September Scanlations needs cleaners!

March 31, 2015 // miscellaneous

Yo, you there, with the tablet in your hand and Photoshop open! You don’t look busy! GET OVER HERE.

September Scanlations, which has brought you such favorites as Sekai-ichi Hatsukoi, Love Stage!!, and all of the REALLY AMAZING HaruRinHaru and KageHina doujinshi you’ve ever read—THEY NEED SOME MORE CLEANERS.

We’ve got way more on our plate than we can handle, but we’re a very teeny tiny group (as in, like 2 people at this point XD;) so we’re trying to expand our ranks a bit! Many of our cleaners have fallen through the cracks and lost touch with us over the past couple of months, and our output has visibly slowed because of it. So we need new ones!

What’s a cleaner?

A cleaner’s job is to take the raw scans and “clean” them—remove the Japanese text cleanly and smoothly so that English text can be overlaid.

Sounds simple enough; how can I help?

Well, you’ll need some qualifications!

  • Preferably some experience cleaning before! Cleaning isn’t something you can just dive right into and requires a meticulous eye to be sure patterns match up, as well as a LOT of patience for harder pieces.
  • Photoshop CS5 or higher, or a REALLY GOOD test that shows us you can give us the same quality using your tool of choice (hint: not MS Paint) as can be achieved with the tools newly available in CS5 and up.
  • Preferably a tablet (e.g. wacom) and some experience using it
  • Experience using the clone tool and Content Aware Fill tool effectively
  • Some free time!
  • A ‘passing grade’ on our test images

If that sounds like YOU, we may be a good fit! We’re pretty demanding as far as quality goes and will expect final products that look as if there was never any text to begin with. This can’t always be achieved flawlessly, but we try to churn out pieces with the highest quality we can manage, so that means we need people with some really good skills!

You’ll be working on:

  • Back Stage!! manga
  • Super Lovers manga
  • Honto Yajuu manga
  • Kimi to Kore Kara manga
  • HaruRinHaru doujinshi
  • NagiReigisa doujinshi
  • KageHina doujinshi
  • And anything else we can come up with!

You won’t be full-time (unless you really want to be our go-to cleaner lol), so don’t expect to have to carve out a regular space in your schedule for us if that’s not possible. We just want to have a nice-sized pot of potential cleaners who will be willing to help snap up a series when we get to it!

Awesome! What first?

Just clean the test pages (Instructions are included in the file) and send them back our way!

We can never have too many cleaners, but we’re running low on people these days and could really use some aid, so please give the test pages a shot if you’re interested! Please return the files whenever you can, and be sure to contact us using an e-mail address that you frequently check.

Cleaners are what we really need right now, but we’re looking for other positions as well, so check our Join Us page for deets!


  1. Ah damn, I got no skills at all!

    All I can do is donate :(

  2. Hah. I’m currently being certified in Photoshop CS5 at school, but I don’t own a tablet, anymore. =/ I would if I could, really.

    Good luck on your search for new cleaners!

  3. that… is amazing… lol… I don’t even know…. I worship the cleaners. I don’t even know how that is done. I hope you recruit successfully! <3

  4. Oh, so you ARE still working on Super Lovers. Wouldn’t have guessed it from all the doujin releases and also not being replied to lol

    • Continual pestering really reduces my desire to reply to people, especially when we explicitly say to NOT ask when something is coming out.

  5. Hi! I’d really like to help out, but I have a few questions. Is it ok to send back the test pages in about 2 weeks? I did some cleaning before for groups as a temp (I’m not very fast, though), but I’ve recently switched to ps6 from ps4 so I need to get familiar with the new tools and I have to attend at a conference during the weekend, I can’t start to work on it before that. Also I don’t have a tablet, is that a major problem? I had to google up wacom, I’ve never seen anything like that before…

    • There’s no deadline, so don’t rush or anything! You can return them whenever you feel like–we’ll pretty much always be accepting new cleaners :)

      As for not having a tablet, it’s not a DEAL breaker, but… Well, think about trying to draw a fairly decent picture of a cat. Using your mouse or laptop trackpad. And then think about how it would look like if you instead used a pencil and sketchpad, where you can shade and vary the stroke width without thinking or get a thinner or thicker line just by changing how hard you press on the paper.

      That’s the difference between using your mouse to clean with and using a tablet. I had never used a tablet to clean before until last year, and now I can’t IMAGINE how I did without it. Pages that would take me HOURS using my trackpad are now banged out in a matter of minutes and look seamless and perfect. It’s pretty much essential when recreating hard-to-draw areas like a crowd scene or complicated non-pattern background or hair.

      You don’t need a $2,000 one–mine is a $70 bamboo capture from Best Buy XD The big expensive ones are for artists really, and I’m just cleaning up scans in my free time. But it’s going to give you a LOT more control over the output. You’re definitely more than welcome to try to clean the scans without one–it’s not a deal-breaker, like I said–but I can already think of a few parts where it’s going to be obvious you didn’t have a tablet :/

      It’s like trying to clean the scans with MS Paint vs. Photoshop. Yes, photoshop takes some getting used to, but the outcome is incomparable :)

      If you’re planning on cleaning some more, I would definitely advise investing in a tablet! :D

  6. Ill seriously be trying this out as soon as its morning. i always wanted to help XD Such a huge oppurtunity i hope i can do this, after all i do enjoy drawing and just helping :3

  7. Only one question to instructions – why removed level when we return test to you? :) It s little unusual, do you prefer level it yourself with your standards/norm? Thanks :)

    • Some people can cover up a poor cleaning job (especially on lighter areas) with leveling. We don’t want people to be able to use leveling as a crutch when we evaluate their work. We also prefer to level ourselves, so that we can change anything necessary in the raw before potentially ruining detail with leveling.

      • Fencer, thanks for your answer.
        But I will have one more question for you (sorry – it still same topic :) ) So if you have blue raw and you can´t leveling it – do u want coloring it normal way (thanks to use layer´s patterns (repletion)) or sent back with the original blue and u will (how you say) leveling it yourself?

        • Do you mean for monochrome colored pages? If a page is not black-and-white and it is meant to be, you are supposed to grayscale it, like it says in the instructions ^^ Every scan should be grayscale (not RGB), but not leveled. Leveling is unrelated to color ^^;

  8. Hey there, I try and did the test and send it on May 1st, but I still don’t get and answer…Does that mean I didn’t pass the test?

    • I’m one person with a full-time job and full-time hobbies writing fic and scanlating and translating and writing professionally in my time off. I haven’t had time to get to it @___@ Please try to be a little patient.

      • Oh ok I’m sorry, It wasn’t my intention to look impatient. (*´∀`*) I just thought you need them urgently. It’s ok, I’ll be waiting. ヾ(* ̄▽ ̄*) Bye~!

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