November 22, 2014 // love stage!!, subtitles

File type: MKV softsubs (853 x 480)
Sub type: Soft English subtitles
Size: 115 MB
Length: 23 min
Torrent: Available at Nyaa torrents

Feel free to make hardsubs if you like, but we won’t be sharing them ourselves. If you share this file elsewhere, please don’t credit us. We’re not a fansub group and don’t want people coming to us begging us to sub random videos for them :/ We’re credited in the title as “SS”, and that’s good enough for us.

Apologies for the small video size; it’s the best we could get! It only came in DVD quality, and not very good DVD quality at that >_<; This was the OVA included in the recently released Volume 5 special edition, and it covers Chapter 16 of the manga (the anime ended with Chapter 15), with a few new scenes thrown in (those of you hoping for some Shougo/Rei and Saotome/Kuroi...you won't be disappointed ;)). Enjoy! And please seed as long as possible!


  1. I am so happy to be able to watch it!
    I am very grateful for all of your hard work!

  2. GREAT!

    Thank you so much :D

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  5. Arigatou gozaimashita! :)

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  7. Thank you so much for sharing your hard work!
    You guys are awesome

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  12. Thank you very much.

    Though, Shougo seems pretty damn annoying when he’s animated… :P

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  14. THAAANK YOU SS!! (and of course Fencer!)
    BF and I watched this as a morning Saturday date! It was the best. Such a great OVA!!

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  18. can anyone provide a mirror? :'( The site is blocked in my country PLZ PLZ PLZ

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  20. Yayyy…..Thank you very much for sharing this guys!!^_^

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  25. Thanks a lot! I loved it! And I’m specially appreciative of the short scene with Kuroi and Saotome -sensei. Tbh I’m a little bit frustrated that the mangakas have been teasing that couple for ages and never actually come through with any story for them. I also absolutely adored those 15-seconds worth of original Rei/SHOGO, I really hope the anime gets a second season where we can see their story too

  26. Thank you for the translation and upload. Been a while since I dealt with torrents, but this downloaded and then played on RealPlayer with no problems. I was going to buy the DVD/book, but having to buy a new car after our old one completely died has put an end to all non essential purchases for a while :( it’s great that people like you are around!

  27. Thank you so much for this on behalf of many Love Stage fans out there :)
    Appreciate all your hard work and effort on this! ~

  28. Thanks for sharing this!

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  31. Thank you SS, and especially Fencer-x. ^^

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  38. Thanks so much for this! I don’t think I can ship Saotome-Sensei and Kuroi-kun any harder. I hope the authors provide us with more concrete material for those two in the future XD

  39. Thank you!:D Loved it!

  40. I’ma bit late but Thank you!!! Rei is neraly my favourite character with Ryouma ^^

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