[PRE-ORDER] Sekai-ichi Hatsukoi ~ Onodera Ritsu no Baai vol. 9



Pre-order Volume 9 (Special Animate Limited Edition) of Onodera Ritsu no Baai @ Shoptember!


This special edition of the newest manga volume (on sale September 1) comes with a never-before-seen-manga booklet (like Volume 7) plus a rubber cellphone charm featuring Takano and Ritsu.

We’ll be taking the first 20 orders, so get yours in soon! Remember that this manga is in JAPANESE (with furigana); for the English version, you’ll have to wait for SuBLime to release, apparently :P

Please hold all questions about our intentions regarding manga scanlations in the wake of licensing for now as we discuss how best to proceed. Just take heart that an official version is coming soon to a bookstore near you!


  1. whoa whoa so…. so…. Sekaiichi Hatsukoi is finally getting licensed…… that is… supposed to be… a good news! i’m….. i’m glad that we (non Japanese speaking fans) will now finally have a proper way to support the author… but it sure takes a lot of patience to wait for the English ver to be released though, for the first volume is out next year… *is currently having mixed feelings*

    but anyhow, we will be waiting for the final word about the scanlation, September! take your time discussing :D

  2. taiga,

    Yes, it is disappointing that it will be so long before they get the first volume out. However, according to that news article, while they’re starting with Volume 1 in Feb 2015, they’ll apparently be releasing bimonthly volumes, which means within a year or so they’ll be caught up.

    In other words, Volume 9 may be out in English before Volume 10 is released in any language, so they’ll be caught up in no time, assuming they can keep up the pace!

    • “…assuming they can keep up the pace…” lol xD they stated they have acquired the rights to all 8 volumes so I suppose they must be able to release the books as quickly as possible though! If they can indeed catch up that fast, it will be really convenient for us hungry fans!

  3. taiga,

    As an addendum: we have absolutely no intention of making fans wait years to find out what’s going on, though, and will find some way to either release in a manner we feel comfortable with or supplement through detailed, image-accompanied summaries as with No.6!

  4. Hi, I just wanted to request SC to plzz provide the scans in manner they are comfortable with but free, coz u see I hardly earn enough to buy monthly groceries along with paying college tuition.. But I support ur decision and it was just a humble request from a huge fujoshi :)

  5. I still gonna buy only the japanese ver. I cannot support publisher that rude, harsh and throw threats to the scanlators because scanlators are fans too. Beside all the manga they license so far (except for the unsuccessful novel) has been scanlated and fan based build by scanlators. Plus their so-called superior quality is only to the fact that DMI quality is beyond bad.

  6. So the extra manga booklet doesn’t come with a “standard” version of the volume? Then it probably also won’t be on SubLime’s version either.. Well, I hope for at least BLなう version of that bit if at all possible. Thank you for your continued efforts on all fronts.

    • From what I can tell, there are two versions right now: the “limited edition” version, which includes the booklet, and the “Animate limited edition” version, which includes the booklet + strap. (there’s also a set that includes the manga/booklet + the new issue of Emerald, but I think that’s a special case).

      After the booklets run out (which takes a while, usually about 6 months to a year), they’ll release the standard version. For example, I don’t think you can buy Volume 7 brand new with the booklet that came with it anymore.

      As for what SuBLime will get…that’s hard to tell. I would guess NOT, but we can’t be sure unless someone asks. They’ve got the rights to Volume 7, which came with a booklet, so they should know. If they got it for Volume 7, they’ll likely get it for Volume 9.

      With regard to BLなう, that’s a very real possibility :)

  7. Technically they only obtain license from vol.1 to 8. Vol.9 and so forth still unlicensed. Hope you guys can continue though.

    • Technically, but they’ll be caught up relatively soon, and continuing to scanlate could cut into the number who might have otherwise bought it given that it will be relatively easily available to many readers. As we said, we’re still discussing how best to approach the issue ^^

  8. Hi, I just want to say that I really appreciate your work and if it wasn’t you it would be impossible for me to read SekaKoi or any other manga because I’m portuguese and in Portugal there aren’t bookstores or anything who sells manga and related so even if it gets an official version by SuBLime I can’t buy it. But I support your decision so thanks for your hard work :)

    • You realize the irony of saying, “I live in a different country from the company selling the manga, so I guess I can’t buy it!” on a post advertising purchases of the Japanese manga to overseas buyers? :P

      It’s the 21st century! Just living in a different country is no longer a valid excuse :P

      • Not everyone is able to purchase it online, yes, this is the 21st century, but not everybody has the same opportunities or ways to buy it like you. Aside from that, thank you for scanlate it.

        • You’re asked to read a comment before replying to it; deliberate obtuseness and failure to even look for the point before falling back on the standby of “not everyone is able to!!!” will not earn you a kind response here.

          In the 21st century, “I live in a different country from where it’s published!!!” alone is NOT an excuse, unless you’re huddled in a tent in the middle of the rainforest reading scanlations on a shaky satellite internet connection.

          The original commenter protested that their living in Portugal meant they would not be able to purchase these books, which others have told them is clearly not the case. They did not say “I can’t buy online!” or “I just don’t have the funds!” They seem to believe distance alone is the prohibiting factor. Read more carefully next time, or don’t comment at all.

          • You’re the one that is being rude, but you’re always rude with your responses. I didn’t demand anything nor I put exclamation symbols in my comment, it was just a short comment trying to be understanding with the another person.

          • @ K.T.

            As this is our blog, we are not obligated to be polite to people deliberately misreading comments and suggesting that we’re not being understanding enough of others’ situations. You’re welcome to read through the conversation you provided unneeded input into once more, but since you seem to have no further constructive comments to add, please don’t comment.

    • I recommend buying them from an online bookstore. You could use Amazon or The Book Depository. If you ship from UK it’s not that far, and the Book Depository delivers for free. The only problem with buying from these is payment method, and if you’re over 16 (have a bank card), then it’s not a problem. If you’re under 16 you shouldn’t be reading any yaoi anyway.

  9. i’m really very sorry for the dumb question, but, how can I pay (I’m from Brazil btw) ’cause I want to buy one and I don’t know how

    • Presumably they’ll be available through online vendors like Amazon, or BlackOleander provided some links above! International shipping is available through most online book vendors these days :)

  10. I don’t know if I’m glad it’s licensed or not because of the many months to read it, especially for the new chapters.
    Thank you for your work on this beautiful manga, it’s a joy to read it.

  11. I heard about the news yesterday! I’m super excited, and Viz Media is actually one of my favorite manga publishing companies! I have a lot of their translated mangas, so I know they will do a good job with it! I just hope the sales go well so they keep their license.


    On the other hand, your translations are amazing, and I hate to see you quit it. But you’re a fan-translating group with actual morals and a clear understanding of how the business world works. A trait which I had always find admirable. :D Whatever you do decide to do about the manga (since I know this won’t affect the novels, unless ViZ licenses it, too! WHICH WOULD BE AWESOME!), I will fully support your decision, because I also understand how the business world works. :)

    And like you said to one of the folks above, you could do summaries like you did with No. 6. :D That way, fans can still be up to date with everything. It’d be the best solution since manga-uploading sites takes advantage of the download links the site puts up and takes profit from that (according to what I hear from fans on the web. Something about ads and the such…).

    Good luck! I look forward to hearing the official announcement soon! :D

  12. I’m not happy about being licensed because I’m not from USA (I’m from Mexico, english is my second language), so I’m not going to be able to read “Sekai-ichi Hatsukoi” and it’s my fav manga… But well ;—;

    • Living in another country doesn’t affect availability, as people above have provided excellent links for great deals on international shipping. You’ll still be able to read it! Mexico in particular should have no problems getting quick shipping on books from just over the border :P

  13. This doesn’t affect the Yokozawa novels though does it? Only pairing I care about anymore.

    • No, it shouldn’t affect them :)

      • Awesome!
        Sick of the main pairing not going anywhere, a disgusting excuse of a second and all the erotica (see what I did there :P) in the world can keep interested given how much better Yokozawa’s novels are.

  14. OMG, Sekaiichi is really been licensed woww, well I live in Brazil, so it’s really difficult to buy since de tax for shipping is reeeeally expensive, but on the other hand, I would be able to touch it, and read it anywhere, but I don’t have international credit card and I don’t work yet, but It would be more than beautiful to have in my shelf, OMG SO MUCH MIXED FEELINGS!!! *sob *sob, I don’t know how am I supposed to feel right now!!! Anyway, you’ve been doing such a great work, fingers crossed and waiting for you guys to discuss, take your time ;)

  15. Most exciting news!!!

  16. umm… thank you for your hard work. really, i love this manga. and it’s not like i can’t read it bcs im in different country or whatever… i just…can’t buy it and that’s not i don’t have monney. i do want to buy them, but im still underage (haha sorry but im 16) and i dont have my own international credit card yet. i just dont wanna imagine my mom reaction, haha… so i hope you can scan this vol 9.. bcs it’s unlicensed yet. I beg you… finish this manga… i’ll do my best to support the mangaka too. But please…. *i can’t wait to buy them! but… ahaha.. im not that patient kid so for now i hope you can finish this. THANK YOU

    • If you have a Visa Electron, then that’s good enough. Or whatever your card is, check if it is listed in possible payment methods. I have never ever showed my parents all of the yaoi manga I own. I’ve usually ordered from the Book Depository, so the manga has come to the mail in individual packages. And I just told my family that it’s manga, I didn’t elaborate what kind. Then I hid all of the yaoi I owned into drawers in my room. Now that I have moved out my collection has moved to an actual bookshelf, and if my family has noticed them, they have not commented. Sometimes I still awkwardly attempt to stand in front of them to block them from view, but mostly I just hope that they don’t pay too close attention and if they do notice or know about it, to then just have the decency to not bring it up. It’s not a conversation I want to have with my parents.

      • Soory but Thank you for your advice and yeah im trying..it’s not like this is my first time for buying something online from another country it’s just lil different usually i have to give my mother my money and she’ll transfer it for me so it’s a lil awkward for Sekai ichi hatsukoi..but im planning to buy my first international manga and it’s No.6 on amazon and if this succes i’ll buy Sekai ichi hatsukoi for sure.. i do want to support Sensei, so.. wish me luck =D

  17. OH MY GOD! I was waiting for this day for so long! Finally! Thank you Sublime! YAYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!
    Thank you for the news!
    And Thank You for all of your work on Sekai-ichi Hatsukoi regardless of what you decide!
    I love the charm…but I will wait for the english edition! Thank you!

  18. but about the yokozawa no baai manga omakes? are they going to be affected as well? ( I know you said the novels arent going to be affected but the omakes still count as manga)

  19. Thank you for the info!

  20. Like many other BL connoisseurs, I’d like to thank September for the prodigious efforts they expend in releasing quality scanlations and strengthening fujoshi unity. While I’m somewhat excited to hear that Sekaiichi Hatsukoi has been licensed, I do worry about limited access that fujoshi in countries with stricter censorship laws have to manga like this. In case you do drop the series, fans will have to brave an extended wait for the release of entire volumes, as opposed to the partial satisfaction they glean from single chapter releases every couple months. However, if scanlating a licensed work further compromises the legality of September, (and therefore the availability of further scanlations) then I’d certainly hope that whichever choice you all make serves to preserve the group. Oh well– for now I’ll just busy myself with work to finance purchase of the formal translations, and accumulate reserve BL to survive SekaKoi withdrawal. Regardless of your final decision, THANK YOU, September, for the dissemination of these series. :D

  21. When I found this news, I went “NOOOOO~!” It will cost me a lot since I’m in Asia (and I’m thinking their located in Western area) but then, when I checked the site and saw that it was available in my local store, I was so happy. But then, I’ll be late for some releases. Nevertheless, I thank you guys for giving me the opportunity to understand and love Sekaiichi. <3 /hugs all the staff :)

  22. Personally I’m so excited about this, as its my all time fave manga, so I’ve already preordered the first 2 volumes ^_^ shame they aren’t gonna be released till next year though… but just knowing that I’ll finally be able to add it to my collection makes me so happy XD

    But what I would like to ask is have you lovely ladies decided what action you’re gonna take regarding the new installment at the end of this month (and all future releases for that matter)? Will you fully scanlate it as usual, or just post a basic summary, or something else entirely? I don’t mean to be a nuisance if nothing has been decided upon yet, I’m just curious is all :)

    • We’re probably going to wait to see the actual issue before 100% deciding, but we’ll likely be doing a detailed summary with images, like we did with No.6.

      We’re not sure about the installments that likely WON’T be translated, though, like the extra booklet to be included with this volume.

  23. Hmm….I don’t know how I feel about that, it’s great that Sekaiichi Hatsukoi has been licensed but I liked the fact that waiting wasn’t a problem.

    Another thing is that the money isn’t a worry, but the worth of the translated book is. It’s generally a lot more expensive in English than in Chinese which is another translated option (Sometimes something like 2 or 3 USD for each Chinese volume, occasionally it goes up to 4 or 5 depending on the thickness but this is just what I see in my local manga bookstores, unfortunately, my Chinese is pretty bad, meaning English is still my medium for reading manga).

    It’s around 12 or 13 USD per book in English though, which means we may really be giving more money than it is worth in other languages. But, hey, we give none anyways to the scanlations so maybe this is the way to pay back all those years of reading for free.

    Thank you for translating this series so beautifully all this time, I really hope you guys will continue, but honestly, I think we all understand if you don’t/can’t ;)

    Gambatte, September Scans!

  24. Hi fencer-x,
    I wanted to know what u (all) think about reaction of ritsu father? His passive reaction uptill now is a bit mysterious.
    What I think is that, his father somehow knows that ritsu is in love with Takano from the start. He could’ve seen them walking home together, maybe. Therefore, when he asked to suddenly go abroad, he didnt refuse ’cause he knew that he was heartbroken.
    Then when Isaka said that his parents came to talk after his transfer, but later said that it had nothing to do with his transfer, I think his father knows Takano was working there, and requested Isaka to keep an eye that Ritsu was not bothered too much.
    But that is what I think and I would like very much for you too to put some light on this matter (if and whenever you are free, that is.)
    Thanks :)

  25. Soooo, I’ve put some thought into this, and I’d like to share what I think with you.

    Sublime has licensed 8 volumes of the manga and they seem to follow a pretty strict schedule, so judging from the way the have handled Crimson Spell and from the frequency of Sekaiichi Hatsukoi’s original tankoubon releases, it seems their aim is to have bi-monthly releases until they have caught up with the latest available volume after the initial license, provided that Sekaiichi Hatsukoi won’t necessarily stop at Volume 10. Following their schedule, Volume 8 will be published on April 2016 and Volume 9 on June 2016; Volume 10, which will have been out for a year by then, will be published on August 2016, at which point they’ll have caught up with the original releases and will most likely be releasing the next volume either at their set date, October 2016, or a little bit afterwards.

    That said, the fact that they’ve only licensed 8 volumes means that they can’t license the series as a series and that they can’t pre-license future volumes, and that automatically means that they can only license volume 9 after it’s been released. That leaves us with the matter of timing. I imagine the license could work automatically, but at this point -when there has been no English-language release yet, I also imagine that before the license of volume 9, they should present the Japanese publisher with figures, results, and most importantly, money. So that means that it could be a while before the license of Volume 9, but not that much before the license of Volume 10.

    Now, I believe it should be pointed out that the majority of Volume 9 has already been scanlated by you guys. With the exception of booklets etc, that only leaves any extra material contained in it that hasn’t been scanlated. In that respect, scanlating it could still be risky, but on the other hand, considering there hasn’t been an English-language release yet, it also possibly means that it can get scanlated faster than the license will take place. In addition, continuing to scanlate will not legally affect you in any way, because Volume 10 is approximately a year off from being released and, considering that Sublime has licensed not one nor two, but eight volumes of a series that, albeit really popular, have already been scanlated, there lie a lot possibilities; not to mention the fact that affecting future sales cannot be extensively argued, given that this is already the case. Moreover, it is quite possible that one-two volumes (possibly more) won’t be able to make up for any sales-loss that will have occurred by then because, when taking Sekaiichi’s popularity into consideration, it is more than 99% likely that some kind of scanlation will occur, as is the case with all really popular series, and it will be uploaded on a reader that even though geo-blocked, could easily be bypassed via proxy.

    And that’s all. I’m not entirely sure if you guys nitpicked it like that, and this certainly isn’t an attempt at persuasion. I just thought that maybe it could help you out in making a decision, and I hope you don’t mind my sharing it with you.

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