[manga] Otokogokoro ~ Final Extras

January 25, 2014 // otokogokoro

Type: Manga
Final Extras
Series: Otokogokoro ~ A Man’s Heart
Author/Circle: Kanda Neko
Rating: PG
Language: English
Download: mega, jumpshare
Forum Discussion: HERE
Notes: We’re bringing you the extras included with the release of the final volume of this story–as well as the freebies that came with in-store purchase kindly provided by tumblr user hunterxhunterlove! She’s also allowing us to scan an extra booklet she’s trying to win a lottery for that’s connected to this series, so you may yet have a little more to look forward to from these two :3 Enjoy!


  1. OMG thanks for that and thanks to her too. This series is just too good and such!

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  3. Thank you to everyone! I missed this couple. Now I need to go back and reread.

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  7. I thought I would never see this series again!! T^T… Yay!! Thanks for this!!

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  9. Aaaaawwww.. Finally >_< Thank you so much for your hard work all this time guys.. :D

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  13. I was not expecting any more stories about them so no matter how small it is I’m super excited. Thanks!

  14. OMG! More of this beautiful couple? >o< Thank you so much for sharing!

  15. Oh, awesome! Thank you very much, and thanks to hunterxhunterlove as well! =D

  16. Woot, thanks to you guys and her, for this release!
    Love Kanda-sensei’s works :3

  17. Thanks to you and hunterxhunterlove we get to enjoy more deliciousness \(^o^)/. I never get tired of this sweet couple ^^

  18. Ahhh you mentioned me… *blushes* …no thank you(!)…. I love Kanda Neko-sensei so much… *___*

  19. Thank you so much for this manga and your hard work!!!

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  21. ohhh, thank you! I love these two!

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  24. *squeals* yay so adorable can’t wait to read! thank you =)

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  36. Awesome! One of my fav pairings!
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  39. Kyaaaa!! I’m dying of cuteness and fluffiness!! I love you Jun!!! <3

    One of the cutest and sweetest stories I've ever read! :D

    September scans, Thank you for this !1 :3

  40. Thank you very much~! Special thanks to hunterxhunterlove for providing the extras~!!! ^^

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  44. A wonderful release, thank you so much for your effort!

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  47. thank you for the release. your hard work is much appreciated. until we meet again best wishes & regards.

  48. I really loved this series – thank you very much! <3

  49. Cant get enough of this cute couple!! Thank you so much!
    Even I’m still have lot of questions about both of their families (because the story can still develop in my thought).
    Thanks again!!

  50. Yaaaaaaaaaaaaay
    My OTP!!! I’m so happy!!! <3
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  52. Thanks so much for the release! I love this manga series so much. I’ll be sad to see it go!

  53. thank you so much, this one was so cute I loved it, I hope she wins!

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  55. wow! I thought it was over like over n out hasta la vista baby with this one.


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  57. Thank you!! Saki and Jun are just such a cute couple XDD Just love reading about them, makes your heart all fluffy and warm!!

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  62. Thank you for the release of the extras! I love this couple they are so sweet. (^_^)

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  67. OMG!! this couple is my favrite i never expected to see from them again but now im soo happy !!!!! i even have exams and my i had a bad mood !!! but now !!! this made me really REALLY happy !!! X33333


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  74. Thanks! I liked this manga but Puchitto was so much hotter!!!!

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  76. Thank you for your hard work !!!I’ll miss Jun and Saki !!!They are sooooo cute !!!!

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  78. Thanks heaps for the ending to this adorable series. Here’s hoping sensei does something like this again, just love these characters so much!

  79. Everyone’s favourite dose of fluff! Thank you very much. u///u

  80. thank you all sooooo much for your hard work!
    i can only pray that sensei gives us more of jun and saki san!!!

  81. Oh, my! Thanks a LOT!!! They are too cute.

  82. hooray love this series! d/l now can’t wait! thank youuuuu

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  85. Thanks very much for the final bits! Will be anticipating for the extra release on this series. Love it so much!!!

  86. T_T The link is either dead or deleted. Would you be so kind as to reupload it?

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