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September 8, 2014 // miscellaneous

Since it seems a lot of people keep forgetting, here’s another PSA:

We don’t reupload files that have been deleted.

We get TOS’d on one or more of our hosting servers at least once every few months. We don’t have the time or energy to go back and fix all of the files that get deleted. We can either scanlate for you or upload old files for you, but we cannot do both. We are three people, and only one of us handles any of the web hosting stuff—me.

Readers are encouraged to download files as SOON as possible, without delay, because they may get TOS’d or the bandwidth may run out, or any number of things, and then you’re stuck. We’re especially not concerned with ensuring that links to files months and years old still work. If you come across a link that doesn’t work, it’s your responsibility to find a way to get it through some other method.

We have forums, we have comments that you can look through and find mirrors for. Please stop asking us to reupload something: you will be ignored. Unless it’s something we just put up and there’s a borked link, you’re not getting a response from us, because we’re likely busy doing something else.

We just don’t have the time or energy to ensure that our links are happy and active years after they’re put up. We count on YOU GUYS to help each other out, or to snag links as soon as they’re up. Otherwise, go find a reader site to view back chapters :/


  1. It’s normal that you have no time, furthermore you have authorized some other journals and sites to upload your proyects, so It’s no like the files are lost forever, but, if you would accept a suggestion………….. Why not upload a whole volume or proyect when It’s finished¿?¿? This way if someone missed or lost some of the first chapters of the proyect that person could still get It back with the last chapter, It’s not a lot of additional work (you are already uploading the last chapter, you can upload the complete vol meanwhile or instead) and this way too, if a person is unable to download the complete vol/manga in the 1 or 2 months that is up, he/she has no one to blame but him/herself

    • Because we have no time. Asking us to upload even more files is not a solution. It is up to the fans to help each other out. People are more than welcome to upload bulk files themselves, to their own hosts.

  2. You’re very busy scanlating, editing, translating, living the daily life, working, lot of stuff, so I understand. It’s a good thing we can reupload the files. Thank you for all your hard work! ^^

  3. Thanks for all that you guys do! It’s good to know/be reminded that you don’t mind fans reuploading files, because some groups DON’T like that which is probably why people automatically ask you.

    I’m not sure if this falls in line with the same thing, I’m actually just curious and not at all asking for any reuploads. But if we notice that one of the download sites asks for a password and no password is known, would that be an indication that the site also TOS’d you there? And perhaps that’s that particular site’s way of saying it rather than the other sites that just say “sorry, file deleted”? If that’s the case, I can answer the question over in the forum for you so you don’t have to take the time to do that :) If the password thing was already answered somewhere, then sorry–I’m not trying to be annoying, I just thought I’d try to help out.

    On a side note, THANK YOU for having the schedule of releases on your FAQ!! That’s so helpful. And also for continuing with Cuticle Detective Inaba! I have no idea why I had it in my head that you guys had decided only to do the first chapter, but I was stoked when I saw that there were more chapters I hadn’t seen.

    • For the password-protected files, I’m assuming you’re referring to HY and LS chapters on Jumpshare. Because of the problem with people sucking up our bandwidth (according to our records, we went through 7 GIGABYTES of downloads in a SINGLE DAY; we’re only allowed 200 GB of bandwidth a month), we locked the files we believed were the major culprits: HY and LS. So giving out the password would defeat the purpose of locking them :P They were locked to stop people downloading, to encourage them to download from some other source or put up mirrors. Soon we’ll be able to see which files in particular are being ‘abused’ by downloads (suggesting that our links are being shared in a far more public space than here) and will be able to lock individual files rather than having to lock whole folders.

      So in short: the password was put in place to prevent all downloads, not to allow only certain ones, in this case. It was the easiest way to stop downloads from our servers being abused. So for a little while, perhaps until people ‘give up’, we’ll be using other routes for our more popular series.

      We’re all about sharing, but Jumpshare is something we pay for, and has limited bandwidth. People are more than welcome to add their own mirrors and share those wherever they like, but we can only share certain things in certain places ourselves.

      We’ll be doing CDI through the first volume (I think there’s one more chapter left?) and then bidding farewell to it, as we just have too much on our plate to keep up with it! But we’re glad you enjoyed it!

  4. Thank you for all you girls do, keeping a genre and fandom going is difficult work. Your efforts are always appreciated by many more people who forget to say it.

  5. Just a thought, maybe a ‘missing links’ thread could be kept on the forum where people could ask for help finding mirrors for items they missed, might help?
    Those of us who do d/l promptly, or have large collections & don’t mind re-upping the odd file (not too many as we don’t want to get ToS’d either) could help each other.
    It might just mean pointing someone to a link elsewhere that still works.
    I wouldn’t mind helping where I could, I have a good fibre-optic connection, and we could always send the links by PM only.

  6. Why not make torrents? Uploading is easy, you don’t have to worry about it getting deleted and it doesn’t matter how many people download there.

    • We’re not making hundreds of teeny tiny torrents. That is way more of a pain in the butt than just reuploading everything. And then we’d have to listen to people whine about not having any seeds.

  7. Thank you for the reminder and understand about not having time to re-up.

  8. guess i’ll go begging across the internet for someone to reupload the yokozawa movie pamphlet. Figure the only file I truly wanted from you guys is the one i missed out on b/c my computer refused to download anything at that time.

    • ???? the ge.tt link on the movie pamphlet post still works fine I think…? As does the mega link. Have you checked it? o_O

      • the mega link is down, but i think i found it on facebook. The mega link hasn’t worked for weeks. i managed to find a nice facebook group for the sekai and junjo stuff b/c of this post. I didn’t think to look before since i figured you might reupload it.

  9. Really, I should be more conscientious as a fangirl and upload some mirrors myself, but I never seem to get around to it.

    But definitely stick with the scanlating side! We’ll make do if we need back files! ;-)

  10. Oh, okay. Thanks and sorry.

  11. Okay, now understand. *sobs*

  12. well i think all the yokozawa stuff has mirrors on either livejournal or aarinfantasy. I’d point anybody asking for mirrors to aarinfantasy since they do have a lot of uploaders.

  13. So no chance for me to get subbed No. 6 volume 4 drama CD I guess… Ok.

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