Web Hosting Renewal

February 24, 2015 // miscellaneous

Hey guys!

Over the next few days, we’ll be moving our hosting to a (cheaper!) new server, since it’s time for us to renew our current contract, and we figure now’s a good time to try to get a better deal. Since this amounts to a difference of nearly $100, we’re jumping on the chance!

We’d also like to take the time to ask any of you able to donate to help offset the cost of the hosting to do so if you feel it’s worth it! Our new hosting gig has cost $70, and with the $30 domain renewal fee, we’ll be shelling out $100 to cover us for the next year. So if you would like to donate, please do so via the DONATE button in the sidebar. This supports all of our sites, including September, Shoptember, and BLなう, so any support is greatly appreciated! It’s not strictly necessary (we’ve already paid for it, actually), but this is out of pocket, like all of our purchases for the site, so anything you can help with is one less financial burden we have to bear ourselves ^^

Thanks again!!

P.S. – if there’s any downtime for the site, it’s probably a result of this domain/hosting change, so please be patient and we’ll be back ASAP!

ETA: We’ve gotten $66 in donations! Thank you!! A little more and we’ll have our hosting for the year covered :D

We got it! Thank you so much for helping out!!


  1. For all the times you guys have had doujinshi I don’t buy myself, cheers. Donate I shall :)

  2. Donated!

  3. I just bought something I needed online so I’m kinda broke on my Paypal right now. But I will remember you when I get my salary this month. Cheers to Fencer and everyone! Thanks for all your hard work! :D

  4. Also donated. :) Greatly appreciate all of the effort this group puts in to support fandom. Thank you so very much!!

  5. I’m not too sure but isn’t wordpress free? Why not try one of those sites out instead? I think there are quite a few that are available. (Not that I don’t think that donating to you guys is not worth it but I’m just curious. Many, many thanks to all you guys do. I love trifecta.)

    • Having run our own websites for nearly 10 years now, with all our own power over what we upload and the degree of modification we make to our sites, there’s no way we’d want to hamstring ourselves by using a wordpress.com site, where plugins are not allowed (so, none of our forums, limited theme support, no shoptember at all [woocommerce is a plugin], no notifications, no customized sidebar widgets), plus wordpress.com has a very tight limit in hosting space (3 gigs), and we use our hosting space for far more than just a few blogs.

      I paid for this domain and hosting LONG before September Scanlations was even a twinkle in my eye :) There’s value in being your own boss, as it were!

  6. Donated – thanks so much, as always, for your hard work! You guys do a fantastic job :D

  7. You make my days happier. Thank you for everything. Donated ;)

  8. I know you already got it, but I had to give something towards a future expense. Thank you for all that you do. I really appreciate your dedication to supply these works to the masses.

  9. Change is good!
    Usually I donate at Christmas, but this year you will get tax return cash :) lol

  10. For all the beautiful light novel that made me happy, I will be happy to help with pleasure.

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