Yokozawa Takafumi no Baai BluRay+DVD on sale August 29th


The Yokozawa Takafumi no Baai movie goes on sale August 29, 2014, and is already up for preorder on sites that ship internationally like Amazon Japan (bluray, dvd)

Please note that the DVD is Region 2 (will not play in the US), while the BluRay is Region 1/A (WILL play in the US); make sure to check your country code before purchasing, unless you have a region-free player!

Will you be subtitling this?

Yes! We’re planning on doing so and expect to have the subbed version out very soon after the DVD is released. It will be released as an AVI hardsub.

So no softsubs?

To encourage those with the available funds to help support the franchise, anyone who provides proof of purchase (like a receipt, or a pic of yourself holding the DVD lol) of the DVD/BluRay will be freely given the standalone subtitle file. This will be a relatively small file that you select when playing the DVD in a player like VLC that will automatically append the subs to the video as you watch :) If you’ve gone through the trouble of purchasing the DVD, after all, we want to help you enjoy it to its fullest!

Can we use your subtitles to sub in our own language?

Yes and no…kind of? If you want to just eyeball the screen and translate the text you see in our AVI hardsubbed version and then time and encode your own non-English version using a raw file you got somewhere, or block out our subs and paste your own over them…have fun. We won’t try to stop you (mostly because we can’t).

If you would like access to our ALREADY-TIMED subtitle file (the one we give anyone who purchases the DVD), where all you have to do is just change the English text in the file to your own language and VOILA instant subs, you’ll have to do as everyone else does and provide proof of purchase. Just our way of trying to give the movie a few more sales. It’s also a pain in the butt to time these things, and the movie isn’t super short, so we’d like others to have to do a little work in this case :P

So this means that at the end of August, we’ll get: New Onodera Ritsu no Baai, new Yokozawa Takafumi no Baai novel canon, and Yokozawa Takafumi no Baai movie! August-September is gonna be pretty darn awesome XD


  1. You’re subbing it? YES!! You guys are awesome!!!
    I love you!!!

  2. That sounds great. Can you tell me how I could tell whether or not my DVD-player has this region thing? I don’t live in the USA, but I’m not 100% sure that my DVD-player isn’t from there. Also my CD/DVD-player is quite old(5 years?), it’s a part of my computer(so it also has the ability to burn discs).

  3. Here are DVD regions:


    And BluRay ones:


    The DVD is region 2, the BluRay is region A/1. The DVD will NOT play in the US, but the BluRay will; for other countries, you’ll need to check out those images!

  4. BlackOleander,

    Ah, sorry — you wanted to check your computer’s region? For that I’d need more information, so I suggest just googling something like ‘how to find out dvd region on mac’ or something similar.

  5. Thank you for the update!

  6. fencer_x,

    Thank you. On Windows 7 I actually needed to get a small program to tell me what region the device is.. But it’s region 2, and when I looked at the map you linked, it seems that most of Europe is region 2 along with Japan anyway, so I guess that DVD-players bought in region 2 will start out with region code 2 (though it seems you can change it up to 5 times before the device locks the region). I suppose this means I can start considering buying the DVD. Though, I’m moving and and… guuh.

  7. BlackOleander,

    Yup, I think you shouldn’t have trouble with the DVD, though the BluRay might be an issue if you wanted that instead. It’s a little expensive, but sooooo worth it!

  8. I’m going to Japan this summer and I’m so happy I’ve chosen the end of august/beginning of september for my trip!! There will be so many good things on sale ><

  9. you will be subbing it, yay!! i can’t wait for the movie to be released and hopefully I’ve got enough cash with me by then….

  10. Can’t wait!

  11. Thanks for the info and update! Look forward to the subs.

  12. Awesome cant wait to see the movie … You guys are the BEST XD

  13. So does that mean you guys will dub the sekaiichi Hatsukoi ova too??

  14. nosebleed!
    oh yeah!! :D

  15. It there a way to find out If the DVD/BluRay will have subtitle features? Like, does it perhaps come with an option to turn on subtitles in Chinese or another language?

  16. Yay! Thanks a lot for the announcement! My favorite couple from the Sekakoi/JR universe :D

  17. thank you for this i am so happy you can’t believe but i have a silly question but thats me, what is the diff between hardsub and softsub?

  18. Awesome!!! I think buying the blu-ray is more safe than the DVD because of the player.
    I wanted to know if September will subtitle the other animes as well, like Hybrid Child, Love Stage or the movie Doushitemo Furetakunai, etc. And if yes, you’ll apply the same rules for them?
    I’m sorry to bother you with that.
    I’m looking forward to Yokozawa Takafumi no Baai movie! <3
    This year will be wonderful, with a lot of BL things to enjoy \o/

  19. Mitzi,

    Categorical “no” for subtitling other things; we’re not interested in most, and LS will probably already have dedicated fansub groups (I think CrunchyRoll is also already taking it on?), so there’s no point.

  20. heffrons,

    Hardsubs mean the subtitles are hardcoded onto the video as PART of the video; you can’t turn them off, but you can also play them on pretty much any movie player/DVD player etc.

    Softsubs are able to be turned off, or can be appended to, for example, actual DVDs, because they are standalone files that you just load with the DVD.

  21. Thank you so much for planning to sub the movie, I am jumping through my room, because I’m so happy ^^

  22. thank you so much for subbing it!!!

    I still don’t know whether I will have the money, but I just tried to find the DVD on Amazon.jp but with looking for “yokozawa” I only got the novels I think… what am I supposed to put into the search the get the DVD in the results!?

    (adding DVD only gave me no useful results…)

  23. bronakopdin,

    I linked to the Amazon Japan pages in the post? XD;

  24. Thank you so much for the news, and glad that you will be subbing this. Looking forward to August now!!!

  25. YEAYYY!!! I’ve been waiting for this news! Hopefully the sub will be on HD dvd ones? Hahahah, but if it is low-res, i’m gonna wait for it too… Thumbs up for your works! I’ll be waiting patiently… ^^

  26. Monica,

    I’m not sure what you mean by “hopefully”? Neither the DVDs nor the BluRays will be subbed. That’s why we’re offering subtitle files to anyone who purchases and wants to be able to watch subtitled versions on their computer.

  27. -dances- Yay~! Thank you~!

  28. Thanks you so much! I’ll be waiting for the subs<3

  29. Wow, great news!!! (*o*) I can’t wait to watch the movie ^^ And it’s even greater that you’re going to sub it \(*o*)/

    Anyway, just one thing I’d like to add:
    on CDJapan’s site the BluRay is categorized as REGION FREE.
    A few years ago, we had the same dilemma with the Ai no Kusabi BluRays (they were categorized as Region A at all the shops except for CDJapan). When a fan (my dear friend, Rihannon) contacted them (I mean CDJapan’s customer care), she was told that all the BluRays that feature stuff “made in Japan” (anime, Japanese movie, etc.) are all region free because BluRay is a technology invented and standardized by Japan, so they can produce their own stuff on region free disks. This is NOT valid for imported (i.e. foreign) movies and cartoons published in Japan, though, neither for DVDs because the DVD technology wasn’t invented by the Japanese.
    In fact, I bought all 4 AnK BluRays and they’re all region free, so I can watch them on my BluRay-player without any problems ^^ (I live in Italy, so in B region code)

  30. Damn, the link for CDJapan’s site has disapperaed… Ok, let me try again xD:

  31. When i got my dvd, should i email you guys with the picture or should i contact you differently?

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