[doujinshi] Free! ~ More and More

January 13, 2014 // free!, rei/nagisa

Type: Doujinshi
More and More
Series: Free!
Author/Circle: karappo
Pairing: Hazuki Nagisa/Ryuugazaki Rei
Rating: PG
Language: English

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  1. Oh awesome more free! doujin. Looking at your coming events thing, exactly what is a Matsuoka Rin uke only event, is it him and like anyone else but he is uke? That seems rather compelling though focused event (with Haru and Nagisa please).

  2. Thanks so much for the dj!

  3. 27CansOfTuna,

    That’s pretty much what it is! It’s on Rin’s Birthday (February 2nd), and is an event for him, but where he is the bottom in any relationships that doujinshi are sold for :) So it’s Anyone/Rin (Haru/Rin, Makoto/Rin, Nitori/Rin, etc.). We’re going and hope to pick up some really good HaruRin pieces :D

  4. Thanks for sharing! [=

  5. Thank you thank you thank you so very much! TT^TT

  6. Thank you for translating, scanning, and sharing. It was so sweet I’m at a loss for words.

  7. Thank you for this doujinshi <3

    Hmm…it's weird…MEGA won't let me download it at all on Chrome…but it seems like no one else have problems…but it's weird because MEGA used to work for me and now it just don't…

    Guess I have to wait until there is another download link.

  8. Sweet, thank you for the new Free! fix! You’re awesome as always. =D

  9. Yay~! Thank you very much for this release~!

  10. Thank you so much for thi j!!!!

  11. Thank you ^^//

  12. thank you so much <3

  13. Thank you for sharing =D

  14. Thank you so much.

  15. Hey, guys! Thank u so much for always these Free! Doujinshis! There are great! But, I’m pretty upset with the other people who keep posting your Doujinshi’s works even though you’ve warned them a lot of times! I saw some of your works in online manga reader! Not only mangago, It’s even posted in g.e-hentai.org!
    I think it’s better if u guys don’t announce your doujinshi releases in manga updates. It’s not a bad idea, but it’s also not good. How do I say this? =w=a I heard from the other scanlations team, Yaoi-Sei is back! I don’t know much about them, but I know they’re bad news. I hope u guys could find a way to not become a victim from those evil rule breakers. Fighting! (>_<)9

  16. Keishota,

    Many people use MU to get updates, so we still want our releases posted there. This is more of an opportunity to point out the people who don’t abide by scanlators’ reasonable requests than about keeping material off of the site. We want it off other sites, of course, because we try to keep no money from being made off of the artist’s hard work, but we’d rather be more open and run the risk of people posting our stuff anyway than less and have someone miss out.

  17. … that was …. so sweet! Thank you for scanlating this lovely doujinshi!!
    The way Nagisa and Rei’s relationship here is portrayed so beautifully especially Rei, gotta love how he is in this doujinshi!!
    Thank you again!!

  18. Thank you!

  19. Thank you so much!!!<3 that was really sweet<3

  20. Thank you !!!

  21. This is so far my most favorite Nagisa/Rei pairing story, that was soo cute and sweet, thank you for your hardwork!! <3

  22. Thank you!

  23. Thank you!

  24. Thank you! :3

  25. oh my gosh!! This was soooo cute!! I really love Nagisa-kun!! <3 Thank you so much guys!

  26. Thanks a lot! xD

  27. Thank you

  28. Thank you!

  29. Thank you so much for this one too!!!

  30. Oh my gosh thanks so much for scanlating this lovely piece!! :) and i was wondering if i could post this on my school anime club website. There is about 20 people and is not open to public. I would just post the site address and ask them to come read but then i live in korea so most of the students cant read english.. so would you mind if i take this and translate it in korean and post it?

  31. pluto,

    We have a standing open-door policy for translating. There’s no need to ask ^^

  32. Thanks.

  33. Thank you!

  34. Requesting a download link if anyone has one (・・) Thank you…

  35. http://www50.zippyshare.com/v/94148616/file.html

    NB: original filename was m-n-m. I didn’t change the filename when I first downloaded, so I can’t be 100% sure this is in fact More and More, but given other clues, I’m pretty sure it is.

  36. It definitely is!! Thank you so much!!!! ^_^

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