[subtitles] Love Stage ~ Summer Stage

August 31, 2014 // back stage!!, love stage!!, subtitles

Type: Subtitles
Summer Stage
Series: Love Stage!!
Author/Circle: Eiki Eiki and Zaou Taishi
Rating: PG
Language: English
Download: Mirror 1, Mirror 2
Forum Discussion: HERE
Notes: This is the subtitled version of the Love Stage!! drama CD recently released. It contains two tracks; the first featuring a day at the beach for Izumi and Ryouma which is far from fun, and the second featuring a villa getaway that’s crashed when Izumi and Ryouma find out that there are already guests using it: Shougo and Rei :>


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  13. Thank you for this~ And “a forbidden romance between the rock star and the manager”…? hehe i can see why Shougo liked that idea~ >w>

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    I went nuts just hearing Shougo say “ehhhhh!!” His voice is perfect!

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  26. Thank you!! You know, over the years I’ve tried listening to drama CDs now and then, but it’s always been a format of a mp3 or other audio file, with a transcript separately (or just a summary of what’s said). I know some Japanese but not enough to translate anything properly, and honestly my attention always wavered on that sort of setup. This is the first time I’ve seen it done with the subtitles on a black screen as the words are said, and it was awesome! It’s the first time I’ve ever sat through an entire drama CD, and I was surprised by how much I enjoyed it. I couldn’t believe that I didn’t end up needing a visual at all for it; that just the sound was enough to make it entertaining. Before this, I never really understood what the draw was for drama CDs but now I can see why people like them.

    So, thank you for showing me the light ;)

    Oh yeah and along those lines–I’d seen, of course, that Back Stage was a side story but I’d never looked into it before. I was more intent on Ryouma and Izumi at the time. But this drama CD (and a scene in the anime) has me really curious about Rei and Shougo now, so that was another cool thing. I’ll go check their stories out as well. So, double thank you on this one :D

    • Surprisingly enough, a LOT of LS fans prefer Shougo and Rei’s story to Izumi and Ryouma’s; Izumi and Ryouma’s, while cute, can be a little uninteresting at times as far as ~drama~ (their biggest issue so far has been Ryouma losing his memory, ffs XD). Shougo and Rei’s story, however, is much darker and more serious–much more heartbreaking. And also MUCH more explicit, lol. I think you’ll very much enjoy it!

  27. I think that this is one of those things that is supposed to be funny by being extremely stupid. Some things were annoying, but for me this was the first time hearing the voice actors and I did enjoy it to some extent. I only lately began catching up with Love Stage and Back Stage, because initially I was quite put off with the whole famous and popular setting (it doesn’t fly so well with me). But then some time ago I decided to just jump into it, and see if it has something for me too. Like you commented above, I think I like Back Stage more. Though, with the first book I was facepalming some, “Please, no. Don’t go where I think it’s going… ” But yeah, I got over it.

    Shougo is a complicated matter to me. I hate how he seems to think less of a man if he’s an uke in the relationship, or more specifically carries some sort of grudge against Ryouma for “making Izumi bottom”. All the while he’s been screwing Rei and thinks some pretty high things of him, including about how Rei is while getting it. But then again Shougo has been open to the idea of homosexual sex from the beginning, while Ryouma had a real bigot-asshole phase at the beginning and again with the memory thing. It might be just because Back Stage is a book and not manga, but I was also moved by Shougo’s feelings. Love Stage is pretty light hearted, though it’s true that Ryouma held onto his feelings for Izumi for ten years. But then again he was also immediately ready to discard them upon finding that Izumi wasn’t a girl. (I would have at least expected a reasonable amount of consideration on Ryouma’s part, rather than immediately jump onto blaming everything on Izumi.)

    Thank you very much.

    • Hmm, I think you’ve got the wrong idea about Shougo? He doesn’t know Izumi and Ryouma are sleeping together at all (I’d hazard he doesn’t even realize they’re seeing each other). He just thinks Ryouma has nefarious designs on his innocent little brother, and is being the protective big brother, not wanting Izumi to get his heart broken because Ryouma just wants his body (as he sees it). It has nothing to do with top-bottom dynamics o_O As you say, he’s never been against homosexual love, and even wants to marry Rei, well aware that they’ll need to go to another country to do so.

      As for Ryouma, I think you might be misunderstanding his reaction as well? He was shocked by realizing the girl he was in love with for a decade was a woman, and reacted childishly, but that was clearly all because he felt shocked initially, and he quickly got over it when he realized he couldn’t stop feeling what he did for that person, regardless of their body. He DID give it a lot of consideration–but he’s just one of those people who acts before he thinks. So he acted quickly, and did all of his thinking after the fact. Some people are just that way?

      • Hmm. I thought that Shougo knew, but now that you mention it, I suppose he only knows about Ryouma’s confession and the sofa incident, but it’s true he actually has no idea about how Izumi feels about anything. But yeah, alright, perhaps his overly aggressive butting-in makes more sense now.

        Even if a person was such that they act before they think, saying crap like “you pervert transvestite” is actually their thoughts slipping out. He also later fairly calmly states his feelings of disgust regarding same sex couples during his memory loss. Maybe my personality is just such that I cannot easily understand or forgive him for that. Then again Ryouma is fairly young, so I suppose I should allow him to be small minded as long as he makes progress eventually. (And maybe one day he will also mature in ways that allow him to handle his shock better.)

        Then again I think that Ryouma mainly changes because of his own feelings and his own problems. If he didn’t have feelings for Izumi, he’d be the kind of dipshit that would totally tell you that you are not allowed to love whoever you want if it breaks the heteronorm. Or that’s the feeling I get off of him. I suppose I should forgive him for that too, he simply wouldn’t have known any better. Sometimes it’s hard to be patient in front of prejudice.

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