments here, I went on a search for the novel translation and the extras. The novel is, well, it’s just plain awful. I hope that it’s just a really crappy translation, but my guess is that is that it sucked in Japanese too. The rape scene is very graphic, but also not the worst thing I’ve ever read. I don’t blame anyone for boycotting the couple because whether it was bad translation or just plain bad writing, the squick factor was intense.

    That said, SH really is full of consent issues. Onodera was too drunk to consent to sex when he has sex with Takano, before that it was non-con molestation, forced kisses, all things that are vile and disgusting in RL. I still love this series to death, re-read it with gleeful enjoyment, and do a little happy-dance around my computer when I see a new chapter is out.

    Thanks again for the releases, you guys are fantastic!

  97. Fan,

    Really, when it gets right down to it, Ritsu’s only been relatively enthusiastic in his consent to sex one time (when he asks Takano not to go see Yokozawa), and all other times it’s been outright protestation or complaining or coerced seduction and whatnot.

    Part of what makes Erotica such a relief to read is because the sex is always enthusiastically consensual on both parties’ sides.

  98. Thanks so much!

  99. orquidea_negra1 August 11, 2012 at 5:36 pm

    Thank you so much.

  100. Thanks for the continued releases! :D

    While I would usually be openly against censorship, I agree with your decision not to include the Hatori/Chiaki “trigger” material since it has no purpose other than to illustrate a horrible crime, and it has no tie-ins to the main stories or any plot relevance.

    Regarding Koisuru Boukun, JUNE openly admitted that the events in volume 1 are rape, and there’s no point in covering that up. While it’s one of my favorite BL series (I have a bias for tsunderes + pretty art), I can agree that the underlying message in the series (“If I consistently harass and threaten the person I love, they’ll come to love me eventually too.”) should never be believed or accepted in the real world. Forcing someone to sleep with you against their will while they are intoxicated and while they do not have the strength to resist then threatening to blackmail them about it… there’s nothing honorable or forgivable in that. Rape is rape. Harassment is harassment.

    Keep up the good work, and continue to stand up for what is right.

  101. Amber,

    We don’t see any censorship whatsoever. We never have and never will scanlate material we don’t agree with, and if people want to support this material, they’re more than welcome to hit up CDJapan, YesAsia, Amazon Japan, or any of the many vendors that have this item in stock.

  102. Thank you so much.. =)

  103. Yukina’s sparkling really made my day xD as always thanks for the release!!

  104. fencer_x,

    Oh! But i think senpai is cute though! Hahaha. But oh well! Takanaga-sensei works doesn’t have consensual sex. Except for some. Haha. Even though KSB is one of my fave, i respect your opinion! Everybody has their own taste right?! Hehe. It’s not like i like the rape genre, i think rape isn’t a precedence to love. I just like how the uke is a tsundere. HOHO

  105. Wonderful! Thank you very much!

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  109. fencer_x,

    Yes, I completely understand your views. And after reassessing my impressions based on the series that I’ve read, I admit I really am one of the more tolerant readers of immoral material in yaoi. I think it’s because I prefer art before plot, usually. (Yes, I’m a shallow reader like that, sorry.>.<) What I'm actually aware of in KSB is that blackmail is involved; sex in exchange for his presence. So yeah, wrong way to start a relationship but that's how they started anyway. In the end, it's still "to each his own" I guess? I hope you understand too.^^'

  110. Shuurin,

    Just so long as you understand that by enjoying and supporting such horrific, problematic material, you’re part of the problem. It’s not a matter of ‘to each his own’, because by choosing to read and support that material, you tell the author there’s a market for this kind of stuff, that it’s good for them to continue putting it out, and that it’s appreciated, when none of that should be true :|

  111. Thank you for the awesome release!

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  118. Thanks x3 I’m going to start reading right away.

  119. Thanks as always <3

    I don't know if my two cents even make a difference but I think it was a great decision to leave out the Chiaki stories altogether. I think that if we take rape lightly in fiction, if we make jokes about it, we're going to take it lightly in real life.

    So I love you guys for doing this and wholly agree with it too.

  120. Princess Fangirl August 12, 2012 at 11:56 am


    Fencer, thanks for the interesting food for thought. And again, thanks, as always, for the excellent work from you and your team.

    There is a thought is a thought in the back of my head wondering if part of the appeal of yaoi manga to a female audience is that we don’t have to watch all the horrible treatment heaped upon the uke happening to an actual woman, thus letting us shrug and figure it’s all good because it’s happening to what, for us, is an ‘other.’. (Us in the generic sense, not me in particular.). Now I’m curious if any studies of this have been written up (in English.).

    I wish I had not fallen in love with the art, humor and side characters of KSB before I knew what the start was like. I cannot stand the side-story about Morganata’s brother and won’t be reading it if she really develops it into its own title.

    I’m curious how you view something like the Viewfinder series, which is obviously based on all sorts of horrible non-consensual relationships, but also I think never tries to claim that they are right and good or all for the best, though they are definitely glorified to a degree. I tend to not mind darkness when it is clearly portrayed as darkness, though that series falls in a weird zone for me and I’m still working out my opinion of it.

  121. Princess Fangirl,

    The Viewfinder series doesn’t glorify it as much as others, but it does send the very wrong message that rape is okay as long as you’re the ‘designated seme’. Almost as hypocritical as Hatori blowing a fuse because Yuu tried to make a move on Chiaki and he had to ~swoop in and save him~

    Takanaga has beautiful art and amusing humor for the most part, so I hope you read her other stories like Bukiyou na Silent which are pretty much perfect in every way.

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  126. kyaaaaaaaaaaah…XD this is sooooo awesome…XD thanks so much for this…XD

    I especially loved the Kisa no baai, it’s just pure lovey dovey…XD

    Oh, and about not scanlating the part of Hatori x Chiaki, I think that it’s your right to do so, you guys are the ones who are doing this AMAZING scans anyway, so that’s all good (in my opinion me.^_^).

    I also think that their story is somewhat inappropriate to be even called as a “love story”. Although some parts of their story is OK, most of it didn’t make sense to me, especially after the rape that happened. It was like disregarding the traumatic event that happened to Chiaki and that he just suddenly loved the guy who abused him so much. For me, Nakamura-sensei should have just continued with Nostalgia, Erotica & Trifecta, and ended Domestica…XP

  127. fencer_x,

    Oh, I see…I wish she hadn’t put a scene that early…
    Bad on her part, I think. :/

  128. Thank you so much for the cherry on top! :)

  129. While, like the others I fully respect your right to scanlate and release as much or as little as you want to, I’m also a little disappointed that you are boycotting the Chiaki story.

    While I fully agree with your outrage with how the rape has been glorified, I don’t see how refusing to release it will produce any benefit. We are all adults here, and, judging by the comments made just in this post, fully capable of holding sensible discussions about serious issues.
    Rape is a very serious and yet a very real issue for people across the world, men and women, although as a majority of female readers we do (or should) have an even stronger awareness and concern over it. Rape, or the threat of rape, affects many of us daily. In the choice of clothes we wear. In how we conduct ourselves in public. In whether or not we walk out alone at night. There is a possibility that there are readers here who have even experienced something similar to Chiaki’s story. Relationships that they have found themselves trapped in, or that they have escaped from, or – counter to our intuition but still possible – which have actually developed into rewarding relationships.
    I feel that many of us would like to be able to judge for ourselves, to discuss the matter seriously, and as I’m sure you know, the hard work you do here with your scanlating is – for some of us – our only way to access these manga. Hence I am disappointed that you have deemed the material unsuitable on our behalf, instead of letting us draw our own conclusions.

    Once again I thank you for your hard work, and want to assure you I am a big fan of September Scanlations, and will continue to follow you and your work. I just wanted to make my opinion known.

    – Star

  130. If you want to read this material, you can — just not here. This is a respectable decision and should be seen as such. Rape is on the “violent assault” spectrum of crimes, a continuum that includes murder. Not wanting to contribute more to the already entrenched rape culture we all live in, not feeling like it’s okay to trivialize rape — which is what these manga all do — is really important and frankly I wish more people took such a stance. Y’all who are pushing for them to translate this stuff are basically coming off as rape apologists right now, are you good with that?

    I have no sympathy for rapists or rape apologists.

  131. Thank you so very much~!

  132. Princess Fangirl August 13, 2012 at 12:49 pm


    Fencer, I’ve read a fair bit of her other work. I recall really enjoying Little Butterfly. I’ll check out the one you mentioned as soon as possible. Thanks again!

  133. Star7,

    We haven’t deemed anything unsuitable for you. We’ve deemed it unsuitable for us. As we’ve said: feel free to go purchase it yourself and enjoy.

    Are we denying readers access to Yoshino Chiaki no Baai by refusing to translate it? No. And the Hatori Yoshiyuki no Baai mini-comics? Again, no.

    We don’t have to scanlate anything we don’t want to–and I’ll thank everyone to remember that in the future.

  134. Princess Fangirl,

    It’s actually been licensed under the name ‘Awkward Silence’, so you may have difficulty finding scanlations, but they’re out there and quite decent quality too.

  135. THanks You Made My Day

  136. MANY MANY THANKS for releasing another GREAT series XD

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  138. Thank you so much for always being so fast (I know you mentioned all of you have pretty much no life but still XD) and at the same time keeping high quality standards with your releases. .< I haven't read the novel (maybe reading it is different) but listening to it hurt literally not only my ears but my whole body and it kinda shocked me too because it came so out of the blue and there was absolutely no explanation why all of this happened. And that there was not even an apology afterwards is probably the worst. How could this ever turn into a normal relationship? This is definitely not the right message BL should send out to girls/women. :(

    @fencer_x: I respect you so much for always staying calm and answering all of these questions and comments which partly made me just speechless due to their level of ignorance. This is also another huge point I like about your scanlation group. You get in touch with the readers and try to make everything as transparent as possible.

  139. o_O Why is half of my comment missing?

  140. Thank you so much for always being so fast (I know you mentioned all of you have pretty much no life but still XD) and at the same time keeping high quality standards with your releases.

    And my biggest thanks goes to your policy to not support rape and the stand you take there because reading many comments here and seeing how rape is used so often and being trivialized in the BL genre should alarm everyone who’s still right in their mind.
    Sorry to say this but when people write stuff like this is censoring or I’d like to see this by myself to judge it, I’d like to headdesk because first these books are publicly available for everyone who has money and knows how to get it via online shops etc and second what is there to judge about rape? You can’t just rate it like oh his face didn’t look pained enough or he only said NO! 5 x instead of 10 x so it was just a light rape… IT IS WRONG, IT IS EVEN A CRIME and that’s a damn fact!!!!

    I try to explain why this makes so upset and no I wasn’t raped god beware but I was unfortunetely one of the people who unknowingly downloaded the SekaKoi Drama CD’s because I hoped to find more funny Nostalgia and Erotica moments but instead I got traumatized by this Domestica rape. x___x You can’t imagine how awkward it felt to listen to something like this and how it was portrayed. I haven’t read the novel (maybe reading it is different) but listening to it hurt literally not only my ears but my whole body and it kinda shocked me too because it came so out of the blue and there was absolutely no explanation why all of this happened. And that there was not even an apology afterwards is probably the worst. How could this ever turn into a normal relationship? This is definitely not the right message BL should send out to girls/women. :(

    @fencer_x: I respect you so much for always staying calm and answering all of these questions and comments which partly made me just speechless due to their level of ignorance. This is also another huge point I like about your scanlation group. You get in touch with the readers and try to make everything as transparent as possible.

  141. Thanks for the release and for the explanation

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    thank you so much for your hardwork!!! i really apreaciate it when know you translate it TT^TT (always miss Sekaiichi so much)
    thank you so much!!! <3333

  143. I find it strange that people are outraged about Chiaki and Hatori’s rapey beginnings when half of Nakamura’s characters or couples partake in forced sexual advances or intercourse. Junjou Romantica’s starts with Usagi forcing himself on Misaki all the time, even to this day, even if it is much tamer. And while I stand behind rape being far too trivialized by-amazingly enough-female authors in the BL genre, I think it’s unreasonable to single one couple out when other characters like Usagi and Takano are just as guilty of the crime. I will not defend Hatori of course, but he did have enough conscious to apologize several times after the deed as well as asking for consent thereafter as well. Or at least getting as much consent as any other pushy seme of Nakamura’s.

    So while I do respect the wishes of the group and stand behind not encouraging rape-to-romance tropes, I think saying Hatori and Chiaki are any worse than other couples that suffer from the same fate in the same universe is a double standard.

    In any case, thank you for this release. The surprise Mistake omake was a good bday present for me since they’re one of sensei’s better couples. :)

  144. Mozu,

    From a personal standpoint–Usagi and Takano are guilty by way of the bad BL trope of forced seduction, and ‘at least’ their rape made some attempt at being romantic, and at least it was never as graphic or shown to be painful and traumatic and resulted in the victim blacking out at the end. That I chalk up to shitty writing and perpetuation of problematic tropes, prevalent in many series.

    But Hatori’s and Chiaki’s situation sticks in my craw all the more because it’s presented as a crime, we’re inside Chiaki’s mind as he’s being violated and experience his pain and fear and confusion at his best friend sneaking up on him in the dead of night, no pretense of a relationship even that he might ‘expect’ this. It’s downright frightening to many readers, myself included–and I’m lucky enough to have never been a victim of sexual assault.

    For me personally, it’s the presentation of it in such a horrific manner…and then the way it’s just brushed off like nothing. In that sense, they are most definitely worse than other couples, because they can’t even hide behind the ‘forced seduction’ trope where we can put ourselves in this mindset that, “Well in the world of this series, sex is like a handshake.” It’s a much more ‘real’ sense of violation.

    Perhaps it’s because it’s text, and the reader is therefore forced to experience it more first-hand, which makes it all the more traumatic? For me it’s that plus the fact that it isn’t even dressed up as Hatori getting ‘carried away’ in an ostensibly romantic situation. He’s like some psycho sneaking into Chiaki’s apartment in the middle of the night, when Chiaki didn’t even know he was gay let alone in love with Chiaki.

  145. Your strong disapproval of rape/depicted rape and your refusal to scanlate it or even disclose the raws are to be admired. Finally, there are people (particularly girls!) who don’t gobble down or fawn over *that* kind of violence in yaoi (or in general). Thumbs up!
    And thank you for giving us your wonderful scanlations!

  146. personally the only difference I find between this couple and the other ones is that this one’s rape is portarayed in a realistic way and the rest is sugarized and have the characters react in a funy way making it harder to realise a rape happened too,I like junjo and hatsukoi a lot but as much as I do I don’t think it can escape from being put into the “love after sexual assault” bag wich as many of us know happens in lots (not to say the majority )of bl series…

    I don’t mean to say you should change your politics,this are free trasnslations done for no profit so you are free to do as you please but I wouldn’t feel good if I didn’t say my true thoughts about the matter.
    thnaks for the hard work and for given us the chance to say our thoughts

  147. Maggie Baptists August 19, 2012 at 10:56 pm

    September or anyone, please tell me where I can still read Sekai Ichi Hatsukoi. I really wanna keep up with the ongoing series but can’t find it. Someone please point me in the right direction!

    ALSO! Anyone interested in the full book of Yokozawa no Bai plus special edition (i think) pictures please email me for further questions or comments.

  148. Maggie Baptists,

    As I said in the last comment you made: you don’t have the full book (or at least nothing new)–you have OUR translation. With OUR scans and OUR scanlations. Because you commented on some random dated chapter halfway through the book.

    You can read SekaKoi by googling. It’s really not difficult.

  149. Ahhhh Erotica. You never fail to deliver LOL!

    Thank you so much for your efforts and hard work. I appreciate it so much!

  150. Thank you~ <333

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  153. I kind of have to agree with Bella on this situation. As it is not my website, I cannot complain because people are free to do whatever they wish on the Internet. Bella is right though. I can’t say how many times I have run across various, popular, manga in the BL world where rape occurs. I don’t believe the word violent is used correctly in the context of individuals who post about Hatori violently raping Chiaki. My reason for stating this is; ask anyone who has been raped, it’s all violent. The only couples in Nakamura’s world who haven’t said, “No!” on more than one occasion would be (not including Mistake since they haven’t been given enough time to shine) Erotica and Egoist.

    Now, as this site is neither mine, nor Bella’s, we don’t have a say in what is posted or not. However, if someone sees something that looks a little off then expect them to raise a question as with regards to what they see as off. This is, after all, a public forum. In truth, the creators are cherry picking, but that is their prerogative as the site creators. Just don’t expect everyone to agree with what you say and be careful on saying you don’t condone one type of rape, but you do others, because that is how it looks when one sort is left off and another is not.

  154. I Agree,

    I don’t see where we’ve ever condoned any sort of rape. We’ve simply drawn a line and said, “We’re not going to cross that,” where on the far side you have Hatori and what he did to Chiaki and on the near side, every other couple of Nakamura’s, and if you can’t see any dividing factor in what Hatori did to Chiaki and all of Nakamura’s other relationships, then I’m afraid we have nothing left to discuss.

    We call it ‘violent’ because many don’t know about the rape at all and still fewer would pay any attention to it unless we did so, seeing as rape is such a common theme in BL but played up as ‘forced seduction’. There was no seduction here, only forcing and violating trust, and refusing to help spread that in no way means we give the nod of approval to any other instances in Nakamura’s series.