[manga] Kasa no Shita, Futari ~ 01

March 22, 2012 // kasa no shita

Type: Manga
Series: Kasa no Shita, Futari ~ Under the Umbrella, With You
Author/Circle: Junko
Rating: R
Language: English
Download: mega, ge.tt
Note: And as promised, our new Junko project! This is a really bittersweet, emotional story, so don’t expect lots of hilarious gags like with other series we like to do. You may find yourself getting choked up reading this story before it’s all over! This series is one full volume, so expect a few more chapters after this :)

Summary: Mio Keisuke is a high-schooler who leads a rather dull, boring life. He can’t keep a girlfriend–because being a kept man’s too much of a hassle, and he can’t bring himself to fall in love and want to please his woman. Then–one day he seeks shelter from a sudden downpour under the awning of an apartment owned by Yugi Kakeru…and suddenly his life isn’t so dull anymore as he finds himself falling for his aloof and yet obviously lonely friend.


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