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November 30, 2013 // no. 6

Type: Summary
Chapter: 35
Series: No.6
Author/Circle: Kino Hinoki, Asano Atsuko
Rating: PG
Language: English
Notes: And that’s all, folks! Thanks for sticking with us as we switched from Scanlations to Summaries, and we hope you enjoyed this series! If anything else related to it comes up, rest assured we’ll be on top of it, but for now, we must bid a fond farewell to Shion and Nezumi…!

Chapter 35

Nezumi reminds Shion, Rikiga, and Inukashi that he was too young to really remember what happened with the Mao Massacre, but when he was 10, he met the Mayor for the first time, and the old woman who was caring for him at the time told him this was their one and only chance for revenge.

But she was easily dispatched by the Mayor’s guards, and Nezumi was locked away in the Correctional Facility, where he managed to meet Rou and his people. Then, when he was 12, Rou helped get him out, presenting Nezumi to the authorities as the sole survivor of the massacre and knowing they would take him ot the Moondrop, where Nezumi was to make his escape before arriving. That, of course, was the very stormy evening he met up with Shion.

That open window was like an order to live, to survive.

Nezumi: “Shion, you…and you alone, were the one to save me. And I’ve once again…had you save my life today.”

Shion struggles to recall why he opened that window in the first place. It had just been too much to bear, painful and frightening all at once, and he’d wanted to shout out against it all. Maybe that had been why…

But then he realizes that…no. That wasn’t the reason at all.

Shion: You called me to you.

Shion heard Nezumi calling out to him…

Elyurias: “It’s been quite some time, Singer.”

Indeed it has. Nezumi stands before the great creature that is Elyurias–or at least, that’s what humans call her–and begs her to grant humanity one final chance. But Elyurias has seen what Man is capable of and doubts it’s worth her trust.

Nezumi argues that it’s not the citizens of No.6 he trusts, but Shion alone–and then corrects himself to admit that he just wants to see where Shion will lead them. Wants to see what Shion will build upon the wreckage of No.6

Nezumi: “I want to see…with my own two eyes.”

Elyurias regards Shion–and then says she has a message for him. From Safu: That she’ll entrust everything to Shion.

Shion fires back to let Safu know that he’ll take up this challenge–and so long as he lives, he’ll never forget her.

Elyurias bids them farewell, but with a warning: Just once. Just this one time, Shion.

Then in a flash of light, she’s gone. It’s over, and Shion sinks to his knees.

But Nezumi reminds him it’s not over–this is but a new beginning. Now it’s Shion’s turn to fight.

The Mayor realizes he’s finished and bids to be left alone–and Nezumi suggests they leave, for everyone should have their final request granted.

A short while later, Shion is at last reunited with his mother, who wraps both Shion and Nezumi into a crushing hug.

Exhausted from their ordeal, Shion and Nezumi fall into bed and slip off to sleep.

When Shion wakes, though–Nezumi isn’t beside him, and he panics for a moment, thinking Nezumi left while he was asleep, but the scent of fresh bread calls him downstairs to Karan’s bakery–where he finds Nezumi awake and enjoying a fresh cup of coffee.

Nezumi: “Oh? I see our Prince has finally awoken.”

He suggests that Shion take a shower–as he’s still in his blood-stained clothes from before–while Nezumi pours him a cup of coffee. Shion takes a moment to enjoy the quiet normalness of the situation. His mother’s baking bread–the only thing she can do in these troubled times–and Nezumi remarks that she’s amazing.

But this is not their happy ending.

Nezumi is dressed and ready for a journey, hailing the weather as perfect for a walk.

They reach the edge of No.6, and Nezumi assures Shion that this is far enough, Shion doesn’t have to see him off the whole way. Shion presses again–must he leave? Indeed he must. When will he come back?

Nezumi: “Come back? There nothing for me to come back to.”

Shion is adamant that he wants to go with Nezumi, but Nezumi reminds him that they’re different beings. He is meant to wander, and Shion is meant to stay here. Such incompatible people cannot live together–Shion should know that perfectly well by now.
…and opened that window just to meet Nezumi.

Nezumi: “Shion…are you crying?”
Shion: “I’m not. I’m not a girl.”
Nezumi: “Shion…you scare me. You’re a mystery.”

Shion was able to subdue that crowd at the Moondrop, but he’s also the kind of person who cries at the drop of a hat. He can seem both ruthless and brave and pure all at the same time. And for that reason…Nezumi thinks it might not be such a bad idea to drop by again and see how Shion fares.

After all, Karan makes a mean muffin as well.

But Shion is tired of being strong and putting up a brave front–and he reaches out and grabs Nezumi’s arm, begging him not to go.

Shion: “There’s no meaning in a world without you… No meaning at all, Nezumi!”

Nezumi reaches forward and tips up his chin gently.

Nezumi: “My, my… What an unruly child. Just how old are you, boy?”

Shion is in no mood for games–struggling to express how truly serious he is, until–

Shion: “…Was that a goodbye kiss?”

Nezumi: “It was a kiss of promise. I swear we’ll meet again, Shion.

And then Nezumi is gone, and Shion can but watch him leave, Tsukiyo the only of the three mice to stay behind as small comfort.

Shion: I still don’t know your name. But…perhaps I don’t need to. Nezumi is Nezumi, someone I’ll never be able to replace.

He silently promises Nezumi he’ll wait and wait and wait. He’ll be here waiting for Nezumi to return no matter how many years pass, no matter how old he gets. The Wanderer and the Steadfast One will eventually be reunited.

And next time…he won’t sit by silently and let Nezumi leave him again.

Life progresses in the new city that’s replaced No.6, Inukashi writes in a letter to Shion. With the wall gone, Rikiga’s in high spirits as he’s able to freely go in and out of the city, and little Shion is almost 3 years old now. They ask Shion to thank his mother for the bread basket–as it was unbelievably tasty.

They understand that Shion’s a member of the Restoration Committee and probably really busy–but would he mind coming out the next time he’s off and help with some dog-washing? It might be a bit much to ask of someone so hoity-toity, but to Inukashi, Shion will always be just an idiot airhead.

Shion smiles to himself as he reads the letter–when Tsukiyo reminds him of another he must read. It seems that after the destruction of the Correctional Facility, all of those who’d been living beneath it escaped into the forest, and life is going smoothly for them now that they’ve received permission to live in the northern forests. Rou, however, lived out his days with the rest of the eldest individuals in their colony underground.

There’s a park where the Correctional Facility used to be, and Inukashi takes little Shion there to play. Time passes by, and everything changes.

But Shion has never once forgotten.

Come in, Nezumi!

He flings open the door, scattering papers all about.

Just like that night…!

There once was a city here called No.6.



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