[doujinshi] UtaPuri ~ Multicolored World

March 11, 2012 // natsuki/shou, satsuki/shou, utapuri

Type: Doujinshi
Multicolored World
Series: Uta no Prince-sama ~ Maji Love 1000%
Author/Circle: Doping Heaven
Pairing: Natsuki/Satsuki/Shou
Rating: R
Language: English
Notes: Understand that this is a really beautiful take on a threesome relationship developing between the characters above–it’s not simply Natsuki/Shou and Satsuki/Shou, but involves elements of all three having feelings for one another.

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  1. UtaPri~
    Thank you soo much for your hard work! And wow is that a direct download I see?! Ha ha.
    Wonderful job as always! X3

  2. Misaki,

    Haha, we feel a little antsy using server space for manga that could conceivably get us shut down, but we’re brash and brazen with doujinshi! :P

  3. I’m not really into this fandom and hate going into a story feeling that I’m missing something, but it sounds intriguing so I’ll give it a try.


  4. luzy,

    Haha well it’s kind of got backstory that’ll confuse you: but the canon is based on a shoujo dating sim where you’re a student at a school that grooms attendees to become idols/composers, and you have to try to get with one of the 6 smoking hot friends you make XD

    Since these 6 smoking hot male friends of yours are themselves roommates (2 to a room), much of the fandom just says ‘fuck it!’ to getting with the guys and slashes the roommates. These two in this doujinshi have been friends for a long time, and one of them (Natsuki) has a split personality within him (Satsuki) who’s his polar opposite and comes out whenever Natsuki takes off his glasses.

    With that, you should be able to more or less get the gist of what’s going on :)

  5. I don’t think I have said it but you guys is currently my safe heaven. The air around here just feel so much lighter. <3 Anyway, I keep hearing abotu UtaPuri, but never really look into it, and the description/summary of this doujinshi sounded so interesting that I just have to take it (also that it's 3P relationship, yum). XD

  6. I just finished it and I love it already. I’m sold to this series doujinshi. =D Thank you for the hard work!!! <3

  7. MANY THANKS for Ur hard work

  8. Thank you so much for UtaPri DJ,
    love this series so much

  9. Thank you very much!

  10. Thank you

  11. Thank you <33

  12. thank you

  13. Thanks so much for this! ^^

  14. Thank you!!! :)

  15. Thank you so much !!
    Have a nice week !

  16. Thank you so much for the doujinshi I like this couple!

  17. I’m new to this fandom but I like to try new things. :)
    Thank you so much! ^^

  18. Thank you all so much for this, you all are incredible.

  19. that was super duper sweet!!! <3 thank you so much!!!

  20. Wow. I never imagined this to get translated! Miss Hazuki Yui is a friend of mine, and I don’t know, I just feel very proud of her to have her works scanlated, thank you!

  21. Nanashi,

    Well while I probably wouldn’t want her knowing that her work’s being spread like this, since few doujinka would appreciate it I’m sure, I hope she knows how great her work is! I really love both her art style as well as her storytelling; this is one of my all-time favorites, and I’ve never been interested in threesome relationships before!

  22. Nanashi,

    Though I just noticed that you don’t have the circles website’s linked along with the post? It would be nice if you did.

  23. Nanashi,

    I’m a bit concerned about trackbacks; I’d rather credit the artist and have people find them themselves than potentially leave a footprint. Anonymizing links may be an option though…

  24. fencer_x,

    Ah I see. Regarding your other reply, I understand what you mean. I have not planned to tell Miss Hazuki about this, but I from what I’ve seen from other doujinshi scanlating sites, I thought it was the norm to link to the original artist? As that way, at least they’ll gain more hits to their site and more general interest from fans. I’m not very informed about how things run in this scanlating business, though, so I might be wrong.

  25. Nanashi,

    Using analytics, it’s very easy to see WHERE traffic comes from; this could be distressing if an artist sees traffic coming from this website or other scanlating websites, so we don’t want to link directly. Using a link anonymizing service or similarly disguising links, it may be feasible to link directly to the website, but it must be done delicately.

    Japanese fans are very aware of this and many outright ask users not to jump directly from their website to ‘official’ sites to stay under the radar.

  26. I’m in heaven. I thought the anime was crap but the boys were beautiful. Now if only there were more Hakuouki DJs… Thank you!!

  27. I loved this doujinshi, it’s just so pretty in every aspect, both in drawing style and storyline~
    I loved the relationship between those 3, and the feelings that they share, just so pretty~
    Thank you very much!

  28. thank you!!!!!!

  29. When I read what you said on this dj, I cannot suppress the sob I’ve been holding. I knew I wasn’t the only one too touchy-feely with this pair.
    You don’t know how much of a happy girl you’ve made me by scanlating this one! Thank you so much! I’m always on a look out for more djs of this pair, or in fact, all pairs in Utapri.

    Thank you again!

  30. thank you very much! although i haven’t watch utapuri yet, i still love this pairing!!

  31. I’ve been waiting for this OMGOMGOMG. Thank you so much for the hardwork!!! ;;

  32. Thank you so much for your great work! ♥

  33. good work. thanks for sharing uta book. i love them! could i ask your perimssion to tranlate to chinese? i love them, i want my friends understand as well. i make sure september will be credit. btw, can you tell me what i need to put in my credit sheet if you let me translate.

    thank you very much indeed
    very appreciated.

  34. OMG, that was such a beautiful story and the art was just gorgeous! Thank you so much for scanlating this and I hope you guys can do more from this circle. :D

  35. Thanks for the new release!

  36. thanks for the release….

  37. Thanks for the release! There’s not much Utapri doujins around so I really appreciate your scanlating this! This also happens to be my favorite pairing, ha ha. I look forward to your future picks! :D

  38. thank you

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