[manga] Boku no Ano Ko ~ 02.5

March 3, 2012 // boku no ano ko

Type: Manga
Series: Ima no Ano Ko ~ That Girl Right Now
Author/Circle: Yuzuya Haruhi
Rating: PG
Language: English
Download: mega, jumpshare
Note: Last little short omake, and that’s all folks! Hope you enjoyed the fun story of Chigusa’s and Aki’s ~love~ :3


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  39. thanks a lot! i couldn’t get into the main story, it was a bit too dumb for me but this extra is cute and funny enough to make up for it. :D awww aki so you are cute after all. /pinch cheek

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  60. Thank you for your hard worlk, I just wanted to make sure, this project is finished? Since on Baka Updates it says it’s not completely scanlated…

  61. Perecca,

    The book is an omnibus tankoubon with I think 4 other stories; this is the end of this particular story, though, and we won’t be scanlating any of the other stories (none of them are nearly as good as this one, and we only scanlate projects we think deserve it :P).

    So this title project is complete, but the book itself has not been entirely scanlated.

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    OK, thanks for the clarification! :)

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  64. I want to THANK EVERYONE for this Manga so sos ssoosososoosososoos MUCH! I’m so in LOVE with this MANGA and MANGAKA that I’m just— Gyaah~~~
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  65. fencer_x,

    Is that so? Then is it possible to find and read(ican’treadbutitrywhichisepicfailsob) the raws? If you don’t mind my asking ^_^” I love this mangaka story and would very much love to read the other stories too X)

  66. Suzu,

    I’m not sure–there are probably Chinese scanlations out there on someplace like Aarin or Nihonmaru? Otherwise–Amazon Japan!

  67. please i want to see the next chapter -v-

  68. erika,

    Unfortunately, this is the end of this story ^^;

  69. Well, I know this is the end of t h i s story (soooo cute, thx! I really love it), but on MAL is written that this manga has 7 chapters. Is it a mistake or you didn’t translate the rest? (yet?… ^-^)

  70. hildegarde,

    Hi :) Yes, there are still other chapters, but they’re all one-shots–and not very good–so we won’t be translating them.

  71. This manga has 7 chapters, will you be scanning/translating the others too? :)

  72. Ok, understand, thanks :)

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    Oooh Thanks! xD

  74. WHOAA??
    That’s the END? OH Noooooo….~
    It’s so cute. I hope there will be a doujinshi of this..or a prequel…or something that can satisfy my hunger for it LOL :P

  75. I’ve just read the 3 chapter and i just loved it, thanks for your work!

  76. Are you guys planning to finish scanlating the whole manga ?? just wondering ~ ><

  77. Takara94,

    We’ve answered this in the notes above and in several forums, and it’s marked as COMPLETED in our projects as well–this is the only story from this anthology that we’re doing, because we don’t do one-shots. That, plus the fact that none of the other stories were as quality work as this, and we don’t scanlate projects that don’t meet our standards.

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