[manga] Gakuen Heaven Revolution ~ 18 [END]

November 23, 2013 // gakuen heaven

Type: Manga
Series: Gakuen Heaven Revolution
Author/Circle: Higuri Yuu
Rating: PG
Language: English
Download: mega, jumpshare
Forum Discussion: HERE
Notes: Hope you enjoyed this little puff piece! The author notes at the end of this volume that, while it’s the end of Keita’s story here, she’s working on development of a new Gakuen Heaven series, set in the future with Keita returning as a teacher. Not sure we’ll take it on, but for anyone who’s a fan of this series, it’s good news!

On a slightly related note — please consider donating to the Otome’s Way kickstarter drive to release the next volume of the Japanese language learning textbook A Fujoshi’s Guide to Japanese, which is a collaboration between a native Japanese-speaking Japanese teacher and a professional BL mangaka to teach Japanese using BL manga :D It costs a fair bit to do this right and well, so we need all the help we can get right now! ♥


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  3. Thank you for all of your work on this series, I’m both happy and sad that it’s over! =D

  4. maybe if you didn’t make the bloody thing $55 (and $100 for both) more people would be inclined to back your project

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  6. poor loser,

    The final product won’t be $55 :) The first volume is only $30, after all–less expensive than most textbooks and with more interactive features.

    You’re paying to support the project–not to get the rewards, which are just that: rewards!

    People are free to sit back and wait for the release, when the price will be substantially less than $55, but without support for the project…it won’t get made at all :P

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  10. Thanks a lot for the release and for finishing this series. The news about Keita returning as a teacher sounds interesting!

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  20. awww, noes, over already? T T
    I certainly hope that you take on the next one, you guys are the only ones who actually care enough to scan Gakuen Heaven~ >///<

  21. Thanksss a lot for the new release & for finishing this series!!!!^_^ Hopefully, you’re going to pick up the next series too & wish you all luck with the Otome’s Way Kickstarter Drive!!!!^^

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  25. thank you so much for bringing this one to us! It’s exciting and sad at the same time to see it end…

  26. Oh thank you and congrats on finishing another project! Very exciting about the redevelopment story too!

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    at last its the end!!! ive been w8ng for this manga to finish.
    Thanks a lot for your hardwork September Scans!!

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  44. Sorry to bother you on this but there are a lot of early chapter missing. I’d like to read this manga but I can’t figure out how doenload the firsts chapters.
    Anyway thank you for the translations

  45. I just discovered the scanlation of Gakuen Heaven Revolution, alot of the links to older chapters are dead. Would anyone be able to reupload the entire manga series somewhere?

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