[manga] Gakuen Heaven Revolution ~ 01

April 21, 2012 // gakuen heaven

Type: Manga
Series: Gakuen Heaven Revolution
Author/Circle: Higuri Yuu
Rating: PG
Language: English
Download: mega
Note: Another new series! This is an ongoing series that’s 2 volumes long so far. We’ll warn readers that while it is based on an explicit BL dating sim, the anime Gakuen Heaven was only shounen-ai (There was kissing! Just no sexy times shown on screen). However, the previously published individual character volumes contained more suggestive sex scenes, like a light BL manga. How explicit this manga will be is therefore unknown at the moment–so don’t ask XD We can’t tell the future! ;) If you’ve seen the anime, this manga series is a retelling of that story…but following more of the game’s storyline (so don’t be surprised if some events happen differently). It’s probably also a given that the end-game pairing will be the same as in the anime :)

Summary: Itou Keita is a boy with no remarkable talents beyond his better-than-average luck, until one day he receives an acceptance letter out of the blue inviting him to attend the prestigious all-boys academy, Bell Liberty School (BL School). Why has he been admitted to this amazing academy, and how can he possibly live up to the expectations of whoever let him in? As he settles in to his new life, Keita is sure to find companionship in his rather eclectic cast of schoolmates.


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  5. New series!
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  6. X3 omg new series! thanks again for your release!

    lol i hope there will be ‘something’ in this manga ! i was so disappointed when i watched anime longgg ago and i dont play the game either ;s. looking forward to see more from you guys! <3

  7. Thanks so much for this new series! I am excited to see you are working on a new project! :D

  8. Mewpraew,

    I thought it was cute and perfect, actually XD It wasn’t built up as an explicit BL series, so I wasn’t expecting any sex, and the kiss at the end was just the perfect way to tie everything up~ If you haven’t played the games–then even more so you shouldn’t have been expecting more XD;

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    I totally love the anime.
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    I can’t believe you are going to translate this, I’ve been waiting to read this manga for so long *cries*
    You always get the project I want and translate them… I love you *O*

    Keep with the projects and the good work going~
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  15. oh This “new serie” surprised me a bit
    really unexpected!!
    but Thank’s for your hard work

  16. Hi! Excuse me~ I haven’t watched the anime of Gakuen Heaven nor played the game D: do I need to do it, to be able to understand this manga?

    Thanks for everything! :B

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  18. Thank you for bringing us another new series. And thank you for all your hard work.

  19. Kyaah! What a pleasant surprise! I wasn’t expecting this at all!!
    I loved the anime, and I’ve been dying to read this, knowing that you’re taking this manga makes me very happy!
    I hope that Keita ends up with Kazuki here too!! <3<3<3
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  20. Isn’t it serialized in a shoujo magazine? Anyway, will try this for a few chapters. After all, I like Higuri You…
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  21. thank you so much for a new project,
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  22. Well knowing Higuri and in which magazine the manga is published i higly doubt we’ll see anything more revolutionary than what we saw in character one shot adaptation.

    Non the less thank you for sharing :D

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  24. Thank you so much for picking up this project, I love this mangaka’s works! Thank you once more! ♥

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  26. Thanks for the new series! Looking forward to how it progresses! <3

  27. Yeah I liked the anime, and have one or two of the other Gauken Heaven stories so I will be looking forward to this one :)

    Thanks so much for working on this and sharing :)

  28. Alehfred,

    Nope, you don’t need to have watched or played anything–but others may likely have done one or both, so if you are worried about spoilers, you may want to be careful when reading the comments.

  29. Ukatsu,

    Even seeing as much as was in the one-shot adaptations would be more than was in the anime, lol. I’d welcome that! I guess the important thing is to not get hopes up, so you’re not disappointed when/if it stays relatively tame :P

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  31. tHank you so much!

  32. Thanks a bunch for the release! I watched the anime some times long ago and it was nice and cute though a bit of sexy scenes in the manga would not hurt ^_~

  33. I was pleasantly surprised when I noted that you’re taking up the GH “franchise”. I followed the anime, and read the odd BL scans out there – so I was happy to see that there was more out there. My inner perv hopes there will be more hot scenes in this one.. :)

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  35. Thank you for your new release, I will try to see if I like it but so far wasn´t disapointed with your choices.

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  39. it is an amazing new project! thank you for doing it!:)

  40. wow!! been so long since the last time i read gakuen heaven. i even own the anime too. hahah.. will be refreshing to read another one of the gakuen heaven series. ^^

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  45. OMG!!!! I’ve been dying to read this one since I watched the anime years ago. Thank you for translating this one.

  46. Thanks for sharing,i don’t know anything of this sequel.

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  51. Thank you! Wow! It’s been a while since I watched the anime. I loved the way Nakajima and Omi were mocking each other. :) Too bad the English ed. books are sold out.
    And I really wished for a KaoruxNiwa pairing…

  52. Thank you!! XD

    Is really nice seeing this project!

  53. Thank you for picking up this cute series it’s great to see these darling boys again. Thanks again for the great job you do and for sharing with us fans. (^3^)

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  55. Thank you very much! It’s also been a while since I watched the anime… I really want to see more than a kiss this time!!^^

  56. thank you soooooooo much hugggggssss

  57. Alehfred,

    No you dont need to play the game or read the anime to get this one. I just read the first chapter and it’s started from the beginning. It’s kinda like the beginning of the anime with a little bit of changes.

  58. I hope the pairing is Keito & Nakajima… it most likely wont be, but come on that’s definitely the best pairing :)

  59. Monica,

    Given that they’ve done the flashback to establish the connection/pre-existing relationship between Kazuki and Keita, it’s probably a safe bet that they’ll be the main pairing, with the others being paired off (or implied to pair off) as in the anime (Niwa/Nakajima, Omi/Kaoru, Shinomiya/Iwai). Which suits me fine, as Kazuki/Keita’s the only pairing that ever made sense to me XD; (even Nakajima taking Keita out on that ‘date’ to distract him from his problems was weird to me…I never got the fascination…)

  60. Ooh! Thank you! Gakuen Heaven. So neat! :)

  61. Gakuen Heaven, never could finish watching it, but i’ll give manga a try.
    Thank you guys as always!

  62. Misaki,

    The ending’s where all the climactic action happens though! I swear there is climactic action XD I thought the last 2 episodes were the most interesting and captivating ones of the series, honestly! Everything comes together and the plot climaxes (and it’s kinda sad too), made all the kind of meaningless fluff of the rest of the series worth it :)

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  67. I saw the anime and I can’t wait to read the manga

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  70. what’s the difference between this and the other Gakuen Heaven manga? Are they just redoing the series?

  71. emi,

    This manga is the anime/games retold from the beginning in manga form; the previous manga releases were single-volume “Character/Keita” stories that had no place in the actual canon :)

  72. THANK U SO MUCH for the releases!

  73. Yay! Thank you for releasing this! I’ve always wanted to read the ones where he could be paired up with the other boys from the anime :D

    Thank you!

  74. nao,

    Just to be clear–that’s not what this is ^^; This is a retelling of the anime/game story, and if he’s paired up with anyone in the end, it’ll probably be just as it was in the anime.

    Perhaps you’re thinking of the individual Character/Keita volumes that have been out for a long while? Those were licensed quite some time back.

  75. Yay another series! I love all the series that you choose! =D I really like the KazukixKeita pairing ^^

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