[manga] Mujihi na Otoko ~ 06.5 [EXTRAS]


Type: Manga
Series: Mujihi na Otoko [EXTRAS]
Author/Circle: Sakuraga Mei
Rating: PG
Language: English
Download: mega
Notes: Getting started on the as-yet-unscanlated pieces from previous Sakuraga works! First up, the final two omake pages of Mujihi na Otoko. The first omake takes place the evening after Kuon and Nanao solve their differences and decide to start dating, while the second was kind of a ‘commercial’ before Mujihi na Otoko started running, in which Mikado informs Kuon that he’s going to be in a new comic series paired up with Nanao… Suffice to say he’s not thrilled at the prospect XD


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