Love Stage!! PV #2 + Special Drama CD Subtitles

May 31, 2014 // love stage!!, subtitles

Today we bring to you TWO new subtitled pieces! The first is the second (and much longer) promotional video for Love Stage!!‘s upcoming anime (out on July 9). In this video, you’ll finally get to hear Hirakawa Daisuke as Rei and Daigo as Shougo, so listen closely!

Second, we’ve got the lengthy drama CD included with the recent issue of Ciel. Titled, “Izumi the Super Seme-sama”, this audio-only drama features Rei reading all about Izumi’s many colorful plans to top Ryouma…all culled from his library of BL manga, it seems. Use this to tide you over until we get the new chapter out!


  1. this is just so amzing you guys are owesome as ever!!!

    thank you for the hard work”’

  2. I can’t stop having a wide smile!!!
    Thank you for the sub and news!!

  3. thank you so much for your hard work
    the sub was so cute, I cant wait until the anime comes out !!

  4. Thank you! :3


    oh gosh seeing that animated :D

  6. Thank you!! How exciting!

  7. I already saw the PV at the tumblr but the second one xDD

  8. I seriously laughed with the second video xD Rei so funny! and Izumi’s plans are just so Izumi!
    I couldn’t help picturing Nagisa and Rei (from free!) in the swimming audio, perhaps because of the seiyus and that Ryoma said something like it’s so beautiful (although it was another voice) as Free! Rei would say xD
    Thank you September Scanlations for your hard work and I can wait to see the anime :3

  9. Super awesome, thanks a lot!!

  10. orquidea_negra1 June 1, 2014 at 1:38 am Reply

    Thank you so much.

  11. Cute. Thanks!

  12. Kyaaa¬ Rei’s voice! My gosh, my boy, your voice is smexy as hell even if you line cracks me up everytime I watched the PV lol.

    :D Thank you for subbing this PV! It makes more sense now, I can’t wait for the anime to come out! 2 months are too longgg.

  13. Thanks so much! I loved watching this longer preview and the special drama cd was so cute! :D I love their voices a lot ^^

  14. Thanks for the subbing. I really laughed at this one :)

  15. Awesomeness!

  16. Awesome, thanks a lot!!

  17. Thank you so much!!! :D

  18. Thank you very much! Izumi-super-seme-sama just made my day!^^

  19. lol! oh man Rei’s butterfly stroke… thanks, Zaou Taishi sensei u<)/

  20. Oh, I get it; that don’t-belittle-my-feelings line is the same Ryouma told him!
    Sounded familiar to Rei, so he must read Love Stage!! too XD
    His delusions are really funny, at the end it didn’t seem BL anymore >w<
    And~ yeah, Izumi will NEVER get to be a super seme-sama (Ryouma playing neko was also hilarious, but not that much unbefitting either XP)

    Thanks a lot for the drama cd and subs!
    Love! (=

  21. OMG did anyone else notice the Free! reference?? They used Rei’s butterfly stroke XD And Rei SAID why the butterfly stoke of all things?! Thanks so much sensei! And thanks for subbing as well, the drama CD was hilarious and the voices were perfect! I really hope they do something for Back Stage now…..

  22. ehehehe…this was just what I needed today! Thank you!

  23. I thought I was going to die laughing! XD

  24. Thank you!

  25. OMG.. I can’t wait..
    Izumi, give up. You’re absolutely a super uke :D

  26. OMG Thank you so much for subbing the drama, that was hilarious! Love both Rei and Nagisa’s seiyuus in everything they do. They’re perfect as Rei and Izumi!

  27. Aaah~
    I am so excited for the anime to come out!
    Good work as always you guys~

  28. They chose excellent actors for this. It’s so great to hear them. I can’t wait for this to come out!

  29. Neither link works :'(

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