[manga] Mujihi na Karada ~ 04


Type: Manga
Series: Mujihi na Karada ~ Ruthless Body
Author/Circle: Sakuraga Mei
Rating: PG
Language: English
Download: mega, jumpshare
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Notes: Please be aware that there is mention of sexual assault in this chapter. Please take care when reading.


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  8. hey~ i’m just curious about something about in page 23 when Kuon said: “You actually loved Nanao-san, right? You just wanted him!” i feel that there’s something missing for the first sentence to coincide or compliment the second one. or is it just me?

  9. au,

    He means that Sensei wasn’t doing anything “pure” like trying to be a support to Nanao–he was in love with him, physically WANTED him. Was, as Kuon puts it, just like any other man out there, rather than what he pretended to be.

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  11. ah i thought that Kuon meant that he actually don’t love Nanao, just wanted him that’s why i thought there’s something missing. thanks for clarifying ^^

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  13. Thanks for your hard work! I hope Kuon will shake some sense to Nanao. Poor thing has to get some confidence to these things and realize how loved he is!

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  15. Honestly! Sakuraga-sensei’s art just keeps getting better and better! There’s just something about the way she draws Kuon. It’s so striking! Her style is amazing. Thank you for scanlating so we can appreciate this great work of art!

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  19. What a manipulative **** that professor is. He mind-f***s Nanao about them ‘sleeping’ together (ie meaning they only slept and did not actually penetrate Nanao), sends him into an almost catatonic state and then continues to mind-f*** him after that in front of Aikawa with the returning of the glasses. My relief about Nanao being spared from the penetration aspect of this rape is actually overshadowed by how much this idiot emotionally and mentally violated Nanao which to me is just as much of a rape as the physical.

    Sorry for all the **** but I have no threshold for pricks who don’t realize no means no on any level. Can’t imagine how you felt scanlating this fencer-x. My only hope here is that Nanao wakes up about that bastard and puts him in his place and moves forward to be happy with Aikawa.

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  31. I have really hated this arc to be honest, Nanao beating himself up for what happened is tearing me to pieces. In real life he needs years of therapy, but in the manga world it looks like this is going to be resolved soon and for that I’m really glad. Thank you for scanalating it though, I’d have hated to miss out on any part of Nanao and Kuon’s story.

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  38. Whoa, I was all excited for this new chapter & more Kuon but now, after reading the comments, I think I’ve met my rage quota for the day because of that damned professor and I haven’t even read the new release yet… I will now proceed with caution and endeavor to quit reading the comments section prior to actually reading the material, lol.

    Thank you, September Scans, for giving us more Kuon!

  39. Waahhhh, thank you so much. I hope that Kuon-San und Nanao-San get back together. I love this pairing.

    I think it was fate that Towas secend older brother and Mikados older brother a love relationship with each other will have.

    Sorry for my bad english. My mother language is german. I lern a little bit english in my school years.

  40. Well, that was.. that was.. I flipped through it fast because I was on pins and needles on how it would be resolved.. I’m actually very happy about how Aikawa took everything. And I’m also happy how Nanao seemed to know Aikawa wouldn’t blame him for “getting raped”. I hope Aikawa and Nanao can repair this void, and soon. Nanao is going to kill himself with anguish rather quickly if he’s not going to be able to resolve things and soon. Because right now everything Nanao is doing is ignoring the problem/covering it up, but that does nothing to treat it.

    Thank you very much for this chapter.

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  59. I love love this chapter! Nanao’s tortured, half-dead expressions pulled at my heartstrings while Kuon’s intense looks sent chills down my spine.
    I’m so glad that Kuon didn’t beat up Sensei and lectured him so maturely. It’s way better than if he was emotional and “murdery.” I shows that he’s growing and can handle Nanao and give him the emotional support he needs. I really like how Sakuragu-Sensei shows that in this chapter.
    I can’t describe how much I hate Sensei. He\s supposedly is in love with Nanao but he has no problem messing up his relationship, destroying his self-esteem, and any emotional development and happiness Nanao has managed to gain. I also liked how Kuon called him on not being a real pillar of support for Nanao and having ulterior motives.
    I really hope Nanao finally distances himself from Sensei.
    I’m so excited about the next chapter!! I can’t wait!! I’ll probably re-read the whole Mujihi series several times while waiting, again. ;)
    Thank you for translating this!!

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    And then, let me say that I knew that bas**** professor didn’t do anything like penetrate because if he did, the pictures wouldn’t be like that. The professor did sexual attack Nanao. You kind of feel that this bas**** tries to manipulate Nanao into breaking up with Kuon. Guess like the first volume, he is an economic professor, using all beneficial things to him so he can have Nanao. More like, he is scary thinking.

  62. Thank you so much for the release! What an eventful chapter! I had such a sinking feeling when Kuon left after his talk with Nanao – I thought he’d get the truth out of Nanao-san, it wasn’t like him to give up so easily. But he proved to be better than that, more mature. I’ll be looking forward to the rest of the story.

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  94. It bothers me how people are saying things like “nothing serious happened” and that “Nanao wasn’t raped” and that he is still “pure”. Personally I think that already stripping an unconscious person with sexual intention is plenty serious. How about the distress Nanao suffered? To him, it is very real despite the fact that Satonaka didn’t actually penetrate, but he let Nanao understand he did. Whether he really did or not actually makes very little difference. And Satonaka did touch him without his consent, and I think that is as good as rape. And, being raped does not make the victim “dirty”. The victim may feel very dirty indeed, but just like consensual sex isn’t dirty either, I think this idea of purity being tarnished by being the victim of rape isn’t too far removed from enabling rape culture. Saying such things would surely make the victim feel worse.

    So even though Satonaka didn’t penetrate, the trauma of being the victim of rape is very real to Nanao. Satonaka did more than enough to make anyone feel severely violated.

  95. BlackOleander,

    Quite so :| I’m glad that Satonaka didn’t actually do any penetrating, if only because Nanao might experience some relief on that point, but he’s still done something vile and deserves to be punished as severely as if he HAD done it; more so because he had no REASON to do it. If he wanted to be sure that Kuon really cared about Nanao, that phone call should’ve been the clue.

    Though to be fair, I took the comments about Nanao still being ‘pure’ as being phrased how Nanao would think of it as? I see that it can be read other, less savory ways though, so that was some unfortunate wording if they really didn’t mean it to be blaming the victim for being ‘dirtied’ by the assault :|

    • fencer-x,

      Yeah, I was a little bit relieved as well to know that no penetrating happened, and I also thought that that knowledge could be comforting to Nanao. But I think that even so Nanao would still view himself as dirty, though perhaps not as dirty as he did initially when he thought he had had sex with Satonaka thinking it was Aikawa. Just the mark Satonaka left on his inner thigh makes him feel dirty. Though I think Nanao has viewed himself as rather despicable and dirty, or “slutty” from the beginning, so I don’t think anything at this point could make Nanao think he was pure in any way. (And because he thinks he is despicable and dirty, he’s afraid Aikawa will agree if he sees everything Nanao is.)

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  98. Very short chapter, but as always, very much appreciated! Thank you so much for sharing! I’m so upset that someone who calls himself an educator could do something so vile to his very own student. Ugh. While I respect Kuon for showing such maturity in this chapter, I REAAALLY wish he’d punch the lights out of Satonaka just once. JUST ONCE. Because the guy totally deserves it. askjdgh

    Looking forward to the next one~!

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  130. Namika,

    Nope, not to our knowledge o_O This is all that’s been published in Boys Kyapi, which is the magazine this runs in, and I haven’t noticed anything seeming to be missing? The story reads fairly straightforward. Are you sure you’ve read all 5 installments here?

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  137. That’s why I’m confused – it’s too straightforward and yes, I have all the chapters from here, yet there’s one more chapter online… Well, maybe it’s not made by you in the end, but still… It kinds of… disturb (?) me… I’m posting a link to the chapter I have on mind… :)


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  141. @Namika

    the chapter that you provided a link with is Chapter 3 NOT Chapter 3.5 and here’s a link of it from this site http://september.strawberrywine.org/archives/4626 and YES September Scanlations is still the group who scanlated it but tenmanga excluded the credit page. if you still doubt it, you can try downloading from that link that i’ve posted.

  142. @Namika

    that chapter that you provided a link with is Chapter 3 NOT Chapter 3.5 and YES September Scanlations is still the group who scanlated it but tenmanga excluded the credit page. if you still doubt it, you can try downloading the chapter: [MANGA] MUJIHI NA KARADA ~ 03. search for it in this site.

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