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August 10, 2014 // setsuna graffiti

Type: Manga
Series: Setsuna Graffiti ~ Blinking Graffiti
Author/Circle: Kino Hinoki
Rating: PG
Language: English
Download: mediafire, dropbox
Note: This one…we’re not fully committed to yet! We’re picking it up tentatively because it’s by No.6 mangaka Kino Hinoki, whose art we just adore, and it looks interesting so far, but we’re really keen to hear your thoughts on it! So please check it out and let us know what you think! Should we keep going with it, or would you pass on future downloads?
Summary: High-schooler Kou has left his grandparents in Tokyo to return to Yamami-chou, where he lived as a child. An incident he experienced in his youth has left Kou with a crippling fear of fire, until he meets with a “Sorcerer’s Apprentice” who changes his life. A coming-of-age story revolving around boys who dream of becoming pyrotechnicians, brought to you by Kino Hinoki, of ‘No.6’!


  1. The first chapter is already so good! I can’t wait for the update!! :D

  2. I have high hopes for this! Looks cute so far :)!

  3. Looks really interesting. I like the plot overview. Reminds me of Dragoon and all those fantasy themed manga.

  4. This…actually sounds interesting! I might give it a go… but we shall see! Muahahaha! xD



  6. Can’t judge much since it’s only chapter 1, but it’s kind of promising. Kou’s lost made me feel bad. Though I had assumed there would be some incidents that led to his fear of fire, I hadn’t thought it would be so harsh :( Anyway, thanks for doing this! Looking forward to chapter 2 :D

  7. I really liked it, I hope you guys decide to continue with it! I love Kino Hinoki’s art and then the story was so fluffy and cute(before it took the route of a certain vermin we all hate to love XD)

  8. I loved the art, but that is obvious, this mangaka work is beyond beautiful. The story seems interesting at the moment, with a bit of mistery and poetry, is not ordinary or tipical, I liked It.

    • Owwwwwww man I submited before thanking you for all the hard work, please forgive me and thanks like always for such a great and perfect work.

  9. YAYYY!


    (I hope it get better and you guys won’t drop it) *crosses fingers*

  10. I just read it and I REALLY LOVE IT SO FAR!

    I feel so sorry for him and that memory and him meeting the “Sorcerer’s Apprentice” aka Ginga-kun was the most adorable meeting ever even if after… that… happened.


    And Ginga-kun. Gingaaa-kun… I love him so much already. GINGAA-KUN. WHY ARE YOU SO BEAUTIFUL? I can’t.
    And what happened to that innocent smile, bby?

    Very lovely first chapter! Can’t wait to see the next one~

  11. It’s a pretty good first chapter! Definitely got me curious about Kou and Kisaragi’s relationship, and how fire will bring them together. I don’t know that I would dedicate myself enough to future updates, since at this point it’s pretty black and white, but it still has enough elements that make me want to indulge in it! Thank you so much for all your hard work, and I’m looking forward to more!

  12. Thank you for picking up this wonderful story.
    Kino Hinoki sensei’s art is superb as usual. I hope their relationship will blossom just like Nezumi&Shion =D

  13. Thanks for the new story! I really liked it, and would be interested to see where it’s going to head from here!

  14. I like the story so far…so please continue translating it! ^^ BTW, it was so sad how he lost his family (T^T)…even his little sister; she was so cute.
    Can’t wait for the next chapter!!! Thanks for bringing us this story, and ur hard work! ^v^

  15. it’s great, hope you’ll continue it :)

  16. I really like it! Art is so preatty and story interesing :D. Definitely I want read more of it! I’m alredy waiting for the next chapter ^^.

    and ofc thanks for your work :D

  17. Eeek! <3 I totally see NezumixSion in it. LOL…. but, but… I think you should continue it. It's so far pretty interesting! :D

    Thank you all so very much for your hard work on this! :3

  18. thank u for picking this up! hope u guys will continue to, I like the story and the artwork just simply amazing as expected from sensei~ ^^ <3
    can't wait to read the next chapters~!

  19. Thanks a lot for doing it <3 I hope you'll continue working on this work. It's still too early to say anything like whether it'll get stupidly dramatic or beautifully touching, but art is great as always and i'm guite enchanted by the story so far. So i guess it's worth trying.

  20. Thank you so much.

  21. Thank you so much! The art is so beautiful and I really like the story. Hope you’ll keep going with it <3 Thanks for new project and your hard work!

  22. I developed a sense of trust when it comes to your releases; so far I like them all and I even got inspired to develop an interest in things I cherish today but might have missed if it wasn’t for your pointing me in that direction; for that I’m very grateful.
    When it comes to this one, I certainly hope you will continue to work on it – the art is beautiful and the story is intriguing so far so I wonder about your wondering about it ^^
    I’d be happy to read more ^^///

    • The only issue is that it isn’t BL and, unlike No.6, we have no idea if it’ll have any gay romantic themes to it. Since that’s the kind of series we like to do, we probably won’t keep up with this (especially if the chapters are lengthy) if there’s no real romantic ‘payoff’ to look forward to ^^;

  23. Thank you :)

  24. Yes, I like it! Please continue translating this one for it seems really interesting. :)

  25. Thank you! For picking this serie! <3

  26. Thank you for the release! This manga look very promising so far :D

  27. Thank you! I really liked this. <3

  28. Thank you !!!

  29. Certainly the drawing style seems fairly clean and polished, but if no one had mentioned it, I wouldn’t have thought anything special of it. I guess that could just mean that I have high standards..

    I never read No. 6, and based on what I’ve seen of it or read about its descriptions it’s rather gloomy, and the romance bit doesn’t even get to be one of the tags for the manga/anime. I understand that it is there, but I don’t much care about everything else that is going on, like the whole corrupt society theme. So I doubt I’ll pick that series up in the future either. (I can always rewatch Ai No Kusabi if I want a corrupt society story with a truly miserable ending.)

    However, often the series you pick to scanlate are good, so I jumped right into this one. So far it doesn’t seem to be a bad story, though I’m not sure how I feel about the whole fear/infatuation relationship to fire. It seems that the protagonist might even feel arousal looking at the fireworks, so yeah.. *frown* Though what bothered me more was that the protagonist was dumb. I get that as a kid he might have been totally sucked into the whole sorcerer thing, but he’s now about 17, so he should be old enough to realize that the other kid just knew the fireworks routine so he could pretend to be conducting it.

    Hmm. I might try the next chapter, but if the story really doesn’t include an evolving romance (preferably between two men), then I’m probably not going to continue following it for long.

    Thanks for this one though, it was well done, as usual.

  30. Aw, that was cute! I hope you’ll keep working on this series! Thanks for picking it up!

  31. I’ve liked this first chapter a lot and I would like to see how the story goes on :)

  32. It really was an interesting beginning. Although there is not much promise on developing boy-to-boy relationship for now, well, that’s how No.6 started as well as I remember. I wonder how the story can turn more serious and interesting though. Just using fire itself doesn’t seem all that intriguing to me– what good does it do anyway? But I would love to see how the story unfolds as it goes on. So, yes, I would like to read more of this. If you can find time to continue it, that is.. :)
    Thanks so much for introducing another great story to us!!!

  33. Thank you very much for the new series!

  34. I love it, the story is amazing so please continue

  35. It’s rare to find a really interesting first chapter, but this one got me hooked. I’d definitely read more chapters that you so graciously provide for us readers! I find having the story centered around fireworks rather refreshing actually, as I too have been fascinated by them since I was a kid. I mean, who doesn’t love fireworks?

  36. Wonderful work as always! I hope you choose to continue with this manga, this first chapter was really enchanting, and I’d love to see more of it, especially with scanlations as high quality as yours.

  37. Thank you!

  38. Thanks for your hard work!!

    I like it so far! The art is gorgeous and the story seems pretty interesting so far :D Im really lookinf forward to see how things will develop from now on.

  39. Thank you very much.

  40. Thank you so much for your hard work. This series looks interesting, I’m interested in future chapters. Definitely great art work.

  41. I enjoyed the first chapter, thank you for your work on it! I’d definitely like to see more! xD (Unless they are parted from each other at the end, lol…)

  42. Thank you, looks interesting.

  43. i thought it was so cute, i would love to see the next chapters till the end since it was such a different concept and i also do hope it turns more BL-ish at the end

  44. I was really looking forward to this series when I first read about~. I hoping someone would scanlate it, so seeing you guys put out this chapter makes me so happy. I just hope you keep releasing it~. I loved this first chapter, it intrigued me and I want to know more~. I respect all the hard work you guys put it the releases. Thank you very much~.

  45. Please keep this one! I read about this a few weeks ago, thought it’d be interesting then! It may have only been the first chapter, but it does look really good! I’m glad I checked the site today!

  46. omg this was amazing. It was sad of what happen to Kou family like really sad losing all his family most be really hard for someone. I like the art style it fantastic the story is looking really good and Ginga is a really interesting character i’m looking forward to more of him. I thing those scenes with the fireworks were just beautiful and i kept wondering how more beautiful it would look animated but anyways i’m defiantly picking this manga up and i hope you continue translating more chapters.

  47. Woah, this was actually really good!! Beautiful art and the story looks super promising, thank you so so much for picking this up!

  48. Woow thank you for your hard work! I’ve been wanting to read more of Hinoki Kino, her art is just amazing :D

  49. It looks cute!
    Thank you!

  50. This was super interesting and beautiful!

  51. Thank you very much! Please continue this story, i really like it XD

  52. It’s been a while since I’ve encountered a first chapter that gets me really interested to know more about the story. This one looks rather promising and I’m hoping that September will decide to continue translating!

  53. OHHH its SO COOL!! the characters are interesting and the history too! T^T please continue <3 loved it

  54. I read the first chapter and enjoyed it very much. Would look forward to reading more, if you decide to continue working on it.

  55. viviana di chiara August 12, 2014 at 4:29 pm Reply

    This first chapter was really interesting! and the art is just amazing! ^^ the characters got me hooked!

  56. I’ve read the manga. Totally love the art, it’s been a while since i see art full of sweetness :D
    Thanks, and good work. my best regard

  57. Aaaawww…..Thank you very much for picking up this series 1st chapter to preview!!^_^ I love the art of Hino Sensei and the story looks interesting despite it’s not BL, but the decision is in your hand anyway so whatever suit you (if you’re quite interested in doing it then I’ll be happy, but if you’re not to keen in doing it then no big deal since you still have plenty of other interesting series/projects)!!>_<

  58. This seems promising, but I hope the manga goes farther away than just the fireworks. The characters are interesting though, so I’d be happy to read more about them.The friends are so energetic!

    Thanks for your hard work!

  59. Talking about the plot is really intriguing in the least, and enough clear and misterious to keep you asking some questions. And if you start wonder, means you have enough interest to want answers. What I want to say is that I would read it in search of those answers, even if there’s no romantic feeling involved. However, every fujoshi sees couples everywhere! And it seems that both main characters will develope an special relashionship…. maybe not love, but I’d like to see what it will become. It has an atmosphere similar to No.6 for me, since all the chapter you have the feeling that there are more than what is shown and is great to find something that keeps your imagination awake. To sum up, I’d like you could give it a try even if is not explicit yaoi because it promises to worth the effort.

    On the other hand…. what is the deal with fire for this mangaka? All Nezumi’s family was killed by fire, this kid’s too. Also something about traumas and ways to overcome or live with losts…different kinds of losts too. And I’d like the play of making two far-too-different behaviours both extremes of the same rope, and finding out the things both share.

    Well, that’s my opinion. And thanks to read it, and to let us read this chapter!! Thanks for the effort!

  60. I freakin’ love it!!! Can’t wait for the next chapter :D

  61. The art is gorgeous as always, and I really liked the story, so far so good, personally I would really love to keep reading it, so it would be awesome if you took the series.
    And as always thank you for sharing with us, without groups like you people like me would´t be able to enjoy this japanese tradition.

  62. Oh my God. Reading the blurb, I expected to like it, but I didn’t expect to like it this much already. Thanks so much for translating it, and please do continue.

  63. It’s beautiful. The art is stunning and the story flows almost magically. I’m really curious to see how the relationship will develop between Ginga and Kou. I wonder if the sorcerer/apprentice magic is real or just an illusion. I think it definitely has potential to have some shounen ai elements as Kou and Ginga remember each other and surely mean something to one another. Ginga’s face when he said ‘I thought you perhaps you’d forgotten me’ was mysterious with hidden implications. Kou seemed to remember the sorcerer’s apperentice (Ginga) even after the fire with fondness and of course curiousity. I truly hope that you can continue Setsuna Graffiti and am so very thankful for your hard work on the first chapter.

  64. Please continue it! The art is so beautiful and makes me happy :)

  65. The art sure is gorgeous! I hope you’ll continue this – it has definitely piqued my interest! As always thank you so much for translating :D

  66. I think this looks quite interesting. Hinoki Kino sensei’s art is really amazing! Please continue as I really love your translations :) Thank you very much for your hard work ♥

  67. Enjoyed it!! Please continue with this release :)

  68. Thank you so much for scanlating this! Story seems interesting so far. lol I’m getting No.6 vibes even though I don’t want to. (maybe they’ll kiss in here too ahaha) I hope you will continue on with this series. ^.^

  69. Ohhhh so far so good. I really love it!! Please continue it, guys : ]

    BTW, thanks for the good work!

  70. I want to see more~

    Sankyu <3

  71. looks good and the art as usual awesome can’t wait for more

  72. Thank you for your work on this release! In my opinion, chapter 1 seems interesting. Both of the main characters are quite appealing to me (I guess I can’t go any further, or this’ll be a spoiler to people who haven’t read it yet). Would be even better if this turned out to be a BL; doesn’t seem like it’ll happen though. I hope your group will keep this project regardless.

  73. YESS FINALLYY IVE BEEN WAITING FOR SOME MORE WORK FROM THIS AUTHOR FOREVER *^* please do continue with the releases!!!!!!! the art is just gorgeous!!

  74. I also lover this autor’s work, please continue with this project too

  75. thank you very much^^
    it’s so beautiful!

  76. gorgeous and well done as always. good job guys! can’t wait to see what comes next!

  77. thanks a lot x

  78. Oh pleaaase keep this going. I’d love to read the whole thing.
    It’s SO awesome.
    Thank you so much for sharing it.

  79. Thank you so much for translating this! I read the manga originally because Hinoki Kino is the manga artist and writer, but now I have fallen in love with the story, and I can’t wait to read more. Please continue to translate!

  80. Crazy good art loooove it!
    De boyz look adorable ;)

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