[summary] Sekai-ichi Hatsukoi ~ Onodera Ritsu no Baai ch. 19

September 1, 2014 // nostalgia, sekai-ichi hatsukoi

Type: Summary
Onodera Ritsu no Baai ch. 19
Series: Sekai-ichi Hatsukoi
Author/Circle: Nakamura Shungiku
Rating: NC-17
Language: English

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In keeping with our policy of not scanlating licensed material, we’ll be doing detailed summaries of future SekaKoi manga chapters instead of scanlations. There’s no reason you guys should have to wait 2-3 years to see what happens next just because a company licensed the manga, and without ongoing updates like this, your interest in the series is likely to wane, meaning you won’t be interested in picking up those volumes! So we’re doing this as a service to keep interest alive while balancing our desire to encourage people who can buy the manga to do so. We’ll be giving super detailed summaries, complete with lots of images (all the best ones, so you’re not missing any big gems ;)), so if for whatever reason you won’t be able to purchase this when it’s officially available in English, you’ll still be just as informed as everyone else!

We will still be scanlating the following: Manga “extras” included with tankoubon releases, omake comics at the end of the novels we translate, any extra random comics unrelated to full chapter releases.

We know some of you may feel disappointed with this, but as you’ve seen, we’ve got huge targets on our back for one, and it doesn’t sit right with us to be in “competition” with official licensors for another, so this is our final decision, and we hope you guys can respect it and still enjoy what we do bring you!

Now, get to reading! A lot of huge bombshells were dropped this chapter!


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  1. You guys are amazing as ever!!! Thank you! And we will enjoy all your hard work and thanks for feeling us XD ♥️

    Keep up the great work~!

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  3. i m from a country where yaoi is illegal not just invalaible so here you saved me guys just like what you did with no.6 reall thank you

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  5. they’re so sweet *love*
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  6. Bomb Shell after bomb shell, thank you for the summary. 3 years is a long time for a chapter… Anyhow thanks for keeping fans of the work interested.

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    it really take away my bad mood today :D

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  9. So many bombshells!! Waking up to this already made my day better, haha! :D

    More importantly…Thank you all for continuing to scanlate other series and summarize the licensed ones, even when there is a lot of other stuff happening. I haven’t seen all of the drama behind the targets, but from what I have seen/heard, those people have too much time on their hands. -sigh- And it’s perfectly reasonable to not want to duke it out with the licensors on so many levels, and I’m sure most of us will understand. Thanks again! :)

  10. Great chapter! Thanks for the excellent summary.

  11. I can be super happy that German releases are faster than the English ones here (we have 7 volumes out) but still thanks a LOT since it sure is faster than waiting even for our releases ^^

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  14. I am poor. I will never be able to buy this manga u.u
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  15. Hi SC,
    First of all thanks for the new chapter, but….

    Guys, y u no scanlating the new chapters? :p

    Plzzzzzz kindly scanlate them because technically, they are still not licensed. So, you will not be against your policy. You, yourself had said that in one of your replies.
    It is not the absolute same thing as reading the manga which gives a different kind of feeling.

    Thank you however, for something is better than nothing.

    • Pardon me if you felt offended but by absolute I meant that feeling of reading a summary doesnt give manga reading feeling, if you can get what I mean….it is different for me.

      So though I do appreciate your decision, I still hope that you might scanlate SiH again.

    • What part of “please respect our decision” wasn’t clear?

      If you continue to pester us, you’ll be banned from the site.

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  17. Yayyy……Thank you sooo much for giving this detailed summary of the new chapter!!^_^

  18. Thanks for the summary. This way we can still be aware of the new chapter, and see pretty images.

  19. All right, thank you so much! I knew you guys we’re going to do this, and I’m very happy you did! The summary was perfect, thank you so much! And again, I really admire you guys, as translators who understand how the business world works and respect the licensed series while still providing fans up to date with the latest chapters. More people should follow your example!

    I look forward the next one in December! :) Thank you so much again!

  20. OMG. I didn’t know this got licensed!! I’m gonna dieee (ok I’m not, I know I’m over-reacting to the news). This is my favourite mangaaaa after all. It’s so hard to get the real thing in my country and expensive. Anyway thank you for the summary. I guess I have to hang in there until I buy it…assuming I can. So sad.

  21. With the licensing of this manga, will the translation of Yokozawa Takafumi no baai novels cease from happening?

  22. Thank you for at least continuing to do the detailed summaries ^^

  23. Thanks for the summary! And I for one definitely respect your decision to stop scanlating now the series is licensed. It’s the right thing to do. ^__^ Good on you guys for making the call!

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  25. I`m sad. Really sad. Really really sad. I respect your decision and so I won`t complain about that. but it can`t stop me from being really sad right now because I don`t live in the US and I don`t have an international credit card to buy the volumes in English as this manga isn`t available in my country. It will be at least two years until I can get a credit card, probably more, and I`m not even talking about an international one. So yeah, I`m mourning the lose of my favorite BL manga now and will be for a few days.

    • You don’t have a single friend or family member you can ask to help you out? or a paypal account or anything? Not even a normal bank account, whose debit cards can usually function as credit cards to use online?

      Also many outlets allow multiple routes of payment. As for it for a birthday or holiday gift or any number of other ways to get a copy. Unless you’re a hermit who lives alone, not having a credit card is rarely all that much of a hurdle these days.

  26. Thank you so much for still providing us a way to know what happens in the next chapters! It takes a while for these companies to catch up so it always sucks so much when I’ve been following a series for years, and love the scanlation group and their work, only to suddenly have no way of knowing what’s happening while the licensed company works on it. In my personal experience, you’re right that sometimes that means, as a reader, I lose interest in the story if I have to wait another 2-3 years just to get caught back up to where I was before the company decided to pick it up. Also, sometimes the official companies don’t do as good of a job as the scanlators and that always rankles a bit, that I have to pay them for their work that’s inferior to the free work I couldn’t pay for before.

    That wasn’t commentary on suBLime btw, I just meant in general that’s happened a few times, especially in one of my favorite series where they inexplicably changed the name of a main character. So I’m always excited-but-wary when I hear a series I like is picked up, but the good part is it lets me pay money for the original creator to receive, and it means I can have a paper copy on my shelves someday.

    Thanks for letting us know about it and for still giving us an update :) The way you did the summary is great, with an explanation and excerpted pictures. I really appreciate that you included some panels with it. Actually, I realized in the process of reading the summary that I’d missed last chapter too so I got a double update this week :)

  27. Thank you for the summary is sad that this happened but I respect your decision.

  28. Thank you for the summary and most especially for respecting the rights of Sublime who licensed SIH. I admire your integrity and the way you’ve chosen to handle this situation.

  29. omg it’s here! thanks for the summary, September! even though reading summaries isn’t really my thing, i think you guys have made the right decision for not completely abandoning this series but still respects the licensing company.

    but i now have mixed feelings of wanting to know what happens in this chapter immediately and wanting to wait for the manga instead xD

  30. Too bad you can’t upload the whole chapter, but it’s not like you guys can help it anyway. Those company’s suck if you ask me :p Anyway, thank you for the summary. I hope you guys continue to be awesome!

  31. muchas gracias por mantenernos siempre al día :)

    sigan así

  32. I know I am going to sound like a complete and utter idiot for asking you this, but I want to be 100% for sure about this before I go buy it online. Is this chapter that you translated from volume 8? I know the picture that you used says the number 8 which would give it way immediately as it is. But I just want to make sure with you that this is volume 8. Stupid question I know, but I’d really appreciate it if you could get back to me on this. Thanks so much for translating!

    • At the risk of confirming your fears of sounding stupid, no, this is of course not part of Volume 8 :P We were only able to use Volume 8’s cover because it’s been out for a YEAR already. There’s no physical way this chapter could possibly be a part of it. It’s also not in Volume 9, as it was released the same time this chapter came out in the magazine.

      This chapter will be part of Volume 10.

  33. Thank you. I enjoyed the summary. I actually kind of like the format you’ve been doing with the summaries. (Also, yay, I get to read the chat bubbles first in Japanese and wonder what it means, and then get the translation by reading further \o/ )

    I also quickly browsed some comments on BLなう as well, and I saw how you had been looking forward to a chapter of Takano keeping his hands to himself and Ritsu missing his touch. It’s an interesting idea, but Ritsu really has a talent for being in extreme denial, so I think he might have been able to go on for a very long time before asking for it. When I saw that Takano said they’d only kiss until Ritsu wanted more, I was hoping for him to just kiss Ritsu until he said it was okay to do more(or make Takano do more by looking at him while obviously aroused or smth). But yeah, that didn’t happen. (Btw, is it weird that sometimes in my comments I just go on ahead and say “you” while “I’m talking to you” which is to say fencer_x?)


    Seriously, I was VERY UNHAPPY about the prospect of having to wait three years to see any progression in the storyline. Of course I’m intending to buy the English publication as it’s released — though it’s exactly as you said: interest can certainly wane in two or three years while you’re twiddling your thumbs and waiting for new material. Summaries like this one will allow me to following the ongoing story while still having the complete chapters to look forward to as well as keep up my interest as the volumes are published in English. Win-win for everyone, I should think.

    Once again, thank you. Please keep up the good work! (Especially since there are only 80 days remaining until Ritsu falls (completely) in love! XDDD)

  35. You’ve got to be kidding!! It was so steamy and, as you warned ahead, dropping of huge bombshells!! I enjoyed it so much!!

    Sorry to hear that you’ve been in the tight spot because of licensing lately. Hope you’ll be able to shake them off by this movement. Thanks so much for giving us a rare chance at all to have a look at what’s going on in our beloved series! Really appreciate it!! :D

  36. Thank you for doing the summaries! :D

  37. Thank you for still continuing this! the summaries are lovely and detailed so thank you very much!

  38. Hello! Thank you and thanks to BL for the super detailed summary and the sample illustrations. I visited BL´S online shop you mentioned and I saw the Emerald issue, and as they explained it´s the japanese version, so it is in japanese… since I don´t know that languaje I have a question, is this chapter has been already published officially (Licensed) in english?

    I ´ve been looking for this manga in Amazon in english, but I have only found Vol. 1 and 2, are those volumes the only ones that have been published in english? If not, do you know where I can find the next volumes?

    • No; the series was only recently licensed, and SuBLime will start with Volume 1 in February 2015. It will be several years before this chapter is available in English. This is just something you have to deal with, unfortunately, until the industry starts putting out material in real-time like they ought to.

  39. Thank you!

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