[summary] No.6 ~ 34

November 7, 2013 // no. 6

Type: Summary
Chapter: 34
Series: No.6
Author/Circle: Kino Hinoki, Asano Atsuko
Rating: PG
Language: English
Notes: Unfortunately, this is the second to last chapter! The chapter to be released at the end of this month will mark the end of the manga! We’ll keep you updated if any more comes out!

Chapter 34

It’s an ambush in the clinic as a team of soldiers burst inside and start firing off rounds–but Nezumi and Shion are safely hidden away, and while Shion wants to rush out and help, Nezumi orders him not to move.

As if timing the perfect distraction, though, Youmin leaps out a window, crying for freedom for No.6 and its citizens, and the soldiers give chase. It seems Nezumi and the others weren’t the targets at all.

Nezumi wastes no time, pulling on his jacket–they’ve got to get out. But the front lobby is a warzone.

Shion cradles the dying doctor in his arms, who begs Shion to wreak revenge for him and his comrades in arms–and to let whatever replaces No.6 never become what this city is now.

Shion looks to Nezumi to see if he’s ready to get moving–to which he replies he’ll make do. They’re headed to City Hall, the Moondrop.

Rikiga thinks they’re crazy–it’s a suicide mission. The soldiers are rounding up citizens and executing them in the streets.

All the more reason to go, Nezumi reasons.

Nezumi: “And that’s exactly why we’re going: it’s a once-in-a-lifetime chance to witness the death throes of No.6.”

Rikiga tries his best to reason with Nezumi–he’s hardly in any shape to be dashing off to the front lines, after all, but Shion insists they have to go. They’re not going because they have a death wish, they’re going because Nezumi is the only one who can stop Elyurias.

Nezumi seems surprised to learn that Shion knows about Elyurias now–but Shion explains that he only knows as much as could be gleaned from the microchip Rou left him.

Rikiga is utterly confused now, and with Nezumi’s permission, Shion explains about Elyurias to him and Inukashi–that she used to rule this land as a forest spirit or perhaps some as yet unknown lifeform and protected the Forest Folk who lived here long ago.

Whenever Elyurias would appear, the Forest Folk would appease her through song, and to keep themselves from being chosen as hosts, they performed a ritual and offered up the “cradle of gods”–which was in itself created from an animal’s brain and was an artificial host.

Drawn in by song, Elyurias would lay her eggs there, and after the ceremony, the Cradle of Gods would neither rot nor dessicate, instead staying preserved as it was–but as soon as the eggs hatched, it would begin to decay. This is what happened in No.6.

Indeed, the bees plaguing No.6 are all the children of Elyurias.

The solders are having trouble controlling the crowd around the Moondrop, and realizing their own lives are at risk, those that haven’t been killed yet turn tail and flee as Shion continues to explain how Elyurias figures in to what’s going on right now.

When No.6’s scientific teams attempted to capture Elyurias, they met with great resistance from the Forest Folk–which became known as the Mao Massacre. Nezumi is the last living member of that tribe, the only survivor, and the final “Singer”.

Nezumi: “…She’s laughing.”
Shion: “…Can you hear her?”

Indeed he can; Elyurias is deriving joy from the destruction of those who foolishly deemed themselves rulers of this land.

Shion asks if he can still manage a song, to which Nezumi replies no, not right now–there are too many people, and he’s in no condition to sing for very long.

Shion understands–they’ll have to get to the top floor of the Moondrop, the Mayor’s office. From there, Nezumi’s voice will be able to be heard far and wide.

The crowd, led by Youmin, demand the Mayor appear before them. Youmin presents himself as their hero, their leader, urging the crowd to drag out the mayor by force if necessary. They’ll destroy No.6 with their own hands and then rebuild a new utopia in its place.

Shion: “NO! No, that’s wrong! You mustn’t!”

It’s not the Mayor or No.6 killing people here–it’s the bees, and assassinating the Mayor will help nothing. They mustn’t shed blood unnecessarily.

Youmin screeches at him to cease his lies and urges the crowd not to listen–people are being killed, they can’t allow that.

Shion grows desperate–then rips off his shirt to prove that death is not certain for everyone who faces the bees.

Shion: “This is a symbol of my survival!”

He survived–and they can as well, but he needs time: 10 minutes, that’s all. No one else needs to die. The crowd abates, and Shion and Nezumi hurry inside to make good on their promise.

Youmin can but watch them run off, confused as to what’s just happened, what Shion really is.

They reach the top floor–and it seems they’re already expected, and they walk in to find two men. Are these the people running No.6?

One of them greets Nezumi by name, calling him the Singer.

Shion realizes this man must be one of the scientists who snatched up the Cradle of Gods and tried to force the eggs to hatch but failed. Without the Singer, they couldn’t preserve the eggs.

The man returns, though, that those failures allowed them to discover that human brains were the perfect hatching grounds for the eggs, and they started conducting experiments by injecting subjects during the state-mandated medical examinations.

Shion was one of those subjects.

Elyurias posses the power to utterly control her hosts–with her largae taking steps to make their hosts’ personalities placid and keep them from danger in order to ensure that her children can mature in a safe environment.

No.6 hoped to use this aspect of her powers to completely subjugate its citizens.

It’s now clear, based on the dozens of brains in glass cases they found at the Correctional Facility, that the Manhunt was little more than an excuse to gather human subjects.

The man blames Shion and Nezumi for ruining everything by releasing Elyurias to wreak havoc on the city–but Nezumi fires back the accusation upon him: “You’re the one who’s destroyed this city.”

The man is adamant that no, they’re the ones who made this city what it is: a utopia that has saved people. They’re great people who’ve, until today, maintained absolute rule over No.6–

Mayor: “Is that…really what we wanted to be?”

The Mayor admits he’d wanted to do that–they’d all had the best of intentions–but none of them had ever dreamed of being an absolute ruler.

The man maintains that absolute power is necessary to create a true utopia, but–something falls into his palm.

A tooth. In short order, his skin withers, and he realizes he’s dying from the bee inside him hatching. Nezumi and Shion and the others all look on in horror as he slips to the ground and shortly breathes his last, his death over in an instant. A bee hatches from his neck and buzzes off.

Shion states that they’re going to borrow the Mayor’s balcony and have a chat with Elyurias. They have to see her.

Shion: “Nezumi?”
Nezumi: “Yeah…”

He takes a deep breath–and bursts into song, loud and strong and clear, echoing over the city.

Kaze wa tamashii wo sarai…

Shion watches him helplessly and begs Safu for strength, just once more. This song must reach Elyurias.

Light flares, bright and brilliant before them–

And Elyurias has arrived.

To be continued…ONE MORE CHAPTER! The next chapter will be the last!


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