Kadokawa Shoten/Marukawa Shoten’s shoujo manga magazine ‘Emerald’ to be published FOR REAL! To feature two works each by Nakamura Shungiku and Abe Miyuki



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There’s some HUGE movement in the works for Nakamura-sensei and Abe-sensei!

[translated from the source]

We’ve just learned that the shoujo manga magazine Emerald, featured prominently in the manga Sekai-ichi Hatsukoi, is going to actually be published for real. This project will see the actual publication as a real magazine of Emerald, the top-selling shoujo manga magazine released by Marukawa Shoten, the fictitious publishing house that forms the setting of Nakamura Shungiku’s popular manga-turned-anime/movie Sekai-ichi Hatsukoi. It will be published August 2014 as a special edition of Kadokawa Shoten’s Ciel.

The concept is: “I can read both BL manga AND shoujo manga?! Best-in-history★super extravagant magazine for women!!” This magazine will subsequently host full-time Nakamura Shungiku’s Junjou Romantica and Sekaiiichi Hatsukoi and Abe Miyuki’s Super Lovers and Hakkenden, which have received irregular serialization thus far; these four titles will be published every issue, now.

Further, this first issue will be packed to the gills with content, publishing 2 chapters each, with more female-oriented publications planned.

The first issue (the summer issue) will feature Sekai-ichi Hatsukoi ~ Onodera Ritsu no Baai, a special compilation of “Nakamura Shungiku’s 5 works” and “Abe Miyuki’s 2 Works”, as well as a preview DVD for the Hybrid Child anime.

This first issue will include, according to the cover:

  • Onodera Ritsu no Baai (manga)
  • Yokozawa Takafumi no Baai (novel) (yessssss more Trifecta already!)
  • Junjou Romantica (manga)
  • Junjou Terrorist (manga)
  • Hybrid Child anime promotional video
  • Super Lovers (manga)
  • Hakkenden (manga)

AND MORE. This means works by Nakamura and Abe will be published FOUR TIMES A YEAR (seasonally; presumably at the end of February, May, August, November), all at once! No guarantee of WHICH cases/couples of Nakamura’s will get published, but this means you can 100% expect new Nakamura and Abe material every three months, instead of waiting in vain every two.



  1. This is AWESOME XD … Nakamura-sensei and Abe-sensei together!!! along with my favorite works ; Sekai-ichi Hatsukoi & Super Lovers at fixed timings XD this is just the best news I’ve heard in months ^_____^

    Thank you so much for your hard work on these series. You always provide amazing quality for us fangirls. I don’t know where I would be without you (probably crying in a hole). XD



    *struggles to find appropriate word*


  5. I wonder if somehow I can subscribe for it and have it send to my country…

  6. awesome, all my favorite mangas in one issue, thanks you all you made my day! :)

  7. yuyu,

    I’m not sure about country, but sometimes stores like Kinokuniya will sell subscriptions to magazines :D

  8. I may have screamed – very loudly – when I saw this :D :D YAY!

  9. キャアアー! I think I typed that right! So excited…!

  10. Wait, super lovers is published once a month, no? NOW will be released after three months?? D: <

    but, the idea is very genial xD very súper copado, fantástico jejejejeje

  11. Laluz,

    Super Lovers is published, at best, every 2 months right now (sometimes less often if an issue is skipped). Now it will be 100% for sure published every 3 months–so a better deal :)

  12. Yaaaaaaaaaaaay!! Thanks for sharing the good news!! :D

  13. « but this means you can 100% expect new Nakamura and Abe material every three months, instead of waiting in vain every two. »

    I am SO happy ! :D :D
    Thanks for this so wonderful news !



  15. The best news I ever heard for this month! °•(>┌┐<)•° Tanoshimi!!


  16. Wow, I’m shocked in the most positive way possible. o__O Like seriously, something I wouldn’t have expected to happen.

  17. This is super exciting, thank you for sharing this news! But, I have a question…

    Will you be translating it? If so, will you be translating all of it or just sections? If just sections, which sections would you translate?

    Sorry, I’m just curious…

    Thank you though, seriously! <3

  18. Kura,

    We’ll be translating what we’ve always translated: Sekai-ichi Hatsukoi and Super Lovers.

  19. Fuck yes more Trifectaaaaaa!!!! :DDDD thank you for the info <3

  20. GREAT NEWS!!!! Almost umbelievable…

  21. Maybe I’m just weird, but I’m not really as excited as others seem to be. Usually I’m dead-bored with Shoujo and I cannot put up with 50 chapters of “Will he kiss me?!!”, though I suppose I’m not exactly in the target demographic. So it makes me wonder a little why combine shoujo and yaoi into the same magazine, when some of that yaoi (especially Nakamura’s works) are seriously parental-advisory-sticker-earning and most shoujo is appropriate for young, possibly barely, teen-age girls. (Or have I seriously misunderstood something? o.o )

    But well, if this means that JR will also start moving again, that’d be great. Though you guys won’t be translating it, maybe one day I will just buy the whole volumes and be able to read them for myself in Japanese. (Meanwhile hopefully some not-completely craptastic group will scanlate.)

    I suppose it’s also good that Sekai-ichi hatsukoi will also be on an iron-clad schedule. I’m still struggling to form an opinion on Super Lovers, and you are still catching up with the chapters, but I suppose it’s good to know there’s more on the way.

    *subdued cheer* Thank you, がんばってください~

  22. BlackOleander,

    I very much doubt there will be a lot of SHOUJO shoujo; they can’t label it all BL because of Hakkenden, which the little I’ve seen is most definitely not your run-of-the-mill shoujo romance (in fact I’m struggling to recall if there’s any romance at all, let alone very prominent female characters?). Hakkenden isn’t BL, though (because there’s no overt romance), so they can’t slap a BL label on the magazine.

    But this is a magazine that will run explict porn like Nakamura’s series and less explicit like Super Lovers; methinks there won’t be a whole lot of cheesy het shoujo series, despite the label.

    • fencer_x,

      Ah, I see. I suppose it’s more of a smash of certain works inbetween the same covers, then. :)

  23. What an awesome freaking thing! I am so excited! XD

  24. What the… it’s just like are they for real? A fictional magazine becoming real! Those last few days there was several good news from Nakamura’s work, well from a french point of view. The news came out with a pre-order offer for the full Sekaiichi and full Junjou DVD as well as the french publication of Sekaiichi manga (Junjou being published in french yet). It just seems that since the Trifecta movie (can it be said a success?), things are going even better for Nakamura, since she was yet a good seller. As always you’re the best for keeping us abreast of the BL news.

  25. this is awesome!
    especially since it makes the mangaka have enough time to do their stuff I guess :D
    or at least I hope ^^
    thanks for the news :D

  26. whoaaaaattttttt?!?!?!??!?!?!?!??? ……………. *speechless*
    wow kadokawa knows how to make fujoshi happy~~~~ \>///</

  27. This is the best news ever!! I can’t wait to subscribe to this magazine. Thank you for the news!!

  28. OH my God, that’s so adorable! I think the idea of publishing something that was fictional is super awesome!!!! It’s also a great way of advertising lol. Really lookin forward to this!!!


  30. autumnstarshine May 26, 2014 at 9:21 pm Reply

    Yayyyy!!! What terrifically exciting news!!

  31. holy sh*t i’m actually trying to contain my excitement but I CAN’T.

    THIS IS FREAKING GOOD NEWS. THANK YOU FOR THE INFORMATION. and dem per three-months releases…. such assurance! BL titles’ releases have never been really predictable, sadly, and to think two of my fave titles will be released per three months FOR SURE is just… wow! *wipes excited tears*

  32. oh my god…
    oh my god…
    speechless with joy! wow…

  33. all my thoughts are doing is:
    Oh my god!Oh my god!Oh my god!Oh my god!Oh my god!Oh my god!Oh my god!Oh my god!Oh my god!Oh my god!Oh my god!Oh my god!Oh my god!Oh my god!Oh my god!Oh my god!Oh my god!Oh my god!Oh my god!Oh my god!Oh my god!Oh my god!Oh my god!Oh my god!Oh my god!

    Great news!! really love it <3! good for them both!

  34. I prefer “Onodera” serie the most, ‘coz of their (as Naruto fangirl have to say it;p) SasuNaru-like type of relationship… of course adding sleeping, kissing( unless you add that “incident”) and all that thing, but arguing like old marrige, using nick names, Onodera chasing Takano and wanting to be like him, even in some way RESEMBLING those two by appearance( in raw drawing, with color it is obvious, Ritsus hairs are brown)…

    It just remind me of my favourite “couple” (shounen are always less obvious more like “bonds”, “brotherhood” and all, but to want to DIE with somebody else is a lil bit too much for a friend? Or so I think ;-) ), so I got a lil bit carried away. ^u^

    But to be true, humor is most intence here and as I firstly saw TV series(both) I “fall in love” with Onoderas “KOI JA NAI!”.

    To sum my blabbing up – I will be waiting and checking. :)

  35. Oh my God, I want to buy the real thing!!! … I really want it!!! please let me know of any way to buy it outside of Japan

  36. Are they even going to be able to keep up with this kind of schedule, considering how non-consistent their releases have been it seems like this would be difficult for them so I hope it works out…
    Excited for more Trifecta already though XD

  37. Shiro,

    They’d actually be reducing their rate; if they were publishing how often they’re SUPPOSED to be right now, it’d be every 2 months in 2 magazines (so 1 month per magazine), that would be 60 pages a month (for example, a 60-page JR chapter one month, a 60-page SH chapter the next, a 60-page JR chapter the next, etc.).

    With this new gig, it’ll be 1 JR chapter + 1 SH chapter every 3 months, so 120 pages every 3 months = 40 pages/month, a 33% reduction in work :) This gives them an easier schedule that they can stick to rather than a tougher schedule that they only meet half the time, if that.


  39. Definitely a dream comes true!!! My gosh, I’m not dreaming right?! This is the best news for this horrible week of endless exams T_T

    ;D Thank you sooo much for sharing this exciting news!

  40. OMG I’m so excited! This looks really amazing!! *q*

  41. The true question being, are the editors a bunch of handsome gay men like those of the fictional magazine.

  42. This is absolutely amazing news! :D How do you go about it if you want to buy the magazine but live outside of Japan? Would love to support this in any way I can… :)

  43. Whaah, so happy! :D This sounds like one of those things when you’re like: ‘yeah, it would be so cool if that actually happened’ and now it’s real! So awesome! xD Thank you so much for letting us know, and I’m looking forward to the new chapters!

  44. YESS!!! I love Trifecta!! :D They’re pretty smart for making Emerald real LOL. Fangirls.

  45. This sound too good to be true!!!!!!
    I guess it just shows how well Nakamura Shungiku works are selling.

  46. OMG!!! I have almost definitely flatlined and gone to BL heaven… This is… not a dream right?? A consistent dose of Nakamura sensei AND Abe sensei 4 times a year??? Thank you guys so much for letting us know!!

  47. Looking forward to seeing it happen.

  48. I just love with no limits Abe Miyuki’s works and this is unbelievable… Right now I’m frustrated ’cause I can’t buy this one 7.7

  49. Is there anyway to possibly order this to ship overseas? XD that’s all I want rn

  50. I need to get my hands on at least one volume of this!!!

  51. This is the best news I’ve heard in a long time! Hip hip hooray!!

  52. YYIIIHAAA!!! :D

  53. OMG! OMG! OMG! OMFG! I soooo miss junjou terrorist and more Yokozawa-Kirishima action is always appreciated. Not to mention super lovers and sekakoi obviously. So happy, can’t wait!

  54. YAY!!! I’M WAY TOO OVER-EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I REALLY NEED TO GET ONE COPY!! But how do I hide this manga from my parents ._.

  55. i… i cant breathe… gais, send help. ambulance. something. i need oxygen.




    so much yes, you don’t understand


  56. OH mon Dieu, c’est magnifique! That’s sooooo awsome XD great idea!!!!

  57. Wow this is incredible! Fiction becomes reality! I’m very excited about Abe Miyuki’s works, Trifecta, Yukina and Kisa, and maybe Mistake and Nostalgia. Thanks for the news! :D

  58. Yay!! That’s amazing news! Still can’t believe it, we’ll get the real emerald magazine *-*

  59. So it’s basically like another Ichiraci? I hope more magazines like this emerge with more focus on an actual plot with BL element and less focus on BL without a plot (read: basically every BL title). Glad that these titles will be published on a schedule! Though the pairing of authors seems a bit weird.

  60. Dustin Diamond,

    “Though the pairing of authors seems a bit weird.”

    It does seem a bit weird, but both of these authors publish long (and long-running) series in TresTres and Ciel right now that have them putting out 60 pages a month–a really tough schedule that often has them behind. By giving them their own separate magazine (with a bit of extra, as they aren’t the only authors publishing in ‘Emerald’), they’re relieving them to a much more manageable 40 pages a month (Yamamoto already does this with her stories in Gush, and that’s on TOP of her Konya publications ever 2 months as well).

    Moving JR/SH out of TresTres/Ciel also gives the editors of those magazines leeway to dedicate more page space to other authors rather than constantly promoting Nakamura’s newest stuff.

  61. AAAAAAAH!! I can’t believe!!!! FINALLY!!!!!! A manga for Junjou Terrorist! My favorite couple in Junjou’s world! (the first is kirishima x yokozawa, but miyagi x shinobu is the next best thing in my opinion!)
    Do you know if the issue of Emerald will be released this month? I’m sure I’ll want to buy the magazine!
    Thank you for the news!!!!! they’ve brighten my day!

  62. Mitzi,

    Try rereading the article a little more carefully if you want to know when it will be released :P

  63. So my year has just been made. This is way better thank xmas.

  64. Oh!! August 2014!! =O
    Awesome! Is my vacation o//
    This year is going to be exciting, with BL movies, animes, and now a new magazine \o/

    Thank you!

  65. You had me at more Trifecta! Honestly, I’m losing interest in SekaKoi (these days, I find myself reading it just to catch a glimpse of the Trifecta boys where possible) and I still can’t bring myself to try Super Lovers (despite having stockpiled all the chapters that you lovely ladies have put out). But this is excellent news to pull me out of my Trifecta withdrawal funk – August can’t come soon enough!

  66. I’m way too excited I’m at lost of words!! BANZAAAAI!!

  67. Anyone know where I can buy this magazine? a site? Really thanks.

  68. Awwwwesome :3

  69. omgslfjkhdjfhlfjshf this is amazing O//A//O Emerald’s going to be real!! But why am I more excited on the employees and editors who’ll work there than the magazine itself lolol
    I just hope it won’t get less ‘explicit’ because it’ll be a shoujo x bl magazine

  70. Onion,

    Nakamura includes explicit porn in almost every chapter, there is absolutely no way it will be one iota less explicit :P It’s likely only being labeled “shoujo and BL” instead of just BL because of Hakkenden’s inclusion (which while not really your typical shoujo, it doesn’t include any explicit guy-on-guy romance AFAIK, so it’s not BL).

  71. \*_*/ this is such amazing news !! Thank you for sharing

  72. Say WHAAAT?! I’m not really even sure what this means, but I want all of it!

  73. gya!!! * goosebumps* while reading this great news”
    so excited to see them all…

    thank guys for the updates/////

    this so owesome!


    awesome that Emerald is getting a real publication in OUR world hahahahaha it’s half hilarious half amazing!!!

  75. Everything in this magazine is everything that I love! Definitely a thumbs up for me. <3

  76. Yeah, I kind of figured they were published in the same magazines but I’m really bad at keeping track of that (to the extent that I forget just after reading about it)

    Also, I hope that Emerald being published for real as a shoujo/BL mag means that the fictional Emerald will also become such a magazine. And later the series itself will be in the series, and then it’ll end with a realistic and creepy looking Ritsu staring at the reader saying “I AM MANGA”

  77. This is THE best news EVER!!~ Can you buy the magazine online?? ‘Cause that would be amazing!! I would SO buy it!! I wouldn’t even mind if it was in Japanese! I mean of course it would be wonderful if it gets translated into English!!!! But I just REALLY want this magazine no matter what!! <3

  78. GYAHHH! THIS IS SO VERY EXCITING! Thank you very much for sharing the news!

  79. kyaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!! what a great news!!!!!!
    〜( ̄▽ ̄〜) 〜( ̄▽ ̄)〜 (〜 ̄▽ ̄)〜

  80. OMG OMG SO EXCITED *rolls face on keyboard* DF’QLFWE’WMASJKNCSKJDNXPMC2203457234R892H209NCOISDJV

  81. Good & Bad news at once… less Super Lovers =( but maybe better for the authors if they don’t miss any release dates great but if they do horror sheer HORROR!!!!!!

  82. Thank you for the info!:)

  83. YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS. Thank you SOOOO much for sharing such WONDERFUL news. Now, will you excuse me while I scream into my currently nonexistent pillow.

  84. OH MY GOD! Thank you for the news!!! This will be available on the bookstore right like any normal magazines ??? LOL this magz is not normal I mean it feels like coming from a wonderland and it’ll gone at 12 AM once you finished reading it!!! AHHH anyway thank you for the heads up! I will just searching more info about this! Can’t wait especially for Hybrid Child, been wanting that series to be more popular uwu

  85. Finally it’s all coming truuueeeeeeeeeee!!!!!! You just made my day (although this post have been online since forever! hahahahaha. Thank you so much for giving us news and for your endless hardwork for all translations!!!! I love you guys!!!!! I wish I could hug you all~~~~ hahahahaha!!!! <3 <3

    Nakamura Shungiku’s and Abe Miyuki’s manga already on my favorite list mangaka, and what? EMERALD will be publised for real??? That’s something that must be looking forward!!
    Oh gosh… I’m imagining there are real Takano and Onodera editor who is working for real now XD

    Can’t wait~ ahh~ this year is total bliss.. so many things to be looked forward :3
    without you I will never know the best romance of TakanoxOnodera >//<
    Thank you for your effort!

  87. Hi there,
    Is Emerald released yet? I checked the kadokawa site and they had written 30th Aug. Though I cant seem to find any fangirl hustle-bustle on internet that can tell if it has been released or not?
    kindly someone put some light on this.

  88. was chapter 13 .. that special chapter??
    did u drop SL ?? or just lil on materials ?? ^^”

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