[doujinshi] Free! ~ I’m a College Student

January 19, 2014 // free!, rei/nagisa

Type: Doujinshi
I’m a College Student
Series: Free!
Author: Akuta
Pairing: Ryuugazaki Rei/Hazuki Nagisa
Rating: NC-17
Language: English

[removed on request of author after readers notified her of our scanlations]


  1. Nagisa getting emotional when he saw Rei’s penguin figurines made me LOL, that’s so cute >.<

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  5. My dream came true ;_; God bless you, fencer!


  7. It’s really cute, thank you so much!!!

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  9. Yay!!! Thank you so much and have a lovely weekend ^^

  10. Thanks for sharing but i was wondering if you would be uploading to another site because MEGA isn’t working for me?

  11. Yaoigirl,

    As we’ve always said–we do our part by uploading to at least one site. If that site isn’t working for you, it’s your responsibility to find someone else to help you. We’re quite busy as-is and can’t cater to everyone with issues. Find a friend to help or use a different browser.

  12. @yaoigirl Ah, mega isn’t working for me either for the start, very slow. You refresh or leave it on for a while. should run but very very slow, different from usual.

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  16. So adorable! Thanks so much for sharing…got a nice dose of sweet with this one and really enjoyed it.

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  20. I really loved this one!! Thank you so much!! *^*

  21. Aww, this doujinshi was a cute and adorable one. Thanks for translating! Reigisa is really cute c:

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  23. Thank you! Is it allowed temporary reupload for users who can’t open Mega? I can help if it is allowed and to delete after they get the file.

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    Definitely feel free to reupload!

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  26. waaaah! (>/////<) this. was. absolutely. cute! Rei and Nagisa's character interactions were spot on and the art — my god so beautiful!! I love rei and his chivalry ways to nagisa's heart. (^ ^ ) My fave. part was when nagisa thought in his head how he was thankful to love rei. daaww X3 Thanks for the doujin!!! :D

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  28. oh no this is so cute AND so pretty! thanks!

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  31. So sweet!

  32. Thank you so much fro all your hard work.

    wwwwwwww This was too cute for words, especially Rei stating the fact that he mastered the theory. It totally felt like “Iwatobi the college years.” XD

    Thanks again for sharing the ReiXNagisa raburabu.

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  35. Gaaah that was so sweet it made my teeth hurt! Thanks so much!

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  37. Thank! Very satisfying and sweet doujin.

  38. Thank you very much fort this doujin, i had so much emotion :’) !!

  39. By any chance can I use this for an amv? I’ll give credit where credit is due…and this is for a few of the other ones as well. I understand if you guys say no

  40. Chyuupii,

    If it’s going to be substantially changed (like an MMV/manga music video), that’s totally fine, but if it’s going to be one of the videos where you essentially just watch a video of a manga/doujinshi, we’d rather not, since youtube serves up ads and makes money off of it, which we’d rather not happen.

  41. Half Life 3 confirmed January 30, 2014 at 2:17 pm Reply

    I don’t like this couple so much, but this dj is PURE GOLD!

  42. Thank you so much for scanlating and sharing this with us!! I love NagiRei so much! They are really the cutest couple on the planet!!

  43. Aw! I just love this one to bits >.< I really like this art style! It was so cute too!

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  45. Yay, another Free!! Thank you!

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