[translation] Back Stage!! 2, Ch. 5 part 4

January 29, 2015 // back stage!!, love stage!!

Type: Novel Translation
Back Stage!!, Vol. 02
Series: Love Stage!!
Author/Circle: Eiki Eiki, Amano Kazuki
Rating: PG
Language: English
This time: With some free time finally on their hands, Shougo plans a little side trip with Rei.

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Chapter 5 (cont.)

The next morning…

Rei was just thinking about turning in, having completed his planned phone calls to Japan around dawn, and shut down his laptop.

“Are you finished with work now?” Shougo asked from behind, and Rei twisted in place to respond.

“Yeah, for the time being.” But when his gaze fell on Shougo, he found that despite the early hour of barely 7 AM, Shougo was already dressed and ready to head out, a large bag dangling from one hand. “…What are you doing this early in the mo—”

But before he could finish, Shougo snatched up his hand. “Great! Let’s not waste our hard-earned free time, then! Let’s go!”

“Huh? Go where?” As he cocked his head in confusion, though, Shougo jerked on the hand he held and dragged him outside. He’d been working in his slacks and dress shirt, so there was no problem in exiting the room in that respect, but he’d been about to go to bed and had no intention of going along quietly.

“Someplace nice!” Shougo reassured, continuing his march forward while dragging Rei behind him.

“Someplace nice—which is where? You’re not a child—if you want something to eat, then go find something yourself; I’m going to bed.”

“Not that—you’ll find out when we get there!” He then hailed a cab and practically threw Rei inside. Rei was pretty much helpless by this point, given that his Japanese wouldn’t get him far outside the room. Plus, he had no money to pay the cab fare.

The taxi dropped them off at the airport of all places. Rei held out a moment’s hope that they were going straight back to Japan, right now, but then quickly realized that couldn’t be the case. He didn’t have any of his luggage on him, and while the bag Shougo held in his hand was rather large, it was no suitcase.

“Hey, seriously—where are we going?”

“It’s a secret! We’ll be in the air for a good two and a half hours, so you can just nap on the flight! Leave everything to me.”

Rei was hardly mollified by the reassurance, but he still allowed himself to be directed to the gate and shuttled on board, having completely given up resistance.

And just as Shougo had promised, after a two and a half hour trip, they landed…in Miami, Florida, where they then boarded another plane for another hour-long flight, eventually finding themselves in Lynden Pindling International Airport on the island of New Providence, in the Bahamas.

“…It’s sweltering…” The moment they exited the airport, Rei had to squint his eyes at the onslaught of the sun’s burning rays.

“Hey, Rei—this way, c’mon!”

“Wha—we’re traveling even more?!” He gaped openly as Shougo hailed a taxi, but that didn’t prove to be the end of their journey. After a half-hour trip in the taxi, they boarded a small ship, eventually arriving on a small island with no sign of any human population. The ship allowed them to disembark, before slipping away from the shore. “O—oi, Shougo?!”

“Y’know, this place has a ton of desert islands, but it’s still a resort area!” It seemed they’d arrived on one of those very desert islands.

“Th—that’s not what I meant to ask!” As Shougo babbled on inanely, the ship grew smaller and smaller, leaving them behind as it departed the shore.

“Which means that right now, we’re the only two people on this whole island! Kind of like we’re the last living people on earth, see?”

“Only two people…but—how on earth do you propose we get back, then?!” The boat had disappeared from sight by now, but Shougo just turned a broad, easy smile on the flustered and panicked Rei.

“I’ve told them to come back for us just before sunset—so don’t worry, we’re fine!” At these words, Rei felt a wave of relief wash over him. He’d freaked out at the word ‘desert island’, his imagination bringing to mind thoughts of survivalists and being set adrift, but when he stopped to think about it rationally, they’d arrived here by ship, so this made perfect sense.

Perhaps the sun was starting to fry his brain, depriving him of his usual logical reasoning.

“Now, since we’ve got this whole island all to ourselves, why don’t we take it easy and enjoy it while we can?” Shougo unzipped his bag and tugged out a blanket and some sunscreen, along with a couple of water bottles, spreading them out on the beach before flopping down on top of the blanket. Rei gaped openly, astonished at how thoroughly prepared Shougo was, before reluctantly settling down beside him, with nothing else to do.

“Whoa…!” As he relaxed, he finally took in the bright blue sky above him and the far-distant horizon separating sea from sky. This was the first time he’d ever seen the sky so huge, or that long line that really made him aware of how round the world was, and he felt his breath sapped for a moment as he took in the sight. It was a beautiful view that nearly brought tears to his eyes—the overwhelming grandness of nature which made humans utterly aware of their insignificance.

The scenery was enough to make Rei feel like a complete fool, whiling away his life on a tiny island and fussing over the minutiae of the day to day. He released a small sigh and sat there for a long moment, just watching and staring.

“…Wanna take a dip?”


“Tada! I got you a swimsuit!” With this announcement, Shougo tugged out a pair of men’s swim trunks from his bag. “Though I mean, it is a desert island, so we could go without, too…”

“The hell we could, idiot!”

“…Is what I thought you’d say, so here ya go!”

Rei stared at the suit Shougo offered him. He’d used their travel time to get some sleep in, so he was fairly well-rested, and they couldn’t exactly go anywhere until the boat returned, so it was futile protesting that he wanted to get back to work.

Plus…with such a beautiful ocean right before his very eyes, it would be a waste not to swim in it. “…All right, but just for today.”


Rei fixed Shougo with a glare at his flippant response—but it didn’t last long.

To be continued…


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